IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2008-02-14

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wjohnstoignas: ayt?15:30
wjohnstoI am trying to edit a link, but whenever I change anything to it I get a runtime error on my server15:31
ignasand what kind of error?15:32
ignaswhen starting server ?15:32
ignaslooking at some view?15:32
ignasrunning tests?15:32
wjohnstowhen I start the server15:32
wjohnstoit says15:32
wjohnsto"AttributeError: 'SimpleViewClass from /home/wjohnsto/schooltool/src' object has no attribute 'cursor'"15:32
ignasis a full traceback available?15:33
ignaswhat does svn diff say?15:33
wjohnstoit happens when I try to edit this link<a tal:attributes="href event/linkAllowed" tal:omit-tag="not:event/linkAllowed"  tal:content="event/title">(title)</a>15:33
ignasand what are you changing it to?15:34
wjohnsto<a tal:attributes="href ${event/linkAllowed}?next_url=${request/URL}" tal:omit-tag="not:event/linkAllowed"tal:content="event/title">(title)</a>15:36
wjohnstoand also editing the omit tag15:36
ignaswhy edit the omit tag?15:37
wjohnstoignas: if you want the entire traceback I'll pm it to you15:37
ignaspm it to me15:38
wjohnstowell I assume you would need to edit the omit tag as well15:38
wjohnstoI haven't even tried that yet though15:38
ignasyou don't need to15:38
ignasyou should not edit omit tag actually15:38
ignasCompilation failed15:41
ignas zope.tal.taldefs.TALError: Invalid variable name "URL}" in expression15:41
ignasmaybe you forgot to add "string:" ?15:41
wjohnstothank you, that fixed it15:44
wjohnstopcardune: ayt?16:04
wjohnstoI have gotten the next_url into the url for the edit event page.  However, it still sends me back to the schooltool calendar because when I click 'UPDATE_SUBMIT', self.request.has_key('next_url') returns False16:06
wjohnstoso the url looks like "localhost.../edit.html?date=2008-02-14?next_url=http://localhost:7080/persons/manager/calendar/daily.html"16:07
wjohnstobut I never actually go to the next_url16:08
mgedminyou need to add something like <input tal:condition="request/next_url|nothing" type="hidden" name="next_url" tal:attributes="value request/next_url" />16:13
mgedminto the event edit form16:13
wjohnstoI have the in the controls where the Update Submit button is defined16:15
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ignaswjohnsto: why 2 ? not ?foo=bar&next_url=url16:24
wjohnstothe date is defined by event/linkAllowed, I'm not actually sure how to change that16:30
ignasdate is not the problem16:31
ignas${event/linkAllowed}?next_url=${request/URL} is16:31
ignasand you can add next_url in the linkAllowed method anyway16:32
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ignasjinty: hi18:03
ignasaelkner_: ayt?18:08
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jintyignas: cool18:34
jintygot your mail18:34
jintyany suggestions on a name for the package?18:35
ignasthe repo path is /var/local/bzr/schooltool/schooltool.bzr18:35
ignasdon't know really18:35
ignasschooltool.bzr is not very good18:35
ignasbut it's there already ;)18:35
ignasfor that one18:36
ignasgood enough18:36
* jinty feels really bad making a package for a single interface....18:36
jintyany mods you think we should make to the interface?18:36
ignasvanguardistas.buildtools could contain it18:37
ignasno mods, i have implemented my bzr backend18:37
ignasin such a way18:37
ignasthat i would not have to change unit tests from your svn backend :)18:37
* ignas is lazy18:37
jintyI suppose I should morve the test as well then18:37
ignasnot really18:38
jintyI think buildtools is the wrong placce18:38
jintyit depends on apt18:38
ignaswhich test are you talking about?18:38
ignaswell - i had to modify it a bit18:39
ignasi mean - your's had some lines about "we know internal svn structure" ;)18:39
ignaswith some abuse of that18:39
ignaswhich was not too good for bzr18:39
* jinty want's to move IProject into vanguardistas.builder and have vanguardistas.svn depend on vanguardistas.builder18:43
ignasmy main problem is integration with the rest of the stuff that is already installed18:43
ignasjinty: makes sense18:43
jintyassuming that vanguardistas.svn is an extension of vanguardiistas.builder18:44
ignasespecially if vanguardistas.builder assumes that components in vanguardistas.svn implement that interface18:44
jintyHmm, it seems that I need a largish re-factoring18:46
jintyhow should the builder find the project?18:46
jintyas a utility?18:46
ignasno idea, really, getUtilitiesFor makes sense to query for all the projects available18:47
jinty getUtilitiesFor(IProject)18:47
ignasso registering every project as a named utility18:47
ignasmakes sense18:47
jintythen wrap them in a LocationProxy on traversal?18:48
ignasmakes sense too18:48
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jintyok, I'll see what I can do to make that work18:49
ignasyou can just fix up permissions on the repository and commit changes to schooltool.bzr as well18:50
jintyI'll have a look around it18:52
jintyalso, how about merging IProject and IExtendedProject while we're about it?18:52
ignaswell - not like we are going to add any more version control systems18:52
ignasand even if we are - we can just stub the methods to say "Unavaliable in this VCS"18:53
jintyand all version control systems have changelogs18:53
jintyok, so then I'll do it18:53
ignascool :)18:53
ignaswaiting to see it working18:53
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fsufitchLumiere: ayt?19:16
aelkner_ignas: you were looking for me?19:34
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aelkner_ignas: ayt?23:14
ignasaelkner_: yes23:17
aelkner_you were looking for me?23:17
ignasit seems that something is not ok with your person refactoring23:17
ignascould you try writing a functional test for basic person that checks whether advisor field works properly23:18
ignaslyceum functional tests seem to be failing23:18
ignasbecause control "Advisor" can't be found23:18
aelkner_did you try to manaully edit the person?23:18
ignasno, had no time for that yet23:18
ignasjust noticed that the test is not working anymore in buildbot23:19
aelkner_btw, it's basicperson that changed, not person23:19
ignasyes, I know23:19
ignaslyceum is using basicperson23:19
aelkner_and when i called up the person, it had the advisor field23:19
ignasI understand23:20
ignasbut something has changed23:20
ignaseither the label23:20
ignasor the connection between the text and the label23:20
ignasand i didn't see any functional tests for the functionality that you worked on in schooltool anyway23:20
ignasi mean - the test was present only in lyceum23:21
aelkner_i didn't add any funcitonal tests becuase i didn't add any functionality23:21
ignaswhich apparently is not the best place for it to be23:21
aelkner_i just changed the implementation23:21
aelkner_fact is there was never a test for the advisor field23:21
ignasyes, I understand, just that - if functionality is not covered by tests - you add the test, then change it23:21
ignasor things might break23:21
aelkner_ignas: i went into my jelkner-buildout and updatied schooltool23:26
aelkner_i get the advisor field in the person edit form23:26
aelkner_what kind of test should i do for the advisor field?23:26
aelkner_i don't even know if there's anything i could set it to23:26
ignasis the test that is failing for lyceum23:31
ignasit would be a good idea to "backport" it to schooltool.basicperson23:31
ignasbecause the test is essentially for the same class23:31
ignasso there shouldn't be too many changes required23:31
ignasmaybe just removing all the references to lyceum, and normalizing the vocabulary to be more schooltool oriented23:31
ignasother than that - just plain copy paste to schooltool/basicperson/wherever_functional_tests_are23:32
ignasshould be enough to start working on it23:32
aelkner_i see a problem already23:33
aelkner_the change i made was to the edit form, not the add form23:33
aelkner_the add form uses an interface it set up that's not the interface of the context23:34
ignasso much for changing the implementation ;)23:35
fsufitchaelkner_: ping23:35
fsufitchyay you're there23:35
fsufitchi wanted to get to work on cando stuffs earlier today, but the Data.fs on the cando developer page doesn't work for me23:36
aelkner_i wouldn't be surprised23:37
aelkner_that file is WAY out of date23:37
aelkner_why do you need to ues it?23:37
aelkner_you can just start with a fresh Data.fs23:37
fsufitchi need a sizable amount of data for one of my bugs to occur23:38
fsufitchthe thing with the competency title not staying in the right place when you scroll to the right23:38
aelkner_send dwelsh an email asking for him to post a newer Data.fs23:38
fsufitchabout when would i have it? ;)23:38
fsufitchi'd like to get to work today23:39
aelkner_true, it could take days23:39
aelkner_you could always just enter the comps yourself23:39
aelkner_you just need one competency group23:39
aelkner_to have 30 or so comps23:39
ignasfsufitch: in what ways is the Data.fs failing?23:39
aelkner_it wouldn't take you more thean ten minutes to enter the comps23:39
ignasmaybe the evolution scripts can get fixed easily23:39
fsufitchit's refering to a SchooltoolApplication object, which is not defined23:39
aelkner_that's weird23:40
ignaslisppaste5: url23:40
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.23:40
ignasfsufitch: could you give me the full traceback + error message23:41
fsufitchignas: ok23:41
lisppaste5fsufitch pasted "Error" at
ignasin schooltool/src/schooltool/app/__init__.py23:47
ignasfind the line that looks like: SchoolToolApplication=''23:47
ignasand try replacing it with SchoolToolApplication=''23:47
fsufitchhang on a sec23:48
fsufitchi have the schooltool stuff in an egg...23:49
fsufitchshould i shance it there23:49
ignasyes, but not to what I have told you ;)23:49
ignasgive me a sec23:49
ignasdeprecated('This class has moved to '23:50
ignas           'The reference will be gone in 0.15',23:50
ignas           SchoolToolApplication='',23:50
ignas           ApplicationPreferences='')23:50
ignasis the faulty block23:50
ignasi think it should look like:23:50
ignasdeprecated('This class has moved to '23:50
ignas           'The reference will be gone in 0.15',23:50
ignas           '',23:50
ignas           'SchoolToolApplication',23:50
ignas           'ApplicationPreferences')23:50
fsufitchyou lost me23:51
ignasjust delete the old deprecated block in __init__23:52
ignasthe one that mentions SchoolToolApplication23:52
ignasand place the one i have posted (the last one) instead23:52
fsufitchand this is where locationwise?23:52
fsufitchit's not in any of the cando code23:53
fsufitchthis is the egg i have to change?23:53
ignasit's in schooltool egg23:53
ignasjust to see if you can make it work23:53
fsufitchalrite i changed it23:54
ignastry starting up now23:55
fsufitchTypeError: deprecated() takes exactly 1 argument (4 given)23:55
aelkner_ignas: could you look at basicperson.browser.person for a second23:55
aelkner_the PersonAddForm is where the for fields are set23:55
aelkner_and whereas I added IStudent to the form fields for the edit view23:55
aelkner_I'm not sure if that would work for the add form23:56
aelkner_at least in the edit form, there is a context23:56
aelkner_and i know from experience that formlib knows to adapt the context to IStudent23:56
aelkner_when it's dealing with one of its fields23:56
aelkner_in the case of the add form, there is no context other than the container23:57
ignasfsufitch: oh, ok, my bad23:57
ignasback to plan B23:57
fsufitchplan b = ?23:57
ignasdeprecated('This class has moved to '23:57
ignas           'The reference will be gone in 0.15',23:57
ignas           SchoolToolApplication='',23:57
ignas           ApplicationPreferences='')23:57
aelkner_so how would it be able to accept the IStudent fields?23:57
ignasaelkner_: i think it has an object already when it performs apply changes23:58
aelkner_ah yes, it call form.applyChanges AFTER it calls the object factory23:59
ignasfsufitch: use the above code, instead ;)23:59
aelkner_so that would work23:59
fsufitchi did23:59 (5, u'schooltool', 24)23:59

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