IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2008-02-16

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fsufitchaelkner: are you there perchance?14:07
ignas_fsufitch: hi14:43
ignas_fsufitch: the Data.fs you pointed me to is just too old to be usable :/14:44
fsufitchignas_: w00t? >_>14:51
fsufitchhang on, i need to have some breakfast14:51
fsufitchi'll be back soon14:51
fsufitchi have a question about the "message queue" system to ask you14:51
fsufitchignas_: i'm back15:31
fsufitchso, i need to fix a bug related to the "pending messages" for the teacher's view of the section15:32
fsufitchbut i can't figure out how to get messages in there in the first place to reproduce the bug!15:32
fsufitchyou know what i'm talking about i hope15:33
fsufitchignas_: ping15:36
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ignas_fsufitch: not really, it's CanDo code15:40
fsufitchit is?15:40
ignas_eldar did it15:41
ignas_i think15:41
fsufitchi thought it was part of basic message system...15:41
ignas_there is no basic message system in schooltool15:41
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fsufitchso then i need to find someone more apt to tell me about what's going on15:41
fsufitchmore apt at cando ;)15:41
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