IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2008-02-13

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balorCould anyone update me on the status of the REST API to schooltool?  Does one exist?12:17
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jintyignas: I seem to have fixed the bootstrap issue16:33
jintypython-zope.schema should have the right dependencies now16:33
jintyso you can carry on uploading the KGS if you want16:33
ignasI saw that all the packages got updated16:34
jintyonly other issue I've seen is that modules with C extensions16:34
jintyare incorrectly set to Architecture: all rather than Architecture: any16:34
jinty(which can be fixed on a case by case basis once they're in the PPA)16:35
jintyyeah, I re-uploaded all the ones incorrectly buult16:35
ignasi see16:39
* ignas is trying to mate your build infrastructure with bzr16:39
ignasand they don't like each other ;)16:39
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th1abalor: REST is pretty much dead in SchoolTool.16:48
balorth1a: hmmm...Is it simply that no-one is interested in it?16:49
balorth1a: Or more importantly, is there another remote procedure call method?16:49
ignaskind of, when someone is adding new functionality - adding REST API for the new functionality takes a lot of time, without any clear benefit in this stage of the project16:50
ignasand - no there is no other RPC method16:50
ignasjinty: can you help me with repository layout a bit?16:50
ignasi am trying to come up with something your tool will work nicely with ;)16:51
ignasthere are 4 available branches for schooltool.devtools16:51
ignasthe schooltool.devtools will go in repo/trunk/16:51
ignasand i am thinking of where should others go16:51
ignaswhether they are branches, or just tags, because I am not going to release 0.2.1 in the near future I think16:52
ignasand the next release should probably get called schooltool.devtools-0.516:52
th1abalor: Basically, it is too time consuming for our current state of development.  We need to finish a working web app and then maybe someday revisit web services.16:55
balorth1a: thanks16:55
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jinty_ignas: howso does bzr not like my infrastructure16:59
ignaswell - your infrastructure does not like bzr rather ;)17:00
ignasit relies on a central repository for stuff, which i will probably have to add to make it integrate better17:01
jinty_I really really tried to make the IProject interface as generic as possible17:01
ignasor get_changes(branch="trunk", start_release=None, end_release=None)17:02
ignasseem a bit tricky to me :/17:03
ignasi mean - in bzr branches are out there ...17:03
jinty_I kinda see what you mean17:03
jinty_but I think you may have to register branches with projects17:03
jinty_because there's no real way of finding them automatically17:04
ignasthe problem I find difficult is "branches"17:04
ignasi mean just trunk is kind of doable17:04
ignasbut releasing 0.2.3 from 0.2 branch17:04
ignasis something difficult to do unless you know that http://foo/bar/ is 0.2 branch and http://bar/baz is the trunk17:05
ignasor something like that :/17:05
jinty_how would you do that normally (i.e. without a build/release infrastructure)17:05
jinty_well, the IProject does make the branches17:06
jinty_so if it makes the branches, it should be able to find them afterwards17:06
ignasthat's why i'll try adding a centralized repository17:07
ignasfor every bzr releasable project17:07
ignason schooltool.org17:07
jinty_ok, sounds reasonable17:07
ignasas for the release project - I checkout trunk twice, set the version on trunk to 0.x+1dev and commit it back to trunk17:07
ignasset the version on the other checkout to 0.x17:07
jinty_I think a centralized repository is not so bad for this management17:08
ignasand push it to my_project-0.x17:08
ignasand then do the release17:08
ignasas in - package the egg and upload it17:08
ignasbut yes - i'll try comming up with a centralized repository format17:09
ignasand add centralized repositories on schooltool.org17:09
jinty_sounds like you'd be doing about the same17:09
ignasfor each of the bzr able projects17:09
jinty_but I cannot say too much about bzr17:09
jinty_guess the first step is to bootstrap your bzr integration17:10
jinty_get it building and releasing itself from bzr17:10
ignasa good idea I guess17:11
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ignasif only I could do some of these actions in place using bzr instead of in a checkout ...17:12
* jinty_ makes liberal use of temporary directories17:13
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