IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2008-01-11

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eldarwbrady: how's it going?00:30
wbradyhey pretty good00:34
wbradystill no problems00:34
wbradytested everything in messaging i could think of00:35
eldarcool, i guess it remains to see how welsh's update goes00:39
wbradyi was also wondering, is the only way for us to know that an update has been made is for you or somebody to tell us?00:40
eldaroh you mean to trunk?00:41
eldarno, you can just see your current revision and look at the revision number on
wbradyo ok00:42
eldarhowever, it's not reommended to update without consulting with the developers00:42
eldarcuz when we feel it's ok for you to update, we'll let you know00:42
wbradyok yea we wouldn't until we are notified to00:42
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ignasaelkner: ping18:11
aelknerignas: i'm back from a meeting.  how's it going?18:29
ignasquite well, thank you18:30
ignasi am in process of moving schooltool.gradebook into a separate egg at the moment18:31
ignasjust wanted to tell you that i have found a bug in gradebook18:31
ignasapparently some views were showing tracebacks if there was no logged in principal18:31
ignasbut now that i think about it - you should probably wait for me to create the egg before fixing it properly18:32
ignas - the changeset18:32
ignasthat pinpoints the place of  the bug18:32
ignasso you could think how you'd like it to be fixed18:32
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aelknerok.  some time next week i'll try to come up for air and discuss it with you to get it all working.18:39
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ignascan you hold your instances from upgrading until then?18:43
ignasi will need to remove gradebook from schooltool trunk18:43
ignasto test it properly18:43
ignasand that might break sandboxes18:43
ignasaelkner: ?18:43
aelknerthis wouldn't effect cando cause it doesn't use radebook, right?18:44
ignasit does not use nightlies i think18:44
aelknerwelsh just di an update of cando, and he says everything works ok18:44
ignasi know18:44
aelknerso i guess there's no problem there18:44
aelknerhow did you know?18:44
ignaswell - i did not do anything significant on schooltool for quite some time18:45
ignasand i think cando is using release beta18:45
ignasnot nightlies18:45
ignasnot 100% sure though18:45
aelknerme neither18:45
aelknerdon'[t have time to check either18:45
aelknerhave to prepare for a schooltool demo at 1:3018:46
ignasit does use release18:46
aelknerso that leaves jelkner18:46
ignasso it only matters to you and jelkner18:46
aelknerand me true18:46
aelknerso i'll not have jelkner do anything18:46
ignasso do not upgrade jelkner without preparation18:46
aelknerand i'll avoid updating as well here in philly18:46
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aelknerth1a: ayt?19:08
aelknerignas: a question about resource booking19:09
aelkneri'm giving a demo of schooltool to the school here19:09
aelknerand i'm trying to figure out what i would show them with resources19:10
aelknerso i went to the resources view, clicked on Room00, and hit the book button19:10
aelknerthat sent me to the calendar view titled 'Calendar for Booking Calendar'19:11
aelknerthe url has no mention of the room0019:11
ignasyes, indeed19:12
aelknerand there is no action menu19:12
ignasyou can use that view for booking multiple resources19:12
ignaslike - if you would have selected 10 rooms19:12
ignasthe view is a "calendar for booking"19:12
ignasjust that the calendar got the title "booking calendar"19:13
aelknerthe title is not the problem19:13
ignasit must be in there, because how would you look at booking info for 10-20 resources at the same time19:13
ignasand i think it will get events in it only if (not 100% sure) timetables are set up19:13
aelknerwhat was the point of clicking on room0019:13
ignaswell - so you would see on which lessons room00 is available19:14
aelkneris tom here?19:14
aelkneri don't know how to get the user list in irssi19:14
aelkneris he th1a or th1a_?19:14
aelkneri'm thinking that i shouldn't try to demo resources now19:14
aelkneras i don't even know enough about timetables19:15
aelknerand it looks like i would need to19:15
aelknermust be having lunch19:18
fstpierrehey aelkner19:19
aelknerhey franky.  could you stop by office when you have the chance?19:20
th1aaelkner: The correct way to book a resource is to create an event and add the resource to the event.19:21
aelkneri'll try that19:21
th1aDon't get overambitious with the demo.19:22
th1aKeep it simple and quick and don't get bogged down in stuff you don't understand well.19:22
th1aUSE sample data.19:22
aelkneralready have the sampel data19:23
aelknerand have picked a teacher and studen19:23
aelknerto demo the gradebook and mygrades views19:23
aelkneralready added an event19:23
aelknerthe demo itself is now an event19:24
aelknerand i booked projector00 for it19:24
aelknerso i'll show that19:24
aelknerand demo another event and booking19:24
aelknertell me if you like this plan:19:24
aelkner1) show persons19:24
aelknerfilter by teachers then students19:25
aelknershow courses19:25
aelknera section19:25
aelknerlog in as a teacher and show the gradebook19:25
aelknerlog in as a student and show mygrades19:25
aelkneroh, and i'll do the event and resource booking first19:26
aelknersound good?19:26
th1aSounds fine.19:26
aelkneralready did a test run, so i'm ready19:27
th1aThis is just an introduction, so you don't have to do much.19:27
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eldaraelkner: hey19:47
eldarare we able to get some of welsh's time today?19:47
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aelknerth1a: the demo went well22:28
aelknersome people were more interested than others22:29
aelknerand made some suggestions for things22:29
aelknerand marcie seemed to think that it was premature to present it to the teachers at large22:29
aelknerbut it was a chance for them to see what it is i'm going to be doing for them22:30
aelknerso in all it was worthwhile22:30
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