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wbradyaelkner: there's an error with messaging16:27
wbradystudents are trying to send a message and when they click add it gives them a TypeError16:28
aelknerwbrady: last we spoke, i referred you to el;dar16:28
aelknerhave you contacted him?16:28
wbradyno and i certainly should have16:28
wbradyi will do that16:28
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aelknereldar: did wbrady get a hold of you by phone?18:59
aelknerfstpierre: are you there?19:18
aelknerso we need to find what table the message is referring to19:21
aelkneri noticed that the casserver database has no user table19:23
aelknermaybe the config.yml still needs to be tweeked19:23
eldaraelkner: no brady did not call me19:24
aelknereldar: this is beginning to get annoying19:24
eldarso i've been online hoping he would at least get on irc19:24
aelkneri asked him to contact you by phone19:24
eldarwhat time does he have class with jeff?19:25
aelknereldar: wbrady's signing on now19:28
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wbradyeldar: messaging has a TypeError19:30
aelknerwbrady: fill eldar in on the details of what has happened from the time you installed19:31
aelknerto start19:31
aelknerwill copied in last Friday's Data.fs and started the server19:32
aelknerdid you see the message about evolving?19:32
wbradyyes i believe so19:32
aelknerok, take it from there19:32
eldarhmm type eror19:33
eldarwhen, how do i reproduce the steps?19:33
aelknerthis is what i was hoping will would give you19:33
wbradyso basically what happened today was: a student successfully sent me a message, then another student tried and it gave a TypeError, now whenever students click "My Student Messages" it gives a type error19:33
eldaryou ran make update, right?19:33
aelknereldar: do you still have the old Data.fs?19:34
eldarok let's see, yes i do19:34
wbradyo sorry19:34
eldarok lemme start up my server and see what's going on19:35
aelknerwbrady: how much longer are you going to be around?19:39
wbradyfor about 40 minutes19:39
aelknerlook, this could take longer than 40 minutes, so you'll need to make arrangements to meet with eldar later if that's the case19:40
aelkneryou have his cell number handy19:40
wbradyim here and im looking for his cell number19:40
aelkneryou should keep it with you19:41
wbradyeldar: what's your cell number again?19:41
aelknerwbrady: you need to keep that in your wallet or in your cell phone if you have one19:42
eldari know what the problem is, it was caused by me not having done python in a while >.<19:42
fstpierrehey alan19:42
aelknerhey fstpierre19:42
eldarwith passing arguments with keywords19:42
fstpierreit says to rename the column staff19:43
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aelknerbut in which table?19:43
aelknereldar: remember to give wbrady explicit instructions on what to do when19:44
aelknerfor instance, if you've committed a fix, he needs to know that19:44
aelknerand start from scratch with the old Data.fs19:44
wbradyeldar: it is supposed to be on revision 1305 right?19:45
aelknerfstpierre: could we be needing to change things in the config.yml file?19:45
eldareven if you are on the latest revision it'll fail, i know what the problem is19:45
eldari'm fixing it19:45
wbradyo ok awesome19:46
fstpierrewhere is that located19:46
aelknerright now it's pointing to the maildb, but i don't know if that's what we want19:48
aelknerbut the casserver db doesn't have the user tables, so that could also be a problem19:49
aelknerand the error message doesn't seem clear as to what table it's looking for19:50
fstpierre  class: CASServer::Authenticators::SQL19:51
fstpierre  database:19:51
fstpierre    adapter: mysql19:51
fstpierrein config.yml19:51
aelknernotice what comes next19:51
wbradyeldar: I will be right back19:52
ignasplaying with rubycas :)19:52
aelknerignas: have you gotten it to work?19:52
ignaswith ldap at least19:52
aelknerwe're using mysql for now19:53
aelknerignas: did you ever get the following:19:54
aelknerActiveRecord::SubclassNotFound The single-table inheritance mechanism failed to locate the subclass: 'staff'.19:54
aelknerThis error is raised because the column 'type' is reserved for storing the class in case of inheritance19:54
aelknerPlease rename this column if you didn't intend it to be used for storing the inheritance class or overwrite CASServer::Authenticators::SQL::CASUser.inheritance_column to use another column for that information.19:54
aelknerThat's not very clear19:56
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aelknerwbrady: eldar's in debug mode, so even though he know's the fix, it could take some time to test it out19:57
aelknermake sure to arrange a meeting with him before you leave19:57
aelkneri need you guys to get this done before eldar becomes no longer available19:58
aelknerso it's important to connect up later today if you need to19:58
aelknerfstpierre: if we want, we can change the config.yml and restart the server19:59
aelknerbut let's agree on what we want to change before one of us does it19:59
th1a_You guys can use bzr on the config files.19:59
th1a_So you can roll back changes.20:00
aelknerwell, right now, we don't have anything working, so there's nothing to roll back to20:00
wbradyeldar: i will be home around 3:15 and can get online or on the phone20:01
eldarwbrady: ok20:03
fstpierreok give me one sec.20:04
aelknerignas: i take it you never got the error i just posted?20:06
ignasnope, it's not ldap related20:06
ignasi had to edit the source code to get my particular configuration working though ;)20:07
ignasdo you like ruby?20:07
aelkneri never used it20:07
ignasa good occasion to learn it ;)20:07
aelknerit could come to that :)20:07
aelknerignas: it kind of stinks if one has to edit the source to get it to work20:09
aelkneri mean, isn;t this supposed to be a production server?20:09
ignasi don't think so it's like most open source software - it works for the author20:09
ignasand - it will work without editing the source20:10
ignasbut reading the source might help you debug the error20:10
ignasand fix the configuration20:10
aelknergood point20:10
aelknerso when you said edit, you just meant view, not change20:10
eldarhmm I have an object with a property called created, which is datetime.datetime, when I do IZopeDublinCore on it20:12
eldarthat property becomes None20:12
ignasi did some changes, because configuration options were confusing20:12
eldarany idea why that would happen?20:12
ignasand it did not support my particular setup20:12
aelknereldar: don't know.  that would suggest there's no adapter registered flot it, but i couldn't tell you why20:15
aelkneris this in your generation script?20:17
aelknereldar: the dublin core is an annotation20:20
aelknerwhy are you using that?20:20
aelknerdon't you have your own created fidl?20:20
wbradyeldar: got to go talk to you later20:21
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th1a_aelkner: Regarding RubyCAS: I don't think it is that widely used, but I think we should try it before jumping to one of the big Java ones.20:26
aelkneri agree20:26
aelknerit's worth fighting through the problems we're having20:26
eldaraelkner: i am not using that, it was already used20:27
eldarwhen sorting messages20:27
eldarthe sort method runs them through dublin core20:27
eldarand for some reason20:27
eldarthe attributes on the old messages get tangled up20:27
eldarso i'm trying to figure out why that happens20:28
eldarwhat's causing their crash is that when the viewer tries to sort the messages, the old messages have an empty created property after being run through dublin core20:28
ignaseldar: can you fix old messages in the evolution script20:49
eldarignas: what do you mean20:51
eldarwell, the problem seems to occure when i convert the journal entries to messages20:51
aelkneryeah, i was wondering the same thing20:51
eldarthe messages that were converted from journal entries20:51
eldardon't go through dublin core properly20:52
ignaseldar: can you post me a link to the evolution script20:52
aelknersince dublin core is an annotation20:52
aelkneryou would need to recreate the annotation in the new objects, right?20:52
ignas2 ways20:53
ignascall the relevant subscriber20:53
ignasor copy/move the old annotation20:53
aelknereldar: do you follow the point about copying the annotation20:53
eldarok so i just call IAnnotations on the journal entry20:54
aelknerand on the message20:54
eldarand set whatever's in to IAnnotations of message?20:54
ignascopy the __annotations__ attribute20:54
eldaroh ok20:54
ignasbut see if it has any references to the old entry before doing that20:54
eldarso message.__annotations___ = entry.__annotations___20:54
eldarwill do?20:54
ignasif it has - you might cause even more trouble20:54
ignasyes it might work20:54
aelkneri don't think you can use =20:55
aelkneri think you have to create the dicionary entries20:55
aelknerand copy the values20:55
ignaslook at schooltool evolution scripts20:55
ignasnuber 14 or 1720:55
ignascan't recall now20:55
ignassome of them copy annotations in some fancy ways20:55
ignasbecause most annotations have __parent__ attribute pointing to the old object20:56
aelknerthat's why i think you have to recreate the annotations attribute for attribute20:57
eldarso more along the lines of20:57
eldarIAnnotations(message) = IAnnotations(entry)20:57
aelknerthat would cuase the same problem20:58
aelkneri would say:20:58
aelknerann = IAnnotations(message)20:58
ignaseldar: look at schooltool evolution scripts, and i think __annotations__ = __annotations__ might work20:58
ignasIAnnotations should be avoided20:58
aelknerann['whatever dublin code key is']20:58
ignasyou should not do adaptation in evoludtion scripts20:58
ignascauses trouble along the way20:59
aelknerann['whatever dublin code key is']['created'] = whatever20:59
eldarso like this:             new_person.__annotations__ = OOBTree()             for key, annotation in list(person.__annotations__.items()):20:59
ignasthat will surely work20:59
eldarlemme try that then20:59
ignasbut it was done for a purpose i think20:59
ignasi am not 100% sure you must do it that way20:59
ignasnot like it will hurt if you will ;)20:59
aelknerit sounds like a safe way21:00
eldaroh man dublin core annotates journal entries, and so queueitem21:07
eldarqueueitem is easy to deal with, i just reset its context21:08
eldarto message21:08
eldarbut dublincore >.<21:08
ignasyes, replacing one class with another is major pain21:09
ignasthat's why I try to avoid it21:09
aelknerhe's not replacing a class, he's just copying from one object to another21:11
aelknerthat was the idea - to avoid any in-class replacement issues21:11
eldarwell it essentially is replacing a class21:15
eldarbecause even though attributes are the same21:15
eldarin name they're different21:16
eldarluckily, not many objects annotate entries21:16
eldari think it worked21:21
eldarpainlessly for the first time, but i should watch myself21:21
eldarthat's never happened before21:21
aelkneri'm changing the script now21:24
eldarignas, aelkner: thanks :D21:26
aelknereldar: success?!21:26
eldaraelkner: i think so. i'm running all the tests. and making triple sure that i didn't miss anything by clicking all over the place21:28
aelknerfstpierre: do you see the changes i made to the script?21:29
fstpierrerescue LoadError?21:30
fstpierre$LOG.warn(database) and so on21:31
aelknerthe four LOG.warn staements i put in there21:32
fstpierreyour checking the values for the database usertable username and password21:32
aelknerbut i don't find those messages in the casserver log21:33
aelkneri think we would need to restart the server to get any changes we make to take effect21:33
aelknerin python, once a module is imported it stays there21:34
aelknerunless someone does a fancy reimport21:34
aelknerso i guess we need to restart the server21:34
aelknersince ruby probably works the same as python in this case21:34
fstpierrei logged off21:34
aelkneri'll restart the server by killing the process and starting it myself21:35
fstpierredo you mean restart ruby?21:35
aelknerdo a ps aux | grep ruby21:35
aelknerroot      4651  0.0  0.5  98588 34536 pts/7    Sl+  17:13   0:02 ruby /usr/bin/rubycas-server21:35
aelknerso i'll kill 4651 and rerun the command21:36
aelknernow try to login and tell me when you get the error21:37
fstpierre got the errore21:37
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aelknerwow, i got a lot of info in the session that i started the server in21:38
aelknerbut first let's see if my log messages showed up21:38
aelkneryay, they did21:38
aelknersee them?21:39
fstpierrethe problem is with database =21:39
fstpierrein the config file21:39
aelknerlooks like it21:39
aelknerwhat the heck is all that stuff?21:39
fstpierrei see the problem21:40
fstpierrein the config file21:40
fstpierreit says "database:21:40
fstpierre    adapter: mysql21:40
fstpierre    database: maildb21:40
fstpierre    username: root21:40
fstpierre    password:21:40
fstpierre    server: localhost21:40
fstpierre  user_table: user21:40
fstpierre  username_column: username21:40
aelkneryes, and?21:41
fstpierreit says database:21:41
fstpierrethen later on it says database again21:41
aelknerit should be what?21:41
fstpierreno nevermind21:41
aelknerlet me look21:41
aelkneryou know, it's too bad that sean didn't keep the commented version around21:42
aelknerso that we could match up what we have with their example21:43
aelknercause i'm sure it's something with that block21:43
aelknerand your point about database appearing twice is well-taken21:43
aelknershall we google for an example config.yml?21:44
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aelknerfound it:
fstpierrethat looks like what we have21:59
aelkneryeah, and isn't it annoying how it says "some_database_with_users_table"22:00
aelknerusers being plural22:00
aelknerand yet it has:22:00
aelkneruser_table: user22:00
aelknerso is it singular or pural?!22:00
aelknerand i still don't see why we have two databases, one called casserver and one called maildb22:01
aelkneri mean, what is the database section for anyway?22:01
aelknerSet up the database connection. Make sure that this database is secure!22:02
aelknerset it up for what?!!!!22:02
aelknerif we have to configure it again in the authenticators section22:02
aelknerthis is really annoying22:02
aelknerhow about we use the maildb in the database section?22:03
aelknerinstead of casserver22:03
aelknermaybe that would fix it22:03
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fstpierr1any luck?22:18
fstpierr1ping aelkner22:19
aelknerstill the same problem22:19
eldaraelkner: do we have will's cell # so I can call him if he forgets?22:19
aelkneri was going to put some logging in the base.rb file to see what exactly is the sql in question22:19
th1a_aelkner: If you can't get it working they'll probably let you return it for a refund.22:20
aelknereldar: if he forgets, i'll strangle him22:20
eldarhahaha, alright22:20
aelknerth1a_: yeah, that and a quarter will get you a phone call22:20
aelknerthe expression used to be a dime, but inflation and all22:21
aelknereldar: do keep within earshot of being pinged here in case he only signs in but doesn't call22:23
aelkneroh, and he said 3:15, didn't he?22:23
fstpierr1ok im about to head out22:25
aelknerok, see you tomorrow22:25
fstpierr1have a good one.22:25
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wbradyeldar: hey hows it going22:26
aelknerwbrady: could you please call him?22:26
aelknerit'll go faster that way22:27
aelknerand wbrady, do you have a cell phone?22:27
eldarAlright what you need to do is:22:30
eldar1. stop the server22:30
eldar2. remove Data.fs* from var22:30
eldar3. Put the back up Data.fs into var22:31
eldar4. make update22:31
eldar5. make run22:31
aelknerwatch for evolve messae22:31
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eldaryeah, it should say "Evolved to generation 7" or something along that, near the end22:31
wbradyok one sec22:31
wbradyupdating now22:35
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wbradyi didnt see a line that said evolved to generation 7 but it did show a and evolve7.py22:38
aelknerthat's the update22:38
aelkneryou need to look for the message afer step 522:38
aelknertell us when you see it22:39
wbradyok one sec22:40
wbradyok it said it22:40
eldarnow open the server22:40
eldarand go to town with testing the messages22:40
wbradyok will do22:40
eldarmake sure you:22:40
eldar1. can post messages, can post INSIDE old messages22:41
eldar2. can submit and review old messages22:41
eldarand etc22:41
wbradywhat do you mean by inside?22:42
aelknerpound on the queue, too22:42
eldaryou know threading22:42
eldarwhen you go to a message22:43
eldaryou can post messages inside that message22:43
wbradyo ok22:43
wbradyok it can do everything22:44
wbradyno erros22:44
wbradytesting multiple students22:44
wbradybe right back i need some food22:45
aelknerbefore we certify this as working, try and think of more testing scenarios22:45
aelknerit would be nice to really be confident so that eldar can finally kick back and have a smoke22:46
aelknerso to speak22:46
wbradywill do22:51
aelknereldar: when do you drop out of availability?22:54
aelknercause i'd like to have you when welsh does his update22:54
aelknerseeing that we came upon so many issues22:55
eldaraelkner: saturday22:56
eldarand on i am no longer available22:56
aelknerperhaps i can get welsh to do it tomorrow22:56
aelkneri'll keep trying to reach him22:56
eldarthat'd be good22:56
aelkneris all day tomorrow ok for you?22:56
aelknercool.  i'll only contact you if something goes wrong which it shouldn't22:57
wbradyaelkner: i ran into that problem i talked with you about where i would click mark message as reviewed and the button wouldn't go away22:59
wbradyonly now even if i wait for a while and try to click the button again it still doesn't go away23:00
wbradyand it doesn't say there was an error23:00
aelknerremember we discussed how that's a browser/server issue23:00
aelknerthe server never got the message23:00
aelknerthat's why there's no error23:00
aelkneri don't know firefox enogh to say why this would happen23:01
eldarif the server is a little slow on the response time23:01
eldarthe java script might time out the request23:01
aelknerweren't you clicking rather fast when it happened?23:01
wbradyah ok, kind of, but when i showed you it in the classroom i could wait a while and then go back to click the button and it would dissapear but now it won't23:03
aelknerit annoying, and maybe we could use Javascript to preent it from happening23:04
aelknerlike create a busy cursor or something23:04
aelknerbut again i don't know how that's done23:04
aelknercould be something to do at the pycon sprint23:04
aelknerfor now, you'll know to wait a little between clicks23:05
wbradyok i understand it's certainly managable23:05
aelknerto see the server has gotten back with a response23:05
aelknerthe key for now is to test as many places in the user interface you can think of23:06
aelknerthat relate to messaging23:06
wbradyyes im doing that thoroughly23:06
wbradyso far no problems23:06
aelknertesting is not an easy science23:07
aelknerwhen done right23:07
aelknerit's almost more art than science :)23:07

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