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nitromasterUpon checking out a copy of schooltool right out of svn, I tried to make build. This resulted in a dependency error where it seems that requires zope.publisher>=3.5.0a1 while zope.publisher-3.4.1 was already installed. Is this a dependcy problem with schooltool or a problem with my machine?04:08
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th1ahey nitromaster.04:43
th1aWhich branch are you trying?04:43
th1aAre you going to send me an invoice?04:43
nitromasterth1a, I'm trying trunk04:44
nitromasterAs for the invoice, I haven't really done that much work, but I'll try to send you one soon04:44
th1aWell, I'm sending them in on Monday, so before then is much better than after.04:45
th1aHave you seen
th1aperhaps schooltool-buildout is better at this point.04:46
nitromasterI'll get the invoice to you before monday04:46
nitromasterI had not seen the state of the nation04:47
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nitromasterth1a, I still get the same dependecy problem in st-buildout. It says: "We already have: zope.publisher 3.4.1 but zope.traversing 3.5.0a2 requires 'zope.publisher>'." This error occured while installing Could this be that zope updated their dependencies which don't work with schooltool's?05:43
th1anitromaster: I'm afraid I don't know the answer.06:18
nitromasterWell, I'm not sure what I did differently, but I tried once more and it worked!06:39
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tehminkehjelkner: what is matt's handle?22:11
jelknerhe isn't here yet22:11
jelkneri just got off the phone with him22:11
jelknergive him a minute22:11
tehminkehwill do22:11
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tehminkehhey mattva0122:13
tehminkehso whats going wrong with the fork?22:13
mattva01well most of it has been fairly easy, however the main issue is with the scripts22:14
tehminkehoh god22:14
tehminkehi would imagine22:14
tehminkehis it a general problem with actually separating lore out22:15
tehminkehor do you have a specific issue22:15
mattva01the ones used by lore normally rely on  a version of setuptools implemented in twisted-core, the issue is t22:15
tehminkehdid your message get cut off, or is my client messed up22:16
tehminkehthe last part i see is22:16
mattva01that they expect everything to be in /usr/bin/python2.X/site-packages/twisted22:16
tehminkehtwisted-core, the issue is t22:16
tehminkehoh ok22:16
tehminkehwell, shouldnt the stuff be there?22:17
tehminkehexcept for lore22:17
mattva01but that means I am going to have to write the scripts from scratch22:18
tehminkehare you sure you have to?22:18
mattva01as normal setuptools does not work correctly22:18
tehminkehit seems like it should only be a few lines changed22:18
mattva01no because it calls other scripts farther down in directory structure22:19
tehminkehwhy does that pose a problem?22:19
mattva01because they normally modify twisted's plugin directory22:22
mattva01wait hmm22:22
mattva01that just sounds confusing22:22
tehminkehok so I kinda see why this is going to be difficult22:26
tehminkehthey have one that does all the work22:26
tehminkehand then the individual subprojects just provide information22:26
tehminkehi wonder if it would be a crime to build obpdoc within that structure22:26
tehminkehmy guess is that it might be22:27
mattva01well thats what I was thinking22:27
mattva01actually I built a package that way22:27
mattva01which worked22:27
tehminkehi guess the big downside is that ppl have to download twisted to build our fork22:28
tehminkehwhich makes it more like a hack22:28
mattva01too bad their setup thing does not allow you to specify an external subproject that does not exist in twisted directory structure22:29
tehminkehi mean22:31
tehminkehwe probably get away with just modifying the trunk/topfiles/setup.py22:32
tehminkehto still grab stuff from site-packages/twisted22:32
tehminkehbut not to build inside the twisted directory22:32
mattva01hmm let me check22:33
tehminkehoh maybe not22:34
mattva01the problem is that that is not controlled by us if we make a package22:34
mattva01thats part of the twisted-core package22:34
tehminkehperhaps we just have to pull that out22:35
tehminkehwe could treat this like an overlay22:35
tehminkehand mimic the twisted directory structure22:35
mattva01hmm , but still rely on twisted-core?22:36
tehminkehwhat i mean22:36
tehminkehis to pull out all the files used in a typical twisted build22:36
tehminkehand build the obpdoc source structure to fit exactly the way it did in twisted22:37
tehminkehso problem solved?22:38
mattva01still trying to wrap my head around something22:38
mattva01so we mimic structure , but only include files needed by obpdoc and don't rely on regular twisted for anything?22:39
tehminkehwell at least not during the build process22:40
tehminkehbut it will obviously need some things22:40
tehminkehduring runtime22:40
tehminkehie: all of web222:40
tehminkehand more22:40
mattva01 yes22:40
mattva01ok I get it now22:41
mattva01thank you22:41
tehminkehno problem22:42
tehminkehof course the last thing that makes this nice22:42
tehminkehis that if twisted should choose to merge it back in22:42
tehminkehit would take about 15 seconds22:42
jelknertehminkeh: we will let you know when we have the bzr repository in launchpad22:42
jelknerlet me know when you have a launchpad account (I couldn't find one for you)22:43
jelknerand I'll add you to the team that has check-in permission on the branch22:43
tehminkehill go make an account right now22:44
tehminkehthough i thought i had one22:44
jelknerif you do, searching for stephen drodge doesn't find it22:44
jelknernor drodge22:44
tehminkehi think it might not have my name22:44
tehminkehbut in any case ill have one in 5 minutes22:45
tehminkehyeah i have an account22:46
tehminkehbut i didnt add any sort of identifying information to it22:46
jelknercan you?22:46
jelknerit would be helpful22:46
tehminkehdo i have control over who can read my information?22:46
jelkneri believe you do22:47
jelknereither way, you need a gpg key to be able to push code22:47
jelknermattva01 can tell you more about that22:47
jelkneri've done it22:47
jelknerbut i don't remember what i did :-(22:48
mattva01I think its actually an ssh key but ok22:48
jelknerssh it is22:48
mattva01you need a gpg key to use a PPA22:48
tehminkehso i just added my ssh key22:49
jelknerok, i guess we are all finished here22:50
tehminkehhave a nice day both of you22:50
jelkneru 222:50
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