IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2007-12-08

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fsufitchaelkner: hi01:19
fsufitchlong time no talk ;)01:20
aelkneri'm reading your chat with ignas01:20
aelkneryeah, it's been a while01:20
fsufitchbtw, as i told ignas i'd do, i did fix the Makefile to include the stuff it was supposed to01:20
fsufitchi.e. just added python-lxml01:20
aelknerthat's cool01:20
fsufitchi hope me committing to trunk was ok...01:21
fsufitchit's only 1 word after all01:21
aelknerwell, you have earned a certain amount of trust over the months, so i don't see any problem with what you did01:21
fsufitchok :)01:22
aelkneri think if you take baby-steps01:22
aelknerlike only commiting to canod trunk for now01:22
aelknerand only making the small kinds of changes you made today01:22
aelknerand most importantly, making sure make test AND make ftest pass01:22
aelknerthen you shouldn't have to wait on me to take a diff from you01:23
aelknerover time01:23
fsufitchall right01:23
aelkneras you make more contributions to cando01:23
aelknerand your track record continues to demostrate your trust-worhtyness01:23
aelknerwe can recommend that you have schooltool commit access01:23
aelknerbut one thing at a time01:23
fsufitchthanks :)01:24
fsufitchi'm not really aiming for schooltool commit access just yet ;)01:24
aelknerfor now, if you want to tackle cando bugs/blueprints01:24
aelkneri'd say go for it01:24
aelknerand feel free to commit if you follow the afore mentioned discipline01:24
aelknerit would be nice if you send me an email before you choose a bug or blueprint01:25
aelknerso that we don't waste time doing work on the same thing!01:25
aelknermake sense?01:25
fsufitchi should also inform launchpad of what i'm working on right?01:25
aelkneryeah, by assigning the bug or blueprint to yourself01:26
aelkneractually, that should automatically send an email to the list01:26
aelknerbut send me a redundant one just for now to be sure01:26
aelknerbtw, i have a good one for you01:27
fsufitchwell, i'm just looking at the blueprints and bugs01:27
fsufitchoh go ahead01:27
aelknerwait, i'l check01:27
fsufitchi was thinking the student passwords01:29
fsufitchthat seems rather major, although its importance is undecided01:29
aelknerBug #13561101:29
fsufitchok, let me see01:30
aelknerIT has to do with the newskin using it's own template verses the old views using macros01:30
aelknerthe newskin template is in the same dir as the macro01:30
fsufitchyeah i remember that01:31
aelknerthe macro is for non-newskin views (old ones from other packages)01:31
fsufitchand all i have to do is to see where the nonconformity is and to fix it?01:32
aelknerthe differences are the last name, first name and the font sizes01:32
fsufitch(possibly easier said than done, if it's some bad code that's the problem)01:32
aelknermake the macro match the template01:32
aelknerfirst poke around the UI01:32
aelknerand you'll see how the fonts get smaller as soon as you visit a page that comes from pre-newskin packages01:33
aelknercompetencies for instance01:33
aelknerthen you'll see the problem01:33
fsufitchi found the place in the template/macro that the diff is in01:33
aelknernext would be to make the macro look like the template01:33
fsufitch<span>Logged in as <b tal:replace="string: ${user/_person/first_name} ${user/_person/last_name}" /></span>01:33
aelknerthat's my code01:33
fsufitch<span>Logged in as <b tal:replace="user/title" /></span>01:33
aelknerbut i only did it ion the template01:33
aelkneralso check out the css stuff01:34
fsufitchwhoa, what's with the user/_person/first_name?01:34
aelknerand match it up01:34
fsufitchdid i miss some changes?01:34
aelkneri'll leave it to you to figure out why the css is different and hense the font sizes01:34
aelkneri trust you can do it01:34
fsufitchi've worked w/ enough css ;)01:35
fsufitchspeaking of which01:35
fsufitchcheck out
fsufitchand give me an opinion please01:35
fsufitchit's the new website look for the world domination club at tj ;)01:35
aelknerwell i'm not the UI expert, but my preference when viewing a site is to not have to fight through a lot of distraction01:37
aelknerso you did well there01:37
aelknermaybe the backround could be even more toned down01:37
fsufitchlike, the opacity to be higher?01:37
aelknerbut it's already better than loud colrs01:37
aelknerno, that's ok01:38
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fsufitchaelkner: there's many other discrepancies b/w the and template.pt02:03
fsufitchmainly css stuff02:03
aelknerlet the template be the authoritative one02:04
aelknersince that's the one where we all did the css work on02:04
aelknerduring the New Hampshire sprint02:04
fsufitchbut i forgot how to find where the macros's css is02:04
fsufitcha clue?02:04
fsufitchit's going through some provider02:05
fsufitchand i forgot how those work02:05
aelknerproviders correspond to viewlet managers02:07
aelknerso you need to grep for the provided's name02:07
aelknerand you'l find the zcml where it is registered02:08
aelknerthen you have to follow the viewlets that are registered against that manager02:08
aelknerthat could be either by name or by interface, so it may take looking at many source files before finding it02:09
aelknerbut that's what makes it a job :)02:09
fsufitchwell i found some stuff02:09
fsufitch <viewlet02:09
fsufitch      name="cando.css"02:09
fsufitch      for="*"02:09
fsufitch      manager=".skin.ICSS"02:09
fsufitch      class=".skin.CandoCSSViewlet"02:09
fsufitch      permission="zope.Public"02:09
fsufitch      layer="cando.newskin.INewCanDoLayer"02:09
fsufitch      />02:09
fsufitchthe manager *is* .skin.ICSS02:10
fsufitchbut cando.css seems to be the one that the newskin's using!02:10
fsufitchwith this:02:10
fsufitch  <zrt-resource02:10
fsufitch      name="cando.css"02:10
fsufitch      file="resources/cando.css"02:10
fsufitch      layer="cando.newskin.INewCanDoLayer"02:10
fsufitch      permission="zope.Public"02:10
fsufitch      />02:10
aelknerso why not make the macor do the same thing that the template does?02:11
fsufitchoooooh i see02:12
fsufitchthe manager does:02:12
fsufitch<tal:block replace="structure provider:schooltool.CSS" />02:12
fsufitchmaybe that was it02:12
aelkneri just assigned the bug to you, so let me know when you get notified via email02:14
fsufitchum, i think i assigned it to myself about 15 mins ago <_<02:14
aelknerit didn't look that way just now02:15
aelknerit had my name on it02:15
fsufitchok then02:15
aelkneri have to head out to get some grub, but i'll stay signed on02:19
fsufitchi found something that when i commented out removed all of the styling diffs02:19
fsufitchit was an include for ++resources++layout.css02:19
fsufitchaelkner: i have it figured out02:30
fsufitchlayout.css is the old schooltool layout styling, needed for schooltoop pages to look pretty in the newskin pages02:30
fsufitchi can't exclude it without breaking a whole bunch of stuff02:30
fsufitchhowever, cando.css has priority over layout.css02:30
fsufitchso all i need to do is to redefine the things that are out of sync _speficically_02:31
fsufitchbecause there are some things like02:31
fsufitchfor the text size02:31
fsufitchcando.css never defined font-size02:31
fsufitchor font-weight02:31
fsufitchlayout.css defined it however02:31
fsufitchso that was the discrepancy02:31
aelknerfsufitch: i'm back02:55
aelknerlooks like you're on the right track02:55
fsufitchi did it02:55
aelknergood work02:55
fsufitchnow i'm just fixing the other discrepancies02:55
aelknervery nice02:55
fsufitchall the top part of the website's fixed02:56
fsufitchonly the footer's left02:56
aelknerping me when you're ready to commit02:56
fsufitchaelkner: ping03:01
aelknerdid you make test, ftest?03:02
fsufitchoh not yet03:02
fsufitchi'll do that03:02
fsufitchwait, so test or ftest?03:02
aelknerwe'll do this together the first couple of times where I'll have you'll ping me before committing03:02
aelknermake test03:02
aelknermake ftest03:02
fsufitchmake test fails03:03
aelknerbut i'll need you to develop this discipline yourself over time so that I can count on you03:03
fsufitchbut it's in the XML export03:03
fsufitchi'll remember that03:03
aelknerthat could be an issue on your machine03:03
aelknerthen again, maybe not03:04
fsufitchit's a ValueError03:04
fsufitchit doesn't look like my machine doesn't have the required module or something03:04
fsufitchi was getting _those_ errors earlier ;)03:04
aelknerlet me try03:04
aelknerhow did make test go?03:05
aelknerdid you svn up prior to getting started?03:05
fsufitchmake test failed, i said03:05
aelkneroh, sorry03:05
aelknerthought it was make ftest03:06
fsufitchi just did svn co earlier today03:06
fsufitchand there were no commits between then and now03:06
fsufitchmake ftest fails in a few places03:06
fsufitchhang on it's still running03:06
aelknermy make ftest worked03:07
aelknermake test too03:07
fsufitchi'll svn up i guess03:07
aelknerso you broke something, no biggy03:07
aelknerthat's what revision control is for03:07
aelknersvn st03:07
aelknercopy all changed files to a safe place03:08
fsufitcharg, how do i make it ignore .pyc files?03:08
aelknersvn revert everything03:08
aelkneri checked my .svn files and only found this when i grepped for ignore:03:10
aelkneri don't know what that means03:10
aelknerbut you could look in the svn docs for ignore03:11
aelknersvn -h03:11
aelknerafter youve sorted out the svn stuff, look over my discussion which i will continue as follow:03:14
aelknerafter reverting all your changes, you can run make test and make ftest again03:14
aelknerthey should pass03:15
aelknerif they do, then you know you broke something03:15
aelknerthen i would start by introducing the smallest pieces possible and rerunning the tests03:15
aelkneruntil it breaks again03:15
aelknerthat should help you narrow down what got broken03:16
fsufitchok, i reverted and am now testing03:20
fsufitch"make test" still fails03:20
fsufitchw/ same error03:20
fsufitchaelkner: ping03:21
fsufitchsee above03:21
fsufitchthe ftests are also failing with the same stuff03:21
aelkneryour changes are safe outside the file tree?03:22
fsufitchin ~/safeplace funny enough ;)03:22
aelknerthen i'd do a fresh svn co and try the tests again03:22
aelknerit could be your machine it that's the case03:23
aelknerbecause the buildbot for cando is NOT failing, and that's what it does03:23
fsufitchwow, the buildbot isn't failing anymore?? ^_^03:23
fsufitchi'm compiling evthing now...03:24
aelkneri saw to that03:24
fsufitchok testing now03:29
fsufitchstill fails03:29
fsufitchshould i just give you a diff and u commit?03:29
fsufitchaelkner: ping03:30
aelknerso a fresh checkout fails?03:30
aelkneryou'll need to figure out why that is03:31
aelknerthat's an issue with your envireonment03:31
aelknerstart with make test03:31
aelkneri believe you referred to a ValueError03:31
fsufitchyep, same failure03:31
aelknerfollow that03:31
fsufitch    ValueError: Invalid tag name03:32
fsufitchthere isn't much to follow03:32
aelknerfile, line?03:32
fsufitch        exporter.exportToXML(competencies)03:32
fsufitch      File "/home/fsufitch/cando-trunk/src/cando/xmlcompetencyio/", line 24, in exportToXML03:32
fsufitch        self._treeRecursionHelper(competencies, self.root)03:32
fsufitch      File "/home/fsufitch/cando-trunk/src/cando/xmlcompetencyio/", line 30, in _treeRecursionHelper03:32
fsufitch        self.root = etree.Element('cando:complist')03:32
aelknerthat's an lxml issue03:33
fsufitchit just looks like the exporter has a big03:33
fsufitchi thought i fixed that03:33
fsufitchaelkner: what version is your python-lxml?03:35
fsufitchmine is  1.3.3-103:35
aelknerwhere is yours?03:36
fsufitchmy python-lxml?03:36
fsufitchwhat do you mean "where"?03:36
fsufitchi just apt-getted it03:36
aelknerso how did you knwo the version?03:36
fsufitchaptitude show python-lxml03:37
aelknerPackage: python-lxml03:37
aelknerState: installed03:37
aelknerAutomatically installed: no03:37
aelknerVersion: 1.1.2-1ubuntu203:37
fsufitchmaybe i'm using a diff repo03:37
fsufitchwait, so my version's _newer_?03:38
aelknercould be03:38
aelknerhateful problems...03:40
aelknerdoes schooltool use lxml as far as you know?03:41
aelknerif so, you could try seeing if schooltool works on your machine03:41
fsufitchi don't think schooltool uses lxml03:41
fsufitchit might03:41
aelknerand if the tests fail there, ignas would have a way of helping you with this03:41
fsufitchso i'll just try checking out schooltool trunk?03:41
aelkneri only say that cause he would be faster at it and i'm getting ready to shut down here.03:42
fsufitchfsufitch@Jupiter:~$ svn co schooltool-trunk/03:42
fsufitchsvn: PROPFIND request failed on '/trunk'03:42
fsufitchsvn: PROPFIND of '/trunk': 405 Method Not Allowed (https://svn.schooltool.org03:42
aelkneri'd like to know if schooltool works for you first, though03:42
fsufitchyeah, but how can i get it? ^^^03:42
aelkneron moment03:42
aelkner svn co
fsufitchi'm not even allowed into svn.schooltool.org03:44
aelknerth1a: are you there?03:45
fsufitchhe's available on gtalk, he should be there03:45
aelknercould you take care of asking him for help?03:45
aelknerif he can't, then it will have to wait for ignas03:46
fsufitchok then03:46
aelkneri'm going to knock off now03:46
fsufitchmy parents are asking me to get off too03:46
aelknergood luck getting this resolved03:46
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fsufitchth1a: th1a_: anyone there?03:49
fsufitchwell then03:49
fsufitchi have to get going03:49
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fsufitchignas: hi19:32
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fsufitchignas: ayt?21:45
ignasfsufitch: now i am23:00
fsufitchagh, could you hold on a little?23:01
fsufitchi'm taking an online history test... <_<23:01
fsufitchwell, i can say what's going on rly quick23:02
fsufitchmy testing of cando-trunk fails23:02
fsufitchwith a frech checkout too23:02
fsufitchand it's cando that's failing for sure, because me checking out schooltool and running tests and ftests on that worked perfectly23:03
fsufitchaelkner says it looks like an lxml problem23:03
fsufitchi have a diff version of lxml than he has23:05
ignasif you would post me the failure i could probably tell you what dependency you forgot to install23:05
fsufitchmine is about .7 versions newer actually...23:05
fsufitchi pasted it23:07
fsufitchthe bot didn't work23:08
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fsufitchignas: ping?23:14
ignasindeed it's probably because of a different version23:15
fsufitchbut since mine is a newer version, isn't that really BAD?23:15
ignaswell - i'd assume that it means that the code is buggy, and relies on the broken functionality of the old version23:16
ignasand that the code should be fixed to work with the new version23:16
ignasand that such a fix would probably work with the old version too23:16
ignasbut i don't really know what is wrong in there ...23:16
fsufitchbut the trouble is i can't test what i just programmed because that thing keeps breaking23:17
fsufitchalso, there's other breaks in the ftests23:17
ignaswell - yes, that's the point of the rule "fix all the tests before adding new functionality"23:18
ignasand at least in schooltool - we have that rule ;)23:18
fsufitchehh, the buildbot this summer seemed to think otherwise23:18
fsufitchbut meh23:18
fsufitchanyway, if i remember correctly, it was masood and jama who did the XML exports23:18
fsufitchshould i get on their cases?23:19
ignaswell - sometimes it's buildbot who's wrong ;)23:19
ignasyou can try23:19
ignasyou should talk with aelkner and jelkner23:19
ignasas I don't really know anything about the state of cando23:19
fsufitchaelkner told me to talk to _you_23:19
ignasabout the code23:20
fsufitchi've also got dead ftests, do u want to see those too?23:20
ignasjust run a full test run and post all the results23:20
ignasi'll see if i can pinpoint the way to fix at least some of them23:20
fsufitchwell, the thing is23:20
fsufitchnothing crashes for aelkner23:20
fsufitchand nobody else is complaining23:21
fsufitchso i'm afraid that it might be just my comp23:21
ignasis aelkner using gutsy?23:21
ignasand have you installed all the necessary dependencies23:21
fsufitchi don't know23:21
fsufitchis there a list?23:21
ignassubversion build-essential python-all python-all-dev libc6-dev python-libxml2 python-imaging libicu-dev python-setuptools - are some of them23:22
ignasbut lxml is not mentioned and it might have some more dependencies23:22
ignasso if you would just post me all the failures23:22
fsufitchlxml wasn't mentioned23:22
ignasi could try and see what might  be missing23:22
fsufitchi put it in the Makefile23:22
ignasjust so others would know23:22
ignasit was still a bad idea to add such a dependency to cando in my opinion23:23
ignasbut - oh well ...23:23
ignastoo late i guess23:23
ignasit is not available as an egg23:23
ignasso cando can't use buildout23:23
ignasthus you don't have a reliable sandbox that would not depend on random python libraries missing/present in the system23:23
fsufitchthere's stuff dying all over the place23:25
fsufitchevidence, gradebook, etc23:25
ignasthe more the merrier23:26
fsufitchor rather23:26
fsufitchmisery loves company23:26
fsufitchlisppaste is dead23:28
fsufitchi can't access it23:28
fsufitch502 proxy error23:28
ignasouch, well - that happens sometimes23:28
ignasgo to pastey.net23:28
ignasand post it in there23:28
ignasyou'll have to post the link yourself though23:28
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fsufitchthis error AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'split' keeps popping up in other places too23:31
ignashow much time do you have?23:31
fsufitchlike when i try to create a new person23:31
fsufitchnone actually23:31
fsufitchi'm still supposed to be working on that history test <_<23:31
ignasbecause it will take a while i think ...23:31
ignasi think i have a solution23:32
ignasbut i am not sure it will work23:32
fsufitchwhat is it?23:33
ignasyou know how to use "patch" ?23:33
fsufitchwhat is it?23:34
ignasa utility23:34
fsufitchinstalling it right now23:34
lisppaste5ignas pasted "Patch to" at
ignaswhat you do is save the content of the paste into a file like "some_name.patch"23:35
ignasin the cando checkout23:35
ignasand then run23:35
ignaspatch -p0 < some_name.patch23:35
ignasafter that works23:36
ignasok, don't do that23:36
ignasi made a mistake :/23:36
fsufitchi ALMOST did it23:36
ignaswell ok23:36
ignasdo that23:36
ignasadter that you will have to add  "-i" after both PYTHONPATH=$(PYTHONPATH) $(PYTHON) develop --install-dir eggs -f $(SCHOOLTOOL_NIGHTLY) lines23:38
ignasin the makefile23:38
ignaswithout quotes23:38
ignasthen remove everything from the eggs directory23:39
ignasand run23:39
ignasand pray i didn't make a typo ;)23:39
ignasthis should point setuptools to a stable Zope3.4 index, and stable eggs that i have released23:40
ignasso you will get a working set instead of some random 3.5a versions that do not really work apparently23:41
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fsufitchrunning make now23:43
*** Ninno has joined #schooltool23:44
fsufitchInstalled /home/fsufitch/cando-trunk/eggs/
fsufitchSearching for zope.mimetype>=1.1dev-r7246223:44
fsufitchNo local packages or download links found for zope.mimetype>=1.1dev-r7246223:44
fsufitcherror: Could not find suitable distribution for Requirement.parse('zope.mimetype>=1.1dev-r72462')23:44
fsufitchmake: *** [build] Error 123:44
fsufitchignas: ouch23:44
ignasit's an old schooltool egg that cando is using23:45
ignasmaybe we could try schooltool release for a change23:46
ignaslet me look at it's dependencies23:46
ignascould you in the setup.py23:47
ignaschange the url that has "nightly" in it to
ignasand remove the ==  == 2006.999-2007-alpha1-svn-r723123:48
ignasfrom the schooltool dependency23:48
ignasand make run then23:48
fsufitchin a sec23:49
fsufitchwhat schooltool dependency?23:54
fsufitchi can't find it23:54
ignas                      'schooltool == 2006.999-2007-alpha1-svn-r7231',23:55
ignas line23:55
ignasin setup.py23:55
ignasoh and if you fixed the url i posted in the Makefile - fix it in too23:56
fsufitchNo local packages or download links found for zope.mimetype>=1.1dev-r7246223:58
fsufitcherror: Could not find suitable distribution for Requirement.parse('zope.mimetype>=1.1dev-r72462')23:58
fsufitchmake: *** [build] Error 123:58
ignashmm did you remove the eggs directory23:59
ignasbefore running make ?23:59
fsufitchoh no23:59

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