IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2007-12-07

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tdoggetteHow can I get the zope testbrowser running on my local machine?17:39
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fsufitchignas: hi17:54
fsufitchso do you have any idea about my cando install problem?17:55
fsufitchyou did get my email, right?17:55
ignasno, you should ask aelkner17:56
ignasi don't have much to do with cando17:56
ignasi can try diagnosing it though17:56
ignasif you'd give me a minute17:56
fsufitchto me it just looks like my comp has no idea what an egg is17:56
fsufitchi can give u a minute17:56
fsufitchand actually do some AI work in my AI class ;)17:56
ignaswhat distribution are oyu on?17:57
ignaswhen trying to run cando17:57
fsufitchit's ubuntu17:57
ignasand what happens if you try17:58
ignasstarting python17:58
ignasand typing "import pkg_resources"17:59
fsufitchnot found17:59
ignassudo apt-get install python-setuptools17:59
fsufitchoooh it doesn't crash now18:00
fsufitchi'll try running make18:00
fsufitch*it's working18:01
fsufitchthis could take a while though18:01
fsufitchignas: any idea if it needs anything but port 80?18:02
fsufitchbecause my school's firewall is uberstrict18:03
fsufitchand won't let me use anything but 80 and 44318:03
fsufitchand my downloading seems rather slow18:03
ignasno, it should not need anything but port 8018:03
fsufitchhey, i'm having a problem with my KDE; i did a fresh ubuntu install then installed kde; it's working fine, but when i run a gnome program it looks unthemed (ugly rectangular buttons, no gradients etc) hm18:04
fsufitchwrong window >_<18:05
fsufitchthe is taking too long to download though18:06
fsufitchignas: ping18:07
ignastry wget on it18:07
ignasif wget works18:07
ignasthen just wait until it times out18:08
fsufitchworks o.O18:08
ignasand make run again18:08
fsufitchok it's working now18:08
fsufitchoh crap18:12
fsufitchignas: installation died on Cheetah18:12
fsufitchthat's not very nice...18:14
ignaswhat do you mean died18:15
ignasand who is Cheetah18:15
fsufitchthe compile failed for Cheetah18:17
fsufitchand i think cheetah has something to do with cheeseshow18:17
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fsufitchsome horrible pun on cheetos18:18
lisppaste5fsufitch pasted "Cheetah dead" at
fsufitchso i take it it's not schooltool's responsibility?18:24
ignasis missing i assume18:25
fsufitchon my comp?18:25
fsufitchit might ;)18:25
fsufitchi'll try18:25
ignassudo apt-get install it18:25
fsufitchyep it was missing18:25
fsufitchand does it make any diff that i'm installing python2.5-dev?18:26
ignasyes, Zope3 does not work with python 2.518:26
fsufitchorly? O_O18:26
fsufitchok then18:26
fsufitchi have enough disk space to have both of them ^_^18:27
fsufitchmy windows partition is shrinking,shrinking shrinking18:27
fsufitchyay it got past Cheetah18:27
fsufitchbut died with zope.ucol18:28
ignaslibicu-dev missing18:28
fsufitchis there some virtual package i can install to just HAVE all this stuff?18:28
fsufitchif there isn't we should make one18:29
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ignasmake ubuntu-environment18:31
ignasor whatever it was called18:31
ignasat least this works for schooltool ;)18:31
ignascando had this set up for feisty i think18:32
ignaslook at the very end of the makefile18:32
ignasand update it accordingly18:32
fsufitch*Sigh* again, it's crashing because of lxml not found18:32
fsufitchit wooooorks!!18:33
fsufitchok, so what was it you wanted me to do?18:35
fsufitchignas: ping18:35
ignasi wanted you to do some schooltool work ;)18:39
fsufitchi g2g in like 2 minutes18:39
ignasbut you could update the Makefile dor cando18:39
ignasto be gutsy compatible18:40
ignasif you need something very small18:40
ignaslook at the build-environment part18:40
ignasand make it work on gutsy18:40
fsufitchit works now, though18:40
ignasthe make feisty-environment?18:41
ignasit has - } elif [ `lsb_release -rs` != "7.04" ]; then { \18:41
ignasand there is no make gutsy-environment18:41
ignasthus you had to apt-get install all the dependencies by hand18:41
fsufitchi get it18:42
fsufitchi'll do that18:42
fsufitchbut i g2g now18:42
fsufitchlunch :)18:42
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ignasth1a: ayt?19:15
th1aWhat's up ignas?19:15
ignasan unrelated question19:16
ignas"a utility" or "an utility"19:16
th1a"an utility"19:17
ignasi was always writing "a utility" but then saw marius write "an utility" and got confused19:17
th1aUse "an" when the next word starts with a vowel.19:17
th1aOr an "h."19:17
ignasi know, but i kind of assumed that it is pronounciation based19:18
ignashmm is using "a utility"19:18
ignasnow i am even more confused19:18
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