IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2007-12-06

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th1aignas, jelkner:  OK, the '08 budget got Mark's seal of approval.16:35
jelkneri just sent an email (after receiving one) to eldar16:39
jelknerhe is about to go on winter break and is looking for work16:39
jelkneri told him to:16:39
jelkner1. jump on #schooltool and look for ignas16:39
jelkner2. ask for something to do16:40
jelkner3. check with Tom? about the bounty for assigned task.16:40
jelknerIs 3 correct?16:40
jelknerwe have a 2 hour delay today16:40
jelknerso i've still got a few minutes to chat if there is anything else pressing16:41
th1aThe most pressing thing now is feeding Vivian, I'm afraid.16:44
th1aUnless you're crying, too, jelkner.16:44
th1aAlso, I got enough of a raise to cover child care every day ;-)16:45
jelknerth1a: not at all, i'm well rested after an extra 2 hours sleep! ;-)16:45
algawe've got a baby girl in the office, too16:55
algaluckily, she's asleep16:56
mgedminand the cat is hiding on a window sill16:57
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wjohnstoignas: ayt?17:16
wjohnstoI have a question about jelkner2007-buildout17:18
wjohnstoI am trying to fix a bug for Jeff (#140693)17:18
wjohnstohowever the paths in the jelkner2007 branch are a lot different from any version of schooltool I've used17:19
wjohnstoso I cannot find where the bug is located in the code17:19
ignasdo you have a schooltool checkout in your jelkner buildout?17:19
ignasso - step 117:20
ignascheckout schooltool into your buildout17:20
ignasbecause apparently you will be working not just on jelkner school setup17:20
ignasbut on schooltool as well17:20
ignasthese are 2 different things17:20
ignastell me when done checking out17:21
wjohnstoI'm on a school machine, so I'll have to checkout jelkner2007-buildout as well17:22
wjohnstoso it might be a couple minutes17:23
ignaswell - the point is - when you have a jelkner-buildout running17:31
ignasyou checkout schooltool into it17:31
ignasand modify the buildout.cfg17:31
ignasand add "schooltool" to the "develop = " line17:31
wjohnstoI'm making schooltool-2007 now17:32
ignaslike "develop = . schooltool" or was it "develop = schooltool.jelkner2007 schooltool"17:32
ignasit tells buildout paths of development eggs17:32
wjohnstoright now it's schooltool.jelkner200717:32
ignasand after changing the buildout.cfg you run bin/buildout17:32
ignasonce to make buildout notice the development code17:32
wjohnstoI think it's "develop = schooltool jelkner200717:39
ignasnow i see it17:43
ignasjust noticed that i have a jelkner2007-buildout checked out17:43
wjohnstoso if I change the path to "develop = schooltool jelkner2007" will I still run "make run" from the jelkner2007-buildout directory?  Or do I have to do it from the schooltool directory?17:44
ignasmake run will not run bin/buildout if it notices that there is a startup script in there17:45
ignas"make run" to run it17:45
ignasfrom the  buildout17:45
ignasnot from the schooltool checkout17:46
wjohnstoI am getting a lot of "missing file" errors when I try to run17:52
ignascan you paste them?17:52
ignaslisppaste5: url17:52
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.17:52
ignaswith the command that you have tried to run included17:53
lisppaste5wjohnsto pasted "make run" at
ignassvn info17:56
ignasin schooltool checkout17:56
lisppaste5wjohnsto pasted "svn info" at
ignasoh, yep, of course17:57
ignasyou should checkout the trunk17:57
ignasbecause jelkner branch is using the trunk version not the release one i think17:57
ignasjelkner setup17:57
ignasthat is17:57
wjohnstoam making it now and I'll let you know if I have any more problems17:59
wjohnstobut thanks17:59
ignasglad to be of any use, really17:59
ignasi'll have to write these instructions up somewhere17:59
ignasif more people will start working on both jelkner2007 and schooltool at the same time18:00
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wjohnstoIt was a little weird not being able to see any code in jelkner200718:01
wjohnstoI haven't dealt with that yet18:01
ignaswell - jelkner2007 is just a "plugin" or rather a "school setup"18:02
ignasat least these are the names that i am using ;)18:02
ignasbecause "LDAP authentication" is a plugin18:02
ignas"lyceum" "jelkner2007" "tizard" are more like school setups18:02
wjohnstook everything appears to be working swimmingly now18:03
wjohnstoThanks for the help18:04
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