IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2007-11-06

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balorOn Gutsy I get a "error: Installed distribution ZODB3 3.7.2 conflicts with requirement ZODB3>=3.8.0b1"  Do I have to manually install ZODB3 from source?12:13
balorAre you guys using a development version of ZODB?12:14
Fujitsubalor: Which version of SchoolTool are you trying to use?12:15
balorFujitsu: svn12:15
FujitsuThat should be using eggs...12:15
FujitsuIn which case the one on the system really shouldn't matter.12:15
balorFujitsu: your build seems to pull down the wrong egg12:17
FujitsuI have little to do with SchoolTool.12:18
balorFujitsu: :)12:19
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th1a_ignas: Have a couple of interesting leads to forward to you.17:42
ignasth1a: yes?17:54
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th1a_Well, there is a university in Denmark that does a lot of Zope 2 stuff (Silva, for example) apparently and is interested in SchoolTool.17:55
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th1aI'll forward those emails... if it looks promising perhaps I should send you over there for a couple days.17:56
th1aignas: That's not something where we'd end up giving them money, I don't think, but if we could give them a start writing for SchoolTool on their own it might be worth a visit.17:58
ignasi see17:59
th1aMore importantly, I've been exchanging emails with a school in South Africa.18:08
th1aI think it is a more affluent private school.  They've got a former student finishing his masters in computer science who is interested in working with them on SchoolTool.18:09
th1aignas: So I have to figure out if that's something that might work and needs to be budgeted for.18:10
th1aThe main question is whether the developer can grok SchoolTool.18:10
ignashmm, we can try to do some remote *active* training though18:11
ignasnot sure how it will turn out18:11
ignasas i have never tried doing that18:11
ignasbut if he would be spending a lot of time online18:11
ignasi think the learning process could be made more fluent18:11
th1aignas: Yes.18:29
th1aPerhaps I might need you to interview him and/or give him some problems.18:29
th1aThis would be a late addition to the budget... we'd have to decide quickly.18:29
ignasmakes sense18:35
ignasI could just ask alga or mgedmin to give me the PoV homework assignment18:36
ignasand translate it to English18:36
mgedmindon't ask me, I don't have it18:36
mgedminask alga18:36
mgedminask me to make fun of the submitted code instead18:36
mgedminerr, I mean, review18:36
mgedminbit of a Freudian slip there...18:37
ignasyeah, the test is pretty much binary - you do it, or you don't do it, and then we make fun of the code18:37
ignasin either case18:38
th1aignas & mgedmin:  I can imagine.18:48
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Lumiereexcuse me while I go like that quote20:56
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