IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2007-11-07

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ignasanyone willing to test a buildout  based schooltool tarball?15:57
ignasdon't be lazy ;)16:05
ignastar -xvvzf schooltool-buildout.tar.gz16:06
ignascd schooltool-buildout16:06
ignasmake run16:06
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ignashi Ian16:08
th1aignas:   I'll give it a try.17:26
ignasth1a: thanks17:26
ignasth1a: could you please look at this?17:38
* ignas has decided to try out this new "communication" thingie ;)17:39
th1aIndeed.  It is very helpful, ignas.17:46
th1aAlso good for showing people what we've been up to (at least insofar as it is a lot of complicated looking stuff).17:46
th1aBut in particular it is good to be able to point at least at the beginning of a strategy for handling multiple configurations of ST for different sites.17:50
ignasby the way if you have some information to add or some comments the "source" is
ignasaelkner, Lumiere, that applies to you too17:53
test123Ignas thanks for
ignastest123: it's there for at least 2-3 weeks, the problem is that it is broken at this very moment and i am in progress of fixing it to work again ...18:05
test123good to hear that you are on the case. I will use it to check out our test environment tomorrow.18:06
ignasi would suggest being on IRC when you will be trying out18:07
ignasbecause it would be a lot easier to fix problems if you will encounter any18:07
ignasi haven't tested these things on other PC than mine18:08
ignasso i don't know whether everything works properly18:08
test123thats OK18:11
ignasok, now tizard should be installable20:06
ignasnot sure about working though20:07
ignasthe LDAP setup is wrong in there20:07
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