IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2007-10-16

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ignasth1a: are you in there?18:15
ignasaelkner: are you in there?18:31
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th1a_ignas:  I am here.18:50
ignasa question about our cooperation with Ian18:51
ignasfrom what I understand they want to be using the gradebook aelkner is working on18:51
th1a_That seemed to make the most sense.18:51
ignasare they going to be modifying it to suit their need?18:52
ignasor they will be just using it18:52
th1a_Hopefully more or less just using it.18:52
th1a_They've really got a pretty simple case.18:53
th1a_I *think*.18:53
ignasbecause one way to do this is to move jelkner gradebook to trunk18:53
ignasmove schooltoo.jelkner2007 out of the branch18:53
ignasand make aelkner use a buildout of schooltool.jelkner200718:53
th1a_That might be simpler.18:53
th1a_I'll defer to your judgement.18:54
ignasthe downside is that all changes made by aelkner will have to go to trunk ...18:54
ignasall changes to gradebook i mean18:54
th1a_Well, it seems unlikely that he'd do more than break the gradebook.18:54
ignasand aelkner will have to change the way he does things (start using buildout with 2 parts)18:54
ignasand Ian (or programmers working for him) will have to use a buildout as well18:55
th1a_I'll defer to your judgment, but my sense is that fewer branches would be simpler.18:55
ignaswhich will limit them to overriding/extending schooltool, as they don't have commit access18:55
ignasif it only affected the way i do things - it would be OK18:56
ignasi am just worried about how much this will affect the others18:56
th1a_I think aelkner would be happy to not be in a branch.18:56
ignasi see18:56
ignasok, then i will just "copy" schooltool.jelkner2007 and make it into something usable as a development egg18:57
ignasand try explaining how things should be done the new way18:58
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ignasth1a: should we put tizard in a separate package or do it as schooltool.tizard?20:34
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ignasaelkner: there?20:45
aelkneri'm reading your discussion with tom on gradebook20:46
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ignassvn co svn+ssh://
ignasmake run20:47
ignasand see if everything works20:47
ignasok, it won't work because there is no up to date schooltool egg20:48
aelkneri see20:48
ignaslooking at what i can do20:48
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aelkneri agree with you and tom in the limit to the risk involved in me changing only gradebook in trunk20:49
ignasmgedmin will clean the buildbot20:51
ignasand as soon as you see buildbot package the schooltool egg20:51
mgedminignas: ssh muskatas && sudo clear-schooltool-build-slave20:52
ignastry commands i have listed above20:52
ignasin like 30-40 minutes ;)20:53
aelkneryou mean me?20:53
ignasi mean you20:53
ignasdo the svn co svn+ssh://
aelkneri checked the code out already so that i can see what you are doing20:54
ignasas soon as you see buildbot build a new schooltool nightly egg20:54
aelknerthen do the make20:54
ignassvn up then as i have changed it a bit20:54
ignasif you did make with an old schooltool egg20:54
aelkneri didn't20:54
ignasrun "bin/buildout -n"20:54
ignasto update all the eggs (including schooltool)20:54
ignasok, going home, will be online in an hour or so20:55
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aelknerignas: shall i do the svn up followed by make now?22:03
ignasnot yet22:03
ignasunit tests are ok now22:03
ignasbut functionals seemed to have some problems with the gradebook22:03
* ignas is trying to find out why these tests pass in a buildout, but not in the buildbot22:06
ignashmm, ouch, it seems that functional tests are passing in my clean schooltool checkout :/22:12
ignascool, i can just force schooltool nightly egg rebuild22:19
ignasouch, it seems that it's broken22:19
ignasaelkner: try the buildout now22:31
aelknerone sec22:31
aelknerok, doing the make now22:32
ignascool :) this should have been "you can try out buildout now" ;)22:32
aelknerno prob.  we are technical people, so we allow each other curt forms of communication :)22:33
aelknerbtw, is make wrong?  you instructed make run22:34
aelkneri see from the makefile that make means make build22:34
ignasno just that it will only "build" stuff22:34
aelknerso i just make run when the build is done22:34
aelknerthen bin/test22:34
ignasmake test should work too22:35
ignasthough it just runs bin/test22:35
aelknerso i looked over all of your diffs, and it's complicated what you are doing.  could you summarize?22:35
ignaswell - i just moved all the code out of src/schooltool/22:36
ignasand made schooltool a "namespace" package22:36
ignaswhich means that you can have more than one egg22:37
ignasthat has schooltool in it22:37
ignaslike schooltool/jelkner2007 and schooltool/devtools22:37
ignasand schooltool22:37
ignasand they will work together without conflicting about which one has the "right" schooltool package22:37
ignasanother part was moving jelkner2007 out of the branch22:38
ignasand making it an egg22:38
ignasso you could develop it while using schooltool egg22:38
ignasand added a buildout that checks out jelkner200722:39
ignasand allows you to run it22:39
ignasanything else unclear?22:40
aelknerso schooltool could be fixed in an egg form (release eventually), yet I could effect a change in jelkner2007 at my convenience22:40
aelknerbut if i wanted to change the gradebook package?22:41
ignasyou will have to work with schooltool trunk22:41
ignasunless i would make schooltool.gradebook a separate egg as well22:41
ignasthough i should talk to jinty about that22:42
ignasas someone would have to package schooltool.gradebook22:42
ignasand make it available22:42
aelkneri agree that we wouldn't be risking anything letting me change gradebook in trunk as it would be isolated22:42
aelkneral long as i make sure i don't commit with failing tests22:42
ignasand avoid changing other parts22:43
aelkneri would consult with you if i ever needed changes to other parts22:43
aelknerone thing22:43
aelkneryou noticed i needed to change secutiry tests22:44
ignasi saw that22:44
aelknerso if i need to do something like that in the future22:44
aelkneri'll send you a diff, right?22:44
ignasyes, a diff would be nice22:44
aelkneri can work with that22:44
aelknerso i ran make run, and it gave me a deprecation warning22:45
ignasthat's ok22:45
ignasit's not in schooltool22:45
aelknerand that it couldn't use kilthread22:45
ignasthat's ok too, it's wsgi thing22:45
aelkneralso it didn't give the same four lines that it gives at startup22:46
ignaswell - it's a different/new way of starting schooltool server22:46
ignasthere even are keyword commands like22:46
ignasand --status22:47
ignasfor bin/start-schooltool-instance22:47
ignasall the thing specific for your schooltool instance are in "instance/" by default22:47
ignasso you can do: bin/start-schooltool-instance instance/ --start-daemon22:48
ignasto run schooltool in daemon mode22:48
ignasyou can also create separate instances in different directories using22:48
ignasbin/make-schooltool-instance directory-for-other-instance22:48
ignaswhich makes it easier to work with different types of instances, or different databases of the same type22:49
ignaswhen you will get used to jelkner2007 in a buildout, tell me and i'll explain the next step - having a checkout of schooltool and a checkout of jelkner2007 in the same buildout22:49
ignasso you could make related changes to both of them22:49
ignasand would not have to wait for schooltool egg to get built22:49
aelkneryeah, my first step is to get comfortable enough with this to be able to give instructions to jeff for using it22:51
ignasusing it is easy enough22:52
ignassvn co; make run22:52
ignasthough if you will see the need for it - add the cando make debian-dependencies or how was it called22:53
ignasto the buildout make file22:53
aelkneri ran bin/test, and it only ran three tests22:55
ignasyep, all the tests you have in jelkner200722:55
aelknerright.  so it doesn't run schooltool tests because they are run by the developer of the schooltool egg22:56
ignasand you can't break schooltool tests22:56
ignasby things in jelkner2007 ;)22:56
ignaswhich is one of the upsides of eggs from my standpoint22:57
aelknereven if i try real hard? :)22:57
ignasmonkeypatching would probably work out, but even then - only if jelkner2007 *is* included when running schooltool tests22:57
aelknereggs are supposed to work just like jars in java22:58
aelknerit's a good idea22:58
ignasmaybe ;) i have no idea how they are supposed to work ;)22:58
aelknerit's just these issues that jars addressed, so python eventually adopted them22:59
aelknerthat's the way it seems to me at least22:59
ignasit's more like a set of generic problems with library packaging, python packages <-> java jars, while eggs are a replacement for perl's CPAN and ruby gems23:00
aelknerso i copied the Data.fs file from my jelkner-gradebook branch instance to the buildout instance23:03
aelknermake run returned many more deprecation warnings23:03
aelknerall having to do with session23:03
ignassome Zope guys are changing these things23:04
ignasother Zope guys are yelling at them for doing it ;)23:04
ignasSNAFU ;)23:04
ignasis it working ?23:05
aelkneryes it is.23:08
aelknerthe old data works23:08
aelknerobviously you didn't change anything there23:08
aelknerbut it's still nice to know that jelkner can move his Data.fs in without any problems23:08
aelknerof course, i need to write a generation script to create a dummy worksheet and move his activies down there23:09
aelknerbefore i hand this over to him23:09
aelknerignas: what's the url for checking out using http?23:13
aelkneri tried replacing svn_ssh with http, but it didn;'t work23:13
ignasnow generation might be tricky23:13
ignassvn co
ignasso it would be
ignasor was it jelkner2007-buildout23:14
ignasbut you will probably have to replace the url in the makefile too23:14
aelkneri'll see23:14
ignasbecause at the moment it is pointing at the ssh url23:14
aelknershould it?23:15
aelknerignas: should i change the make file?23:17
aelknerand commit the change?23:17
aelkneri mean, there's no need to do the svn+ssh checkout from the buildout, is there?23:18
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ignasaelkner: yes you can23:33
aelknerwill do23:33
ignasas long as you know that you have to switch to an ssh checkout if you want to work with it23:34
aelknerbut would i want to work with the code from there?23:34
aelkneri mean, we're talking about the buildout pulling in another repository23:35
aelknerif i wanted to change the other repo, wouldn't i svn+ssh checkout that myself23:35
ignasthat's what i mean23:45
ignas"make" checks out it automatically23:46
ignasso in a new buildout checkout - you will have to check out the branch before "make" does that, or replace the old checkout with a "working" one23:46
ignasthough it is definitely better for a user like Jeff to have it set to http by default23:46
aelkneri'm thinking that jelkner-buildout is only for delivering to jelkner23:48
aelknerif i want to change jelkner007, i do that in a different svn co23:48
aelknerin a different directory altogether23:48
aelknerwhat it sounds like you're saying is23:48
aelknerthat i woudl be coding jelkner2007 from within jelkner-buildout and doing this manual co dance there23:49
aelknerwouldn't it be easier to just svn+ssh co jelkner2007 in a different dir?23:49
aelknerand trunk itself it yet another dir?23:50
aelknerignas: am i making sense?23:52
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