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ignasnot really00:04
ignasbuildout is something like a developer sandbox00:04
ignaswhen working with eggs00:04
ignasso when you will start working with schooltool, jelkner2007, and maybe even schooltool.gradebook as a separate egg00:05
ignasyou will need some way to manage dependencies tests and running things in one place00:05
ignasso buildout is both for deployment and development00:05
ignasactually if jelkner2007 was packaged as an egg00:06
ignasdeployment would not involve svn at all00:06
ignasyou won't be able to run jelkner2007 by checking out jelkner2007 without buildout00:07
ignasbecause it has no Makefile, and no way to download dependencies00:07
ignasaelkner: hope that's a bit more clear00:08
aelknerignas: well, i'll need more experience with this stuff to get the full picture, but thanks for the explanation00:13
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ignasth1a_: ayt?17:03
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th1aignas: Could you set that configuration skeleton aside in some way that we could re-use it?17:22
ignasI will as soon as i'll have it tested and will be sure that it works17:22
ignasmaybe even create a tool based on paste17:22
ignasthat would create a skeleton based on "package-name"17:22
th1aThat would be nice.17:23
ignasso you could just do "make-schooltool-extension my_school"17:23
ignascd my_school; make run17:23
jelkneraelkner: u here?17:24
th1ajelkner: I should tell you about the Open Minds conference before it recedes into the fog.17:39
jelknerth1a: please!17:40
th1aJust give me a call.17:40
jelknerth1a: i no longer have a cell17:41
jelkner(the $270 bill last month put an end to it...)17:41
jelkneri'm working on getting wengophone to work17:42
jelknerif that doesn't happen soon, i'll use skype17:42
ignas270$ ?17:42
jelknerignas: that's what 2 teenage boys will do to you :-(17:43
jelkneractually, the biggest part of the bill was mine17:43
jelkneri just kept using it more and more17:43
jelknerso now i can't do that17:44
ignasdon't they have their own cellphones with prepaid cards?17:44
jelknerbut they will now, i guess ;-)17:44
ignasit's the way parents do in lithuania - you get your 10$ and if you want more - well, you must beg ;)17:45
th1aWhat is great is that in Lithuania you can get a data plan on pre-paid.17:45
th1aIn the US, you can only get data on top of a fairly expensive monthly voice plan.17:46
th1aIf you're more interested in data than voice, it isn't economical.17:46
ignasit is a bit unsafe to have kids with a monthly plan, with all the cases of 5 year olds calling to paid numbers they saw somewhere making parents go bankrupt :/17:48
th1aOur telecom system might as well be run from the Kremlin.17:49
* ignas visualizes the old school tetris splash screen with block falling and the pseudo soviet music in the background17:50
th1aThat would be a good logo for Verizon.17:53
jelknerhold on, i'm shutting down to add a sound card17:54
jelknertrying to get wengophone working17:54
jelknerthat will be my new voice communication tool17:54
jelknerif i can get it to work17:54
th1aWell, it is not as if I have it working...17:54
jelknerif not, i'll use skype17:55
jelknerth1a: i can call your phone once i have it working17:55
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th1a" The cooperation between the various military/intelligence branches of the Federal Government -- particularly the Pentagon and the NSA -- and the private telecommunications corporations is extraordinary and endless. They really are, in every respect, virtually indistinguishable."17:56
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ignasok, i have packaged the schooltool.ldap plugin (if you can call it that) so now tizard sandbox has ldap enabled19:53
ignasthough they will have to spend quite some time to make it functionally testable19:54
ignasand to make ldap authentication work properly with configuration being in the tizard extension19:54
ignasschooltool.ldap was just too messed up to merge into trunk so i just had to package it as a separate egg to make it available at all19:55
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jelknerjhancock__: are you here?20:49
jelknerth1a: can I call you this evening (around 6 pm)?20:50
jhancock__I might have work20:51
jelknerjhancock__: no, that message was for th1a ;-)20:52
jhancock__oh right20:52
jhancock__how is gasp?20:52
jelkneranyway, did you see my email?20:52
jhancock__not yet i'll go check it20:52
jelkneractually, my 2 emails20:52
jelknertake a look, and let's go over them20:53
jhancock__all right20:55
jhancock__I wubi works great20:55
jhancock__but I can't get on the internet at school20:56
jhancock__through it20:56
jelknerhow about home?20:56
jhancock__yes I can20:56
jhancock__but I can't take my laptop home yet20:56
jhancock__the loan people are taking their sweet time approving my loan20:57
jelknerso, did you see the emails?20:57
jhancock__and I can't take it home till they do20:57
jhancock__yes I just read them20:57
jelkner1st q: pause?20:57
jhancock__I spent all day yesterday trying to get wubi to work20:57
jhancock__and I was planning on fixing that when I finished that20:58
jelkner2nd q: do you want me to fix those little string formatting errors20:58
jelknerthe sooner the better20:58
jhancock__yeah that would be great20:58
jelknersince my students are using a text book that says pause works! ;-)20:58
jhancock__is that the __str__ for the classes20:58
jhancock__or is it in the book?20:59
jelknerok, i'll work with matt to fix the space after comma thing20:59
jelknerplease send him the latest gasp with pause20:59
jelknerpause is in the book20:59
jelknerchapter 420:59
jelknernow that end_graphics works20:59
jelkneri need it20:59
jhancock__Oh good21:00
jelknerany chance you can send him that by tomorrow morning?21:02
jelknera version with pause, i mean21:02
jelknerwe have a half day tomorrow21:02
jelknerand matt and i will be staying around to work on stuff tomorrow afternoon21:03
jhancock__I'll go work on it now21:03
jhancock__I'll be offline for a while though21:03
jelkneri'll look for you here tomorrow...21:03
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