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ignasjinty: you are working on some website integration iirc13:12
jintyignaswebsite integration?13:13
jintynot sure what that means13:13
ignaszope3 + zope2 at the same time13:13
ignasjinty: maybe you have any ideas how to make 1 login form work on 2 different web apps? wordpress and schooltool in this case ...13:13
jintyyeah, easy if it's cookie login13:13
jintyeach user logging in gets a token13:14
jinty(i.e. cookie values)13:14
jintythat token is stored in a common database13:14
jintyfor a time13:14
jintyone application sets the cookie13:14
jintybut each one knows how to validate it13:14
ignashmm, but isn't it a bit unsecure?13:14
jinty(token = server side info/ cookie = client side info)13:15
ignasthough - it's not too different from session key13:15
ignasso yeah13:15
jintyand it's only valid for a certain time period13:15
ignasthough, i'd need a common database13:15
jintyor a way to access the wordpress db from schooltool (or vice versa)13:16
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jintyI think there's no way to do it if you have no common data source13:16
jintyAlso, if you feel like doing a little code review, I've started13:16
jintyprototyping a egg->packages synchronization tool. (Hopefully in the13:16
jintyfuture you can just upload a egg tar.gz)13:16
ignasindeed, i guess i'll have to install wordpress and look at what it can do for me ...13:17
ignaslooking at it13:19
jinty(I'm more worried about interfaces/design than the backend component quality at this point)13:21
jintyguess the central place to see the overall design is here:
ignaswhen it comes to UI, it would be kind of nice to have the output svn style13:26
ignas1 line per package13:26
ignasand a BIG letter to indicate what was performed13:26
ignasbecause at the moment core message "doesn't have %s" "has old %s" is in the middle13:26
ignasso it would do a lot of output, but it might be difficult to see what was performed13:27
jintythat would probably require an logging level above INFO, but below WARNING13:29
jintythen the default logging config restricts to IMPORTANT_INFO13:29
jintybut you see the grand idea here?13:30
jintya cronjob that scans a directory, converting everything it sees into debian packages13:30
ignasDirectoryEggList -> def __iter__(self): return iter(self._eggs)13:33
ignasyou won't neet next() then i think13:34
ignasoh hmm13:34
ignasi am wrong13:34
jintyyeah, lazy eggs13:34
jintybut, I know the backends are bad quality13:34
ignaslook at itertools.imap13:35
ignasitertools.imap(Eggs, self._eggs) or something like that13:35
jintyI mean the apt repository requires you to have root and does interesting things  your system13:35
jintythere's no reason why that can't be more self-contained except that my apt-fu is not up to it13:36
jintybut the thing almost can bootstrap itself into a debian package13:37
ignaslooks good13:37
ignasby the way - is it possible to test schooltool release branch with some kind of zope tarball13:37
jintyof course it's possible, the question is if someone has the time to do it13:41
jintyjust use the latest Zope 3.4 tarball13:41
ignasi'll try13:41
ignashmm 2007-07-13 09:21:0513:43
ignasthat's old13:43
ignasthe latest tarball - Zope-3.4.0b1.tgz (6.82 M)13:43
jintyyeah, that's the one ;)13:43
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ignasby the way - i have nearly finished moving REST api13:45
ignasfrom a different port13:45
ignasto localhost:7080/api/13:45
jintyhmm, wait13:45
ignasthat's not going into the release13:45
jintyI think there's a beta 2 release13:46
ignasi thought so13:46
ignasbut when i clicked on it13:46
ignasand then clicked to go to the downloads13:46
ignasi clicked on b113:46
jintyah, no, I was seeing 3.3-b213:47
jintyyou could even test the schooltool released tarball;)13:47
ignasi have tried running it13:48
ignasand it works13:48
ignasit uses eggy zope13:48
ignasand works13:48
ignasi have even updated installation instructions13:48
* jinty gotta go for an hour or so13:49
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ignasjinty: ran schooltool tests with the tarball14:46
ignasand yes - zope.session is not there14:46
ignaszope.testbrowser is broken (incompatible with ubuntu urllib2)14:47
jintyyep, but this is just a matter of merging reverted packages?14:47
jintyreverted patches14:47
ignasand - you missed 1 revision when switching, but i will backport it14:47
ignaslisppaste5: url14:48
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.14:48
lisppaste5ignas pasted "most of the external dependencies" at
jintyignas: I can easily make new releases (there is a tool)14:49
jintyso when you're done, let me know14:49
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ignasjinty: i have backported the fix, so now release branch has translatable help files16:29
jintyok, so I should re-release the branch?16:30
jintyignas: ok, I'm running the release tool, the tarball will be up in a few minutes16:33
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Lumierejinty: is there a set of times that I should tell mattva01 to contact you?16:58
jintyLumiere:  hmm, not really17:00
jintymost likely during european daytime17:00
jintybut I'll only be around from monday17:00
jintybest if he sends me an -email17:00
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jhancockHey, what is the program that goes through html docs and makes them pretty19:38
jhancockis it twisted-something19:38
jhancockbut i can remember19:39
jhancockI think is starts with an L19:43
jhancockoh I just remembered is is lore19:44
jhancockthanks anyway19:44
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jelknerjhancock: are you here?21:54
jelkneri just got your email21:55
jelknerand i had sent one to you at about the same time21:55
jhancockall right i'll go check it21:59
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jhancockwell i posted it on this site already22:07
jhancockI'll email it to matt22:12
jhancockand once he has that I can just send him the gasp source22:15
jelkneri gotta run22:16
jhancockk see ya22:16
jelknerdid you see wubi?22:16
jhancocknope, I'll go look22:16
jelknerwubi lets you install ubuntu into windows as a regular app22:16
jelknerit doesn't require repartitioning, and it does no harm to your windows environment22:17
jhancockthat is good22:17
jelknermackenzie just told me about it22:17
jelknerthat may be just what you need22:17
jhancockis mackenzie a student?22:17
jelkneryes, at george washington university22:17
jelknershe is a very active ubuntista22:18
jelknerwith our loco team22:18
jelknera cs major22:18
jhancockeven better22:18
jelknerok, gotta run...22:18
jelknertalk to you tomorrow.22:18
jhancockk see ya22:18
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