IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2007-10-10

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wjohnstoLumiere: ayt?05:34
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jhancockHey, does anyone know where SRickter hangs out?17:08
jhancockin the irc17:09
mgedmintry #zope3-dev17:16
mgedminI assume you're talking about srichter?17:16
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jelknerjhancock_: james!17:21
jelknergreat to see you!17:21
jelknerjhancock: we need to resolve the development environment issue for you17:22
jelknerdid you see the email from luke this morning?17:22
jelknerand the bug report he filed?17:22
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jelkner_jhancock__: u here?18:17
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jhancock_Hey jeff19:21
jhancock_sorry I was in class19:21
jhancock_I emailed the student back19:21
jhancock_and told him to send me a screen shot of the bug19:21
jhancock_Oh, and what is the vim tutorial we used in class?19:22
jelknerjhancock_: u here?19:51
jelknerhe put a screen shot on launchpad19:52
jelkneralso, what about end_graphics() ?19:52
jhancock_oh good19:52
jelknerwhen will it work?19:52
jelkneri need to leave to catch a bus19:52
jhancock_I have not got gasp on my machine19:52
jelknercan i call your cell?19:52
jhancock_not now19:52
jhancock_but quickly19:53
jhancock_what is the vim tutorial we used19:53
jhancock_k thanks19:53
jelknerwhen can i call?19:53
jhancock_my lunch is 12 - 119:53
jhancock_my time19:54
jelkner12 is what time my time?19:54
jelknerit is 12:54 here now19:54
jhancock_it is two hours apart right19:54
jelkneri'll call you at 2:05 pm my time19:55
jelkner12:05 your time19:55
jhancock_lets do 2:1519:55
jhancock_If that is allright19:55
jelkner2:15 my class starts19:55
jelkner2:10 ?19:56
jelkneri gotta run or i'll miss the bus19:56
jhancock_Okay 12:05 is good19:56
jelkneri'll try 2:10 and see what happens19:56
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