IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2007-10-12

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jhancockhey jelkner19:34
jhancockdid gasp work out all right19:34
jelknerjhancock: i gotta run19:55
jelkneri'll try to reach you at hb19:55
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jelknerjhancock: why mr hancock, are you here per chance?20:54
jelkneri had a few questions for you... and a request...20:54
jhancockI am now20:54
jhancockask away20:55
jelknercheck that out20:55
jelknerparticularly, look at section 4.1120:55
jelknerand Exercise 820:55
jelknerbtw.  any luck with wubi?20:55
jhancockI am downloading it now20:55
jhancockit'll take a couple more hours to finish20:56
jelknerok, i'll check back with you on monday20:57
jelknercan you take your computer home yet?20:57
jhancocknope :(20:57
jhancockso what on 4.11 do you want me to look20:58
jelknermatt needs you to authorize him in cheese shop to upload the egg20:58
jhancockhow do you do that?20:58
jelknerhe can do that, but not without your giving him permission20:58
jelkneri don't know20:58
jelknercan you email matt and ask?20:58
jelknerso, what do you see in 4.11?20:59
jhancockgasp :)20:59
jelknerso i'm introducing gasp in chapter 420:59
jelknerdid you exercise 8?20:59
jhancockyeah I did21:00
jelknernow here is my question21:00
jelkneri make a call to pause()21:00
jelknerwhich doesn't exist21:00
jhancockIt actually does exist21:00
jhancockI built it in the backend for testing21:00
jhancockand would be easy to map an api call for it21:01
jhancockit waits for you to press enter21:01
jelknercan you do that?21:01
jelknerok, matt will be building an ubuntu package for gasp over the weekend21:01
jhancockI am starting a PLUG group (Python Linux user group) at neumont21:01
jelknerhe can't update cheese shop without you enabling him21:01
jhancocki'll see what I can do21:02
jhancockIs it all right if I use your textbook to introduce python to them21:02
jelknerwe need to setup launchpad to be the main host for the repository21:02
jelknerbzr repo21:02
jhancockcan matt do that?21:02
jelknerso that all the developers can submit changes and such21:03
jelkneryes, matt can do that21:03
jelknerand will21:03
jhancocksounds good21:03
jelknerwe will create a page with instructions on how to use it21:03
jelknerand help you get up to speed21:03
jelknerso your job is to get ubuntu21:03
jhancockgood good21:03
jelknertry wubi21:03
jhancockI'm getting it21:03
jelknerif that doesn't do the trick21:04
jhancockwubi looks promising21:04
jelkneri'll have to send you an old laptop21:04
jhancockI thought you sent it already?21:04
jelkneri didn't21:04
jhancockthat is alright21:04
jhancockIf wubi works i'll be set21:05
jelkneri sent you an email saying next tuesday would be the first time i could even have a chance to do that21:05
jhancockoh, I thought it said it would be here by tuesday21:05
jelknerluke is working on a wiki page (on wiki.ubuntu)21:05
jelknerand we have the gmail group21:05
jhancockoh really21:05
jhancockdid the bug fix worktoday?21:06
jhancockin gasp21:06
jelknermackenzie gave me the contact info for the other developer21:06
jelkneri didn't try it yet since the package isn't finished21:06
jelkneron monday i'll know21:06
jhancockI hope it works21:06
jelknerdoes it fix the threading issue?21:06
jhancockit is a threading issue21:06
jhancockso it makes things difficult21:06
jhancockIt fixed it on mine21:07
jelkneryeah, but does your latest change fix that?21:07
jelknerok, so on windows it works21:07
jhancockBut sometimes threading works, and sometimes it doesn't21:07
jelkneri know21:07
jelknerwe'll get it fixed21:07
jelknerquick question on pause()21:07
jelknerdo you need to hit <enter> in the shell21:08
jelkneror can you do it in the graphics window?21:08
jhancockI don't belive so21:08
jelkner(when the graphics window is active)21:08
jhancockI do it in pygame21:08
jelknerwhat i mean is this...21:08
jhancockso the event handler should catch it21:08
jelknerso the graphics window can be active?21:08
jelknerthat would be great21:09
jelkneri used to have folks do raw_input()21:09
jhancockaka it'll only work if the graphics window is in focus21:09
jelknerbut that is very confusing to beginners21:09
jhancockI'll just have to reenable it21:09
jelknerbecause with raw_input() you needed to change focus21:09
jelknerwheich was *not* intuitive21:09
jelknercan you do that this weekend?21:10
jhancockI am pretty sure it will work21:10
jhancockI should be able to do it today21:10
jhancockI can then email it to matt21:10
jelknersend it to matt (just the gasp folder, not your whole environment! ;-)21:10
jhancockno problem21:11
jelknerok, i'm off to wait for my class to arrive... and to begin working on chapter 521:11
jelkneri'll talk to you on monday21:11
jhancockall right21:11
jhancockthanks jef21:11
jelknerhave a great weekend!21:11
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