IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2007-10-09

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Lumiereaelkner: so what was the global id thing03:20
aelkneri had to fix the competency import becuase it imported bad global ids03:21
aelkneralso, i needed to fix the importer to reimport and not just add new comps each time03:21
aelknerthe re-import will not replace comps03:21
aelknerthat would break existing evaluations03:22
aelknerrather, it finds the comps that were already there and just changes the attributes03:22
aelknerin our case, we need to rerun the import to get the global ids to be correct03:22
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dwelshgood evening03:24
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Lumierehi dwelsh03:33
Lumiereaelkner: ok03:33
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