IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2007-10-08

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ignassorry I am a bit late16:39
aelknerlooks like we're all late16:46
aelknerLumiere: ayt?16:46
ignasaelkner: anything new on your side of the ocean? ;)17:01
aelknernot much.  i'm working on adding worksheets to jelkner-gradebook17:02
aelknerand also am working on a problem with CanDo's competency import17:02
aelknerthat's about it17:03
aelknerLumiere is supposed to get together with you to discuss packaging, but I don't know where he is17:03
ignasi see17:06
ignaslooking for his cluebat maybe ;)17:06
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ignaswhat precisely were CanDo guys pleading for?17:34
ignasif i'll fix it there will be no "high" priority bugs in the release ;)17:34
aelknerthey just wanted the ability to pack the db from within schooltool as far as i understand17:35
ignasfrom within means through the web?17:36
aelkneryes.  it would be some kind of view that could also then be accessed via cronjob17:41
ignasi see17:49
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Lumierewe had a meeting today?18:46
ignaskind of18:52
ignasi mean it was an occasion for talking about stuff18:53
ignasok, i have just added ZODB packing views for schooltool18:54
ignasnow only thing left is to make them look beautiful ;)18:54
ignastada, the highest priority of unfixed bugs is medium :)18:56
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Lumiereignas: mattva01 is the one doing our packaging19:33
Lumiereand as far as I know, he needs to drag himself in here to talk to jinty about it19:33
ignasi see19:36
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