IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2007-10-02

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ignasjinty: hi13:47
jintyhey ignas13:47
ignasjinty: busy with something? haven't seen you much on irc ...13:47
jintyYeah, actually in Berlin13:48
jintyfor the last 2 weeks we've been migrating from zope2 to zope313:48
ignasmm, lot's of code to rewrite13:48
jinty(or rather preparing to actually use zope3 on client sites)13:48
jintynot immediately13:49
jintywe'll be running 2 servers at the sites13:49
jintyboth using the same DB13:49
jinty(postgres, always)13:49
jintyso, a certain urlpath goes to zope313:49
ignasyeah, a bit easier to use in 2 places than ZODB13:49
jintyZODB is still just too scary for me13:50
ignasi thought it get's scarier as you go ;)13:50
jintyyeah, it lacks constraints built into the database layer13:50
ignasindeed, i'd kind of like to have these13:51
ignaseven if written in python13:51
jintylike "no directly provides in the db, please!" ;)13:52
jintybut, we've got a zope3 architecture that's beginning to look really nice13:53
jintyno zodb at all13:53
jintyservers all installed as debian packages13:53
* jinty will at some point write a synchronization tool between an egg repository and an apt repository13:54
jintywhich we need internally, but would be cool for schooltool and others13:55
jintybut, sigh, still too little time...13:56
jintybut how's things going over there?13:58
jintyI havn't been following schooltool much these days either13:58
ignasso much to do, so little time in here13:58
ignasunicode characters in __name__'s are a bad thing13:59
* jinty imagines it's probably pretty cold in lithuania by now13:59
ignasfor example13:59
jintyah, what do they break?13:59
ignaswas wormer yesterday13:59
ignasany place that is passing some_id=foo in the url13:59
ignasunless you encode('utf-8')14:00
ignasbefore that14:00
jintyyeah, that's what I thought14:00
ignaswhich i am doing all over the place14:00
jintyshould encode unicode to utf8 to get the url14:00
ignasit's more like14:00
jintybut isn't that built into the IAbsoluteURL adapter?14:00
ignasurls work fine14:01
ignasbut if you pass it as a GET parameter14:01
ignaslike index.html?term=ąčėį14:01
ignasquote breaks on anything non utf-814:02
ignasi18n state in schooltool is worse than i thought :/14:03
jintyI you only find how bad things are until you actually try to use it14:04
jintyi18n is particularly tricky14:04
ignasyep, i have seen bugs introduced by me, srichter, faassen and pretty much anyone else who worked on schooltool14:05
ignasas we don't have people testing alphas and betas, you should get ready to release schooltool updates ;)14:09
ignasjinty: as soon as you14:10
ignaswill have time14:10
ignasfor bzr+eggs migration of schooltool release process14:10
ignastell me14:10
jintyI think bzr+eggs wait until we have a final release14:10
jintywe worked out all the bugs in europython14:11
jintybut definitely something I'm very interested in14:11
ignasthey have found new ones since then, and i think that finding bugs in schooltool is only a matter of trying to use it :/14:12
jintyI meant bugs with the release process14:13
jintyright now, it's down to running 2 scripts14:14
ignasthese ones14:14
jintybut if we make any changes to how things are structured, we compromise our ability to cut releases quickly14:14
ignasno, i am not going to be changing structure14:14
ignasat the moment14:15
ignasthough i'd advise using schooltool buildout to anyone who wants to develop schooltool14:16
ignasnot a trunk checkout14:16
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jintyignas: yeah, I think that's a very good idea14:27
jintytrunk should only contain the egg14:28
jintyeven, after release, we probably want to split it up into a namespace egg14:28
jintylike zope314:28
ignasyep, i'd like to do that as soon as possible14:28
ignasthat would allow addition of new things into schooltool namespace without having them in the same repository14:29
ignaswhich is what i want very much14:29
ignasranging from schooltool.devtools to scholtool.jelkner200714:29
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