IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2007-10-03

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Lumiereaelkner: ayt?08:07
Lumiereaelkner: can you spend 3-5 minutes doing a quick look at the 2 bugs marked 'new' in cando's bug tracker08:08
LumiereI am not sure where to go on them08:08
Lumiereand I'd appreciate a quick look08:08
LumiereI don't expect tonight or early tomorrow, especially as I am heading toward sleep soon.08:09
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ignasth1a: ayt?15:40
th1a_ignas: I am.15:41
th1a_What's up?15:41
ignashave some time?15:41
ignaswanted to explain to you how to install and test lyceum buildout15:42
th1a_Ah.  OK.15:42
th1a_Go ahead.15:42
ignasfirst bzr co
ignasnow "make"15:44
ignaswhile it's going - download
ignasand open it in openoffice15:45
ignas"Enable macros"15:46
ignasTools -> Macros -> run macro -> Timetable -> Standard -> export_csv15:46
ignasselect export_timetable_as_csv and click run15:47
ignasselect a folder to put csv files into15:47
th1a_Still making...15:48
ignasbut you have csv files15:49
ignascool :)15:49
ignashad to use all my Visual Basic skills to make that work :)15:49
th1a_What transformation is it doing?15:51
ignasnone, just saves all the sheets as separate CSV files15:52
ignasin a folder15:52
ignasthe timetable format is quite machine friendly15:53
ignasand even human readable15:53
ignasnumbers in the top row of every day denote periods, and cells under them are "groups | location"15:55
th1a_I see.15:57
th1a_OK, done making.15:57
ignasnow hmm, as i had 1 small buglet in my makefile (just fixed)15:58
ignasrm -rf instance/15:58
ignasbin/make-schooltool-instance instance instance_type=lyceum.app15:58
ignasmake run15:58
th1a_OK... running.16:01
ignaslog in16:01
ignasclick navigation, curse me for not including english translation if you see lithuanian stuff16:01
ignasclick CSV import16:01
ignasselect all the CSV files you have saved16:03
ignasand click import16:03
th1a_We really need better system wide feedback for successful actions.16:05
th1a_But the action appears to have been successful.16:05
ignasnow go to persons16:05
ignasfilter by teachers16:06
ignasselect a teacher16:06
ignasgo to his calendar16:06
ignasclick on yearly view16:06
ignasfind a day that has a meeting16:06
ignasclick on that day16:06
ignasclick on a "journal" or "dienynas" link16:06
ignason a meeting16:06
th1a_What are my options for grading?16:07
ignasno validation at the moment16:07
ignas"n" means absent16:07
ignasnumbers from 1 to 10 are grades16:07
ignasyou can try 1 to 100, everything will work, but it might not fit into input fields16:08
ignasand for A to F averages won't work16:08
th1a_I have two columns for each date.16:08
ignas2 meetings that day16:09
ignashmm, how do you do averages for A to F grades in US?16:09
th1a_Numeric values?16:09
th1a_a = 4; b = 3; c = 2; d = 1; f = 0.16:10
ignasmakes sense16:10
th1a_Is this storing each score using Ajax?16:11
ignasif it goes green16:11
ignasit means the grade was "stored"16:11
th1a_But it doesn't update the average via Ajax (yet).16:12
th1a_Are you using jsquery?16:12
ignasjquery, yes16:12
th1a_OK.  Good.16:12
ignasno z3c.formjs because of speed and size constraints16:13
th1a_Does this generate reports yet?16:15
ignasjust averages, attendance, gradebooks for students and attendance views for group leaders16:17
ignasby the way - do you see lithuanian strings anywhere?16:18
th1a_The name of the term.16:18
th1a_I don't think so otherwise.16:19
ignasthen it's something with my browser settings16:19
th1a_OK.  Thanks for explaining this.  I need to go take a shower and get some soft food to eat with my sore gums.16:22
ignasnice to see that it works, thanks for  trying it out16:23
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