IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2007-09-25

aelkneri'm back00:00
ignasit's related to schooltool becoming top level package00:01
ignasseparating schooltool into more independent modules00:01
aelknerand the database?00:01
aelknerseparate databases?00:01
ignasjust separate top level containers00:02
ignasdifferent places to store annotations00:02
ignasi mean - it's a lot of work00:02
aelknersounds like it00:02
ignasat the moment the right way is to create a separate module for your configuration00:03
ignasplugins is not for gradebook00:03
ignasit's for things like barcodes00:04
aelknerseparate module meaning separate top-level container, right?00:05
aelknerthis is a bit hazy to me00:06
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ignaslook at stapp2007 for example00:07
aelkneri have the config file open00:07
aelknerwhat i see is just the inclusion of packages and overrides00:08
aelknerand the default skin00:09
ignasit's a configuration for a school00:09
ignasyou can do it in a different way00:09
ignasfor example add all those things to your site.zcml00:09
ignasbut then you won't have a place for functional tests00:09
aelknerhave a place?00:10
aelknerfunctional tests live in the browser psub-package00:10
aelknerwhat pother place would they have?00:10
ignaswell - if only place your full configuration is site.zcml00:10
ignasand all other modules only include things that they need in their ftesting.zcml00:10
ignasyou don't really get a place to test how whole school setup works together00:11
aelkneri don't have this stuff down by rote.  isn't there a ftesting.zcml somewhere at the top level that includes the package ftesting.zcmls00:12
ignasnot really00:12
ignaswe have 3 different person implementations00:12
ignashow do you think we could test all 3 of them00:13
aelkneri dunno00:13
ignaswe can't include all of them at the same time00:13
ignasso every implementation has it's own ftesting.zcml00:13
aelknerthat makes sense00:13
ignasand stapp2007 has a separate ftesting.zcml00:13
aelkneri notoices stapp2007 has one00:13
ignasthat is identical to site.zcml you would get00:14
ignasso all the tests test "whole school"00:14
ignasnot just separate modules00:14
aelknerunderstood.  everyting needs to be tested together00:14
ignasand you will be modifying permissions and other things00:15
ignasi mean - if you were only working on gradebook00:15
ignasit would be easier00:15
ignasbut i think you will spend more time making schooltool work for jelkner00:15
ignasrather than fixing gradebook00:15
ignasso you will need to do something like me or jfroche00:16
ignashave a module with overrides, and modifications for base schooltool00:16
ignasto change default permissions, hide menu items00:16
aelknerso the lyceum package is an example?00:16
ignasnot a very good one though ...00:16
ignasyou should rather create schooltool.jelkner00:17
ignasand put everything there00:17
aelkneractually, i don't see a lyceum package00:17
ignasit's not there00:17
ignasit's in a separate repository00:17
aelkneri can check it out though00:18
ignasyes you can00:18
aelknerso i'll look at schooltool-lyceum for guidance00:19
aelkneri'm assuming you have overrides of menu permission in there?00:19
ignas"menu permission"?00:20
aelknerhiding menu i mean00:20
aelkneraren't permission used to hide menus00:20
aelknerwell i can see what you did00:21
aelknerlater when i get the chance00:21
aelknerso i think i have enough to go on for now.  thanks00:21
ignasno not permissions00:21
aelkneri'll look at your branch tomorrow and let you know if i have any questions00:22
aelkneri'm going to call it a day00:22
aelknerthe explanations were helpful00:23
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ignasaelkner: ping14:04
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jelkneraelkner: morning bro, r u here at this hour?15:47
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aelknerignas: i'm here17:22
aelknerjelkner: you there17:23
aelknerignas: did you have a question for me?17:26
ignasa second17:27
ignasone thing - you should merge from schooltool trunk17:28
aelkneri saw you fixed the failed tests17:29
aelknerquestion: do i use the merge command, i.e., -r [revision when jelkner-gradebook was created]:HEAD, or do i use [revision when i last merged]:HEAD?17:30
ignasrevision you last merged17:30
ignasanother question - what are you going to work on during upcoming months?17:32
ignascando bugfixes is one thing17:33
ignasschooltool.jelkner2007 is another one17:33
ignasor will you limit your work on gradebook and won't touch anything else for jelkner?17:33
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aelknerignas: do you know why it asks me to enter my rsa passphrase three times before executing the command?17:34
ignasyou don't have your ssh keys or agent set up17:35
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mgedminyour linux distro usually starts the ssh agent17:35
mgedminall you should do is run ssh-add once17:35
mgedminand type the passphrase once17:36
mgedminthen ssh should just work for the rest of the login session17:36
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jelkneraelkner: yo bro!18:03
jelknerdon't call18:03
jelkneri'm in ap and they are taking a test18:03
jelknerstudents still can't see their grades18:03
aelknerthat's amazing.  i was just dialing18:03
jelknerand the dashboard is back18:03
jelkneri thought we weren't going to to that18:04
aelkneri'm still working on getting the right page to come up when you start the app18:04
jelknershould we just talk again later in the day?18:04
jelknerstudents leave at 11:4018:04
aelkneri'll call then, but a quick question18:05
jelkneri'm here til back to school night starts at 7 pm after that18:05
aelkneris the following rule ok:18:05
aelkner1) if the user is unauthenticated, the login page appears18:05
aelkner2) if the user is in the manager group, the calendar appears as always18:06
aelkner3) if the user is in the teachers or students group, the sections page appears18:06
jelknerthat sounds good18:07
jelknerbut what if you are in the manager and the teacher group?18:07
aelkneryeah, what if?18:07
jelknerdo you see the calendar or the sections page?18:07
aelknerthat's why i ask.  i noticed you have mgallagh in the managers group18:08
jelknerand he is a student as well18:08
aelknerwell, that's not the only reason i ask18:08
jelkneri'll take him out of the managers group once this is working better18:08
aelkneryou have to choose18:08
jelknerthat's easy to do18:08
aelknerand the choice is?18:09
jelknerwhat do you mean?18:09
aelkneryou have to choose what happens18:09
jelkneri thought you mean i should only put each user in 1 group18:09
aelknergood idea18:09
jelknermanagers need to manage18:09
aelknermatt should have the admin password18:09
aelknerso he shouldn't be in the admin group18:10
jelknerwe will create a manger user for management tasks18:10
jelknerand i will demote myself to being a jat18:10
jelkner"just a teacher"18:10
jelknerare we good?18:11
jelkneraelkner ?18:11
aelkneractually, i checked and matt is not in the managers group18:11
aelkneri just need to change the login view to not redirect to the calendar view after login18:12
jelknerand get rid of the dashboard18:12
jelknercan this be done my today?18:13
aelkneri'm working on it18:16
aelknerjelkner: can i call now?18:45
aelknerjelkner: where are you?19:39
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mattva01hey alan22:11
aelknerhey matt22:18
aelknermattva01: where are you now?22:19
mattva01at school22:19
aelknerand jeff22:19
mattva01here as well22:19
mattva01but hes about to go to a meeting22:19
aelkneri'll call22:19
aelknernever mind22:19
aelknergo ahead and do the make update22:19
aelknerthen sign in as yourself, and you wil see your sections22:20
aelknerclick on a section, and you will see your grades22:20
aelknermattva01: let me know when you've gotten to your grades22:20
mattva01one sec, brb22:21
mattva01sorry , fixing up a comp22:25
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mattva01k back22:30
mattva01sorry got locked out of the school22:37
mattva01make: *** No rule to make target `update'.  Stop.22:40
mattva01I did it with svn up though ,but that would not run any evolve scripts22:41
mattva01aelkner,you here?22:41
aelknermattva01: i'm back22:43
aelknersvn up is enough22:43
mattva01ok good22:43
aelknerping me when jeff gets back22:44
mattva01umm small issue22:45
mattva01shouldnt my sections show the class name rather then "All students"22:46
mattva01and the dashboard does not show up (I don't know if thats a bug though)22:48
Lumierehi aelknee/mattva0122:54
Lumiereerr aelkner22:54
aelknerhey Lumiere22:54
Lumieremattva01: dwelsh says "make me a package"22:55
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aelknerLumiere: ask welsh what's the status on the meeting next week22:56
mattva01sorry I got off track22:56
Lumiereaelkner: ask him yourself ;)22:56
dwelshwelsh here22:56
dwelshgreetings aelkner22:56
aelknerwhat's the status on the meeting next week22:56
dwelshmattva01:  you there?22:56
dwelshwe're ready for our first package22:57
dwelshjason says you're pretty close to having one???22:57
dwelshaelkner:  jeff and I both have calls in to Mike's office22:57
dwelshhe's not back until this upcoming Monday22:57
mattva01I am22:58
dwelshwe're asking his assist if we can setup a mtg even while he's away22:58
dwelshof course, we would want Mike to come to the meeting.22:58
dwelshI'm thinking I could call the state folks and see what dates might be good22:58
dwelshin fact... I can do that now22:58
dwelshmattva01:  go ahead and make the package22:58
dwelshwe're ready for it22:58
mattva01ok good22:59
mattva01oh ok , didnt realize jeff wanted dashboard to disapear23:01
aelkneris he there now?23:01
mattva01yep just got back23:02
dwelshaelkner... just spoke with head of the VERSO project, Peggy Watson23:13
dwelshshe agrees that we're ready for a follow-up23:13
dwelshshe will need the go-ahead from the head of VA CTE, Elizabeth Russel23:14
dwelshSo an email needs to go from Mike Morton to Elizabeth Russell23:14
dwelshPeggy is the boss of Lee Capps, as well as Darron Morris23:15
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aelknermattva01: go ahead and do the update23:45
mattva01k cool23:46
jelknerya done it, bro!23:48
jelknergo have a beer23:48
jelkneraelkner: i'm now ready for back to school night23:49
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