IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2007-09-26

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mgedminignas: why can't I easy_install schooltool?18:51
ignasmgedmin: because we are not like these other guys18:51
ignasthat release software they do not intend to keep backwards compatible18:51
ignasseriously though18:51
ignasit's not released yet18:51
ignasso it's not in PYPi18:51
mgedmincan I easy_install --url SOMETHINGHERE schooltool then?18:52
ignasyou can easy install it if you know the right find_links18:52
ignas and
ignasfirst for schooltool18:52
ignassecond for dependencies that we packed ourselves18:52
mgedminso I need both?18:52
ignasnot sure if the second one is necessary anymore18:52
ignasno, the first one should be enough18:52
mgedminok, thanks18:53
ignasif not - it's a bug18:53
mgedminwhich package has unicode/utypes.h ?18:54
mgedminNo local packages or download links found for zc.datetimewidget>=0.6.1dev-r7245318:56
mgedminadding -f doesn't help either18:57
* mgedmin gives up on seeing schooltool's dependency graph18:58
ignasdependency_links of schooltool has ''18:58
mgedminyes, and I see easy_install looking at it18:58
ignasso i assumed that easy_install will look at it18:58
ignasand it has
mgedminah, I was trying to use python2.518:58
ignaswhich python are you using?18:58
mgedminit takes 3 minutes to download and easy_install schooltool into a virtualenv sandbox19:03
ignasmgedmin: your connection is nice or you had most of the eggs19:04
mgedminmy connection is nice19:04
ignasi have to restart buildout 2-3 times most of the times19:04
ignasas it get's stuck every 30 eggs or so19:04
mgedmin1.5 Mbit/s19:06
ignasmgedmin: how's the graph?19:32
ignasand is there a chance of you extending the utility to show "real" dependencies19:32
mgedminignas: you mean, parse python files and look for imports?19:32
ignaslike - if i am not importing neither in the code nor zcml19:33
ignasthen mark the dependency as "bogus"19:33
mgedminfeel free to send me a patch, you know where to find the bzr repo19:33
ignasand the other way19:33
ignasok ;) as soon as i'll finish solving this world hunger problem19:33
mgedminyou could start by feeding me...19:41
* mgedmin is hungry19:41
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aelknerLumiere: ayt?22:03
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Lumiereaelkner:   apt-cache show gnome-utils22:34

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