IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2007-09-12

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mgallaghhey alan00:22
aelknerhey matt00:23
aelkneri got your chat last nighgt00:23
aelkneri don't get the same problem in my instance00:24
aelknerso are you sure you've done the make update00:24
aelkneror i should say when have you last00:24
mgallaghah , it was a little while ago00:25
aelknerlet me know if it works00:25
mgallaghk one sec00:27
mgallaghyes that worked00:30
mgallaghmust have been slightly too old00:30
mgallaghi did it a couple of days too old00:30
mgallaghs/too old/ago00:30
aelknerso problem solved00:32
mgallaghthink so00:35
mgallaghhow long does importing normally take?00:36
mgallaghthank you00:38
aelknermgallagh: it takes a long time, so you'll need to be patient00:39
mgallaghyep , it finished00:40
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ignasth1a: ayt?17:16
th1aignas: I am here.17:16
th1aWhat's up?17:16
ignasa question about launchpad17:16
th1aI have to get up earlier now that Jennifer is back at work.17:16
ignasis it possible to allow users that are not in a group to have access that group?17:17
th1aIn Launchpad?  To what end?17:17
ignashave access as in - administrate it17:17
ignasin launchpad17:17
ignasthe problem with the current schooltool checkin user is that i can add him to any of the branches, but only you can unsubscribe him (as only you know the password)17:18
ignashaving him as a group that schooltool owners can "manage"17:18
ignaswhile not being members of17:18
ignaswould work better17:19
th1aHow about if I tell you his password?17:19
ignasthat would work too17:19
th1aAnyhow, we don't seem to be getting the bug reports through him, so the whole idea might not work anyhow.17:19
ignaswell - it was not for bug reports17:19
ignasbug reports work fine for schooltool team17:20
ignasit's for checkins17:20
ignasas launchpad has no mailing lists for checkins17:20
ignasas in - you can't normally reply to a checkin, as that mail will not get anywhere17:20
th1aOK.  So I'll switch the bug reports back.17:20
ignasbut you can reply to a bug quite easily17:20
th1aIt actually was working fine before.17:21
ignasi only wanted that user for bzr checkins17:21
ignasbut i guess i didn't communicate it properly :/17:21
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Fujitsuth1a, ignas: If you set -owners to the owner of the SchoolTool Checkins group, they can administer it without being a member.17:37
th1aFujitsu: Thanks!17:38
ignasFujitsu: thanks17:38
FujitsuYou learn a lot of LP things in Ubuntu work :(17:39
th1aAsk and ye shall receive.17:39
ignasby the way, did anyone get my lyceum-buildout checkin emails?17:39
ignasthey should have been sent to checkin mailing list17:39
Fujitsu[schooltool-checkins] [Branch ~ignas/schooltool/lyceum-buildout] Schooltool Lyceum buildout sandbox17:39
FujitsuThat one?17:40
Fujitsubzr makes maintaining branches a whole lot easier :)17:44
FujitsuCurrently using bzr-svn, but that's not great.17:44
th1aignas: I got it.18:09
ignasth1a: cool18:10
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