IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2007-09-11

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jelknerth1a: u here?15:25
jelkneri'm in class, but i should have some time today to chat15:25
jelknerand i have a critical bug i *really* need to discuss15:27
th1aignas: Hm... did you get a notification about the bug jelkner filed?  Something about going through the checkins list appears to have not worked.15:41
ignasth1a: seems not15:42
th1aignas: Where do I turn the gradebook package back on?15:55
ignasor schooltool15:55
ignaswhich setup are you using? trunk checkout?15:56
ignasif so then add:15:57
ignas  <include package="schooltool.requirement" />15:57
ignas  <include package="schooltool.gradebook" />15:57
ignasto your schooltool-sket/etc/site.zcml15:57
ignasand see if that helps15:57
th1aOK.  I see the problem.15:58
th1aI am still asleep.15:58
th1aI was looking in the etc directory, but I didn't see the file.15:59
jelknerignas: i'm running trunk16:02
ignasjelkner: what's the critical bug?16:02
jelknerBug #13886516:03
jelknerit is critical in the sense that you can't create assignments16:03
ignasactivities screen? can you be more specific?16:05
ignasok, so it's schooltool gradebook16:11
th1ajelkner: Um... it works for me.16:11
th1ajelkner: Did you add schooltool.requirement in site.zcml?16:13
jelknerth1a: please excuse, i'm here whenever i can sneak away from my students16:15
jelknermattva01 set it up16:15
th1aOf course.16:15
jelkneri assume he did that16:15
jelknerthe gradebook does appear as a link16:15
jelknermattva01 gets in shortly16:38
jelknerit may make sense to wait to involve him16:38
jelknerbut i assumed the gradebook had been added (zcml wise)16:39
jelknersince gradebook appears in the menu16:39
jelknerhere is the problem:16:39
jelknerI'm in my Section16:40
jelknerI click Actions->Gradebook16:40
jelknerThen I click Actions->Activities (the only choice under Actions)16:41
jelknerI get this:16:42
jelknerNot Found16:42
jelknerThe page that you are trying to access is not available16:42
jelknerPlease note the following:16:42
jelkner   1. You might have misspelled the url16:42
jelkner   2. You might be trying to access a non-existing page16:42
jelknerSo, what does this mean?16:42
ignasjelkner: do you have time at the moment? or are you still working with students?16:44
ignasand gradebook has 2 parts, gradebook and requirements16:44
ignasif you can see one of them it does not mean the other was enabled16:45
jelknerignas: mattva01 is here, i'm going to put him on this immediately16:50
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mattva01ok ,how do I enable requirements?16:51
ignasmattva01: is this cando, or schooltool trunk?16:57
mattva01schooltool trunk16:58
ignaswithout cando16:58
ignasand is it a checkout or a schooltool-buildout thingie?16:59
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mattva01yes without cando17:03
ignaslisppaste5: url17:07
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.17:07
ignascan you paste me the content of the site.zcml ?17:07
mattva01yeah,one sec17:08
lisppaste5mattva01 pasted "gradebook issue" at
ignaseverything seems OK17:22
ignascould you paste the url for which you are getting the not found error?17:22
ignashmm, and one more question - gradebook got enabled before starting schootool for the first time17:23
ignasor was it done after running schooltool instance for a while17:23
mattva01basically nothing17:26
mattva01nothing was addded17:26
ignasadded to where?17:27
ignasjelkner: is working for you?17:27
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mattva01its working for me17:30
ignasmattva01: and the full url?17:43
mattva01not the add activity part17:47
ignasmattva01: can you add <browser:defaultSkin name="SchoolTool" />17:53
ignasat the end of that file?17:53
ignasor better no17:53
ignasdo an svn info first17:53
ignasbecause it seems that the checkout is quite old17:55
ignasthat site.zcml would not even work in a new checkout17:55
jelknerignas: mattva01 is taking a test17:55
jelknerhe'll get back to this when he finishes17:56
ignasi see17:56
ignasping me as soon as you will have time then17:56
jelknerabout 15 minutes17:56
jelknerwill do17:56
mattva01ok back18:01
mattva01hmm the checkout is the most recent18:01
ignaswhat svn info says?18:03
ignasthe site.zcml is missing a vital piece piece (the skin declaration), you would be getting not-found for login pages18:03
ignaswithout it in place18:04
ignasas the thing works18:04
ignasyou are either posting me the wrong site.zcml18:04
ignasor running the wrong version of schooltool18:04
mattva01oh just realized something18:05
mattva01was giving you wrong site.zcml18:05
ignasso can you log in now and try the activities menu18:07
ignas(i could login into the instance 5 minutes ago, so it seems that this one has a different database ;)18:07
mattva01yeah thats actually the wrong one as well18:07
ignasand this version is outdated too18:08
mattva01yeah I think I know whats wrong18:08
mattva01one sec18:08
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mattva01ok this is correct one18:11
th1a_I'm not sure if it is relevant at the moment, but remember you want to move to this branch soon:
mattva01cd ..18:12
mattva01ok I have the latest one18:16
mattva01but it does not have requirements18:16
mattva01wehn i add it, it give configuration error18:17
mattva01 ConfigurationError: ('Unknown directive', u'', u'adapter')18:17
mattva01is there a correct site.zcml somewhere that I could compare this one to?18:18
ignashmm, you want it to work with your old database?18:20
ignasand - could you paste the whole error please18:20
mattva01no doesnt matter18:20
ignaswhich person do you need ? demographics or not?18:20
ignasdo you need commendations?18:20
th1a_He should only need requirements and gradebook.18:22
ignasand how your current site.zcml looks like?18:22
mattva01<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>18:23
mattva01<configure xmlns="">18:23
mattva01  <include package="schooltool.requirement" />18:23
mattva01  <include package="schooltool.stapp2007" />18:23
mattva01  <include package="schooltool.gradebook" />18:23
mattva01  <include files="plugins/*.zcml" />18:23
ignaslooks nice, should work18:23
lisppaste5mattva01 pasted "Config error" at
ignasif it does not, lisppaste5 the error18:23
ignascan you try moving requirements under stapp2007?18:26
mattva01that worked18:27
mattva01and now activities work18:27
mattva01i guess order does matter :)18:28
jelknerok, now a question18:28
lhuynhping mattva01 attn. pm18:29
jelknerthere is a small display bug in the activity creation dialog18:29
jelknerit is certainly something i can live with18:29
jelknercan we use this as a first project for brittney and william?18:30
jelkneri'll file a bug18:30
mattva01lhuynh,  pong ( i already answered your pm)18:30
jelknerbut don't fix it18:30
jelknerassign it to them18:30
jelknerdoes that make sense?18:30
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Lumiereignas: ayt, lhuynh needs to ask you about setuptools18:42
jelknerth1a: william johnston is ready to send in his contributors agreement18:50
jelknerwhere should he send it?18:50
jelknerignas: i'm still waiting for a response to my question above...18:50
ignas"does that make sense?" was a question to me?18:51
Lumierejelkner: there is a maling address18:51
ignasdon't know, i guess it does18:51
ignasi mean - i am not going to touch gradebook code18:51
ignasso i am not in a position to decide how it's best to do work on i18:52
th1a_jelkner: Makes sense to me.18:52
th1a_Send the agreement to me.18:52
th1a_125 Adelaide Ave.18:52
th1a_Providence, RI 0290718:52
th1a_Does he have ssh keys?18:53
jelknerth1a_: he is jumping on here now...18:53
jelknerth1a_: but i have another process question18:54
jelkneri can submit bugs18:54
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jelknerbut only you can assign them, yes?18:54
wjohnstoth1a hello18:54
th1a_hi wjohnsto18:54
wjohnstoso I should send the contract to you18:54
wjohnstonot to SA18:54
th1a_ignas: Should wjohnsto send his public key to you?18:55
th1a_wjohnsto: Send it to me.18:55
th1a_God knows what drawer it would be stuck in in SA.18:55
ignasth1a_: not to me, as i don't have any permissions on any of the schooltool servers18:55
th1a_jinty, then.18:55
ignasi think so18:56
th1a_wjohnsto: send your public key to jinty@web.de18:58
th1a_jelkner: Who should be able to assign bugs?18:58
th1a_These permissions are assigned by group, so I can just add the right people.19:01
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jelknerth1a_: sure19:37
jelknerme would be good ;-)19:38
th1a_jelkner: OK, done.19:41
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ignasth1a_: a legal question20:13
ignasif you have 10 minutes20:13
ignas?20:13 is licensed under ZPL - can i have it in a repository that belongs to schooltool project?20:14
ignas(i guess i can, if i will say that is licensed under ZPL, and the rest is GPL)20:14
ignasa more difficult question though20:14
ignasi took code written by Ian Bicking20:14
ignasand then modified by Philip Ebby20:15
ignasand copy pasted relevant parts of it into a bootstrap.py20:15
ignas - the code i am talking about20:15
ignasany idea what the legal status of that file is now?20:15
ignascan we use it? distribute it? have it in a bzr repository?20:16
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th1a_I'll respond to ignas on schooltool-dev...20:47
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th1a_ignas:  I responded to your questions.23:08
ignasth1a_, thanks23:09
th1a_Does that make sense?23:09
ignasi asked the question about licensing in distutils mailing list, just to be sure23:09
ignasth1a_, yes it does, in this case the code is in 1 file23:10
ignasand nothing depends on it23:10
th1a_That makes it pretty simple.23:10
ignason the code level23:10
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ignasthough - building a buildout schooltool instance without that code would be quite difficult ;)23:11
ignasi just want to be sure is not licensed under some kind of restrictive ZPL incompatible license now23:11
ignasbecause it has no license mentioned in it23:12
ignasonly authors23:12
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