IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2007-09-13

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jrblHi, is anyone around who knows about SchoolBell?00:54
jrblOr can tell me about it's status?00:54
jrblits, rather.00:54
jrblSpecifically, looking at the website, it looks to me like its unmaintained, is that true?00:58
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FujitsuSchoolBell has been abandoned for quite some time now, jrbl. However, it's quite possible to construct a SchoolBellesque product from the new SchoolTool version that will be released soon.01:29
FujitsuIndeed, that's basically what I've done.01:29
FujitsuJust disabling the various school-specific modules.01:29
jrblAnd that will be in Gutsy?01:32
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th1aHello smart.06:16
th1aFujitsu: You have a working non-school SchoolTool?06:17
Lumieresmart: what's up06:24
smarti am a electronics engg06:26
smarti am a electronics engg06:29
th1asmart is a poorly programmed bot?06:29
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Fujitsuth1a: Well, I haven't touched it in a couple of weeks (waiting for a release, really), and it still had terms/periods (we are a school, but we don't want the school management stuff), but I was able to rip most of the stuff out.07:21
th1aAh.  OK>07:21
th1aActually, a lot of stuff is ripped out of the upcoming release, too.07:22
FujitsuSo I saw.07:22
FujitsuIt was ripped out of trunk a couple of weeks after I did it locally, so the delta was reduced nicely.07:23
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lisppaste5Lumiere pasted "CanDo Error" at
aelknerLumiere: ask welsh whether he hung up on me or what19:27
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Lumiereth1a_: here?20:53
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th1a_Lumiere: I am here.22:03
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Lumiereth1a_: can someone make a cando-users list on schooltool22:11
Lumierewelsh and elkner made a google group22:12
th1a_Lumiere: jinty.22:12
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