IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2007-09-09

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fsufitchaelkner, i'm finally here and work-capable03:06
fsufitchi would have been online 2 hrs ago, but i had to do stuff03:06
aelknerhow's it going?03:06
fsufitchehh, sorta tiring03:06
fsufitchand it's just the _first_ week of school...03:06
aelknerthe first week's always the most stressful03:07
fsufitchheh, true03:07
aelknergetting oriented and all03:07
fsufitchbut also the most fun03:07
fsufitchi learned C and Ruby03:07
fsufitch1 week03:07
fsufitchfor supercomputing and ai classes, respectively03:07
aelknerso is python still the best?03:07
fsufitchso far as i know03:08
fsufitchruby's extremely slow, and C is extremely backward03:08
aelknerpython is neither03:08
fsufitchbut C was really friendly about using OpenGL, which is what we're using it for, so i'm happy about that03:08
fsufitchbut i dont know if you can do supercomputing in python...03:08
fsufitchoh, btw03:08
aelknerdoesn't python have an OpenGL wrapper?03:08
fsufitchi got my compsci teacher interested in zope and schooltool03:09
fsufitchyes, it does, but it doesn't support OGL 2.003:09
fsufitchthe latest is 1.5 or 1.703:09
aelknermaybe James should get to work on that03:09
fsufitchbut now that i actually get how OGL works in C, maybe i can understand it in python03:09
fsufitchjames who?03:09
aelknerJames (I forget his last name) worked with Jeff on GASP03:10
fsufitchwell, that would be nice03:10
fsufitchanyway, i'm going to get myself some fun with pyogl sometime03:10
aelkneranyway, your teacher should talk to Jeff or David03:10
aelknerto see if he can become involved03:10
aelknerso how is the print view coming?03:11
fsufitchi havent had any time to work on it until now...03:11
aelknerok, I'm here until midnight if you have any questions03:11
fsufitchi was thinking of working late03:11
fsufitchjust cuz i slept in till noon today >_>03:12
aelkneri trump your noon.  I got up at 1 pm03:12
fsufitchi have to get better03:12
aelknerI get to see the crack of dawn if i stay up late enough :)03:13
fsufitchor if u get up early enough ;)03:13
fsufitchor late03:13
fsufitchwhen u sleep enough, they become one03:14
fsufitchso, aelkner, is there any way you know of detecting whether an element has went over the page width limit?03:17
fsufitch* a _block_ element03:17
fsufitchthe inline ones fix themselves03:17
fsufitchthat's the problem with this table, it's a block element03:17
aelknercan you use divs instead of tables?03:18
fsufitchhm, i dont know how i could do it...03:18
fsufitchbecause there always has to be a display for the people's name on the left03:20
fsufitchso, if it's possible to automate the appearance of those when a newline is made, and i make the columns be represented as divs, then that would work03:21
fsufitchaelkner, is there a way to do so?03:22
fsufitchthe former, i mean03:22
fsufitchthe latter i know is possible for sure03:22
aelknerfsufitch: I don't know off hand.  I would just experiemtn until i got something i liked03:23
fsufitchi can do that03:24
aelkneruse your discretion to get it to work.  it doesn't matter to me if you use tables or divs, whatever works03:24
aelknersorry i can't be more helpfiul03:24
fsufitchi didnt expect much more03:25
fsufitchonly an ub3r css/html/whatever guru could have answered that03:25
fsufitchno offense ;)03:25
aelknerfsufitch: no offense taken.  I don't pretend to be a guru of that stuff.03:39
fsufitchaelkner, i found a little problem03:51
fsufitchor maybe a potential problem03:51
aelknerwhat's that03:51
fsufitchcan the competency id for something be something of the kind of "foo251blah" instead of just "231"03:52
aelkneryes, why?03:52
fsufitchthat just killed my hard-code solution03:52
fsufitchoh well03:52
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fsufitchgah, making divs not take up the whole line is a pain04:53
fsufitchaelkner, yt?05:22
fsufitchi need a bit of css advice if u know05:22
aelknergo ahead05:22
fsufitchhow can i make a block element contain the full height of its contents if they're floated left?05:23
aelkneris a div a block element?05:23
aelknerand is the problem that the text is running off outside the border of the div?05:24
fsufitchi have <div> a bunch of divs with float:left </div> some text05:24
fsufitchand i want that text to be below the first div05:24
fsufitchwell, below the float:left divs05:24
aelknerlet's meet in gobby land05:25
fsufitchur server?05:25
aelkneryup port 600005:25
fsufitchbtw, i'm emailing u an html snapshot of what the problem is05:25
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fsufitchaelkner, so i got the truncation of the page figured out06:11
aelknerso what's left?06:11
fsufitchi'm almost ready for doing ftests etc06:11
aelkneroh goody06:11
fsufitchwell, when it breaks to the newline because it's out of line space, it doesn't repeat the list of students on the left06:11
aelknerwhat shedule will you have tomorrow?06:12
fsufitchi'm away from 11 till 706:12
aelkneri will be busy until the evening06:12
aelknerso we're both going to be around in the evening?06:12
aelknerthat would be good06:12
fsufitchi hope my parents won't object to me working the whole day away...06:12
fsufitchbecause while i'm away i got library volunteering06:13
aelkneryou'll have to smeek it :)06:13
aelknerbtw you type too fast06:13
aelkneri can't get in my point in a timely manner with you06:13
fsufitchi do plenty of chatting06:14
fsufitchso my wpm rate is pretty high06:14
aelkneryou chatterbox you06:14
fsufitchwhy do you think i'm signed on to aim, yahoo, msn, google chat and irc at the same time?06:14
aelknerso by the end of tomorrow evening we should be talking about committing your changes with ftests and all, right?06:14
fsufitchyeah, after i get the newline thing figured out06:15
aelknerlook for me when you get in06:15
fsufitchjust a random question06:15
fsufitchfor a problem in my AI class06:16
fsufitchso i have 20000 items06:16
fsufitchsuch as cat06:16
fsufitchand i need to get a list of all the words that are 1 letter different from the current one06:16
fsufitchsuch as cut, car, mat06:16
fsufitchi wanted to make an index so that i could access the list in O(1) time06:17
fsufitchbut with 20000 items, and the program needing to be in Ruby06:18
fsufitchit would take about 10 hrs to compile the index06:18
fsufitchand then i could have a bug in my code that would kill the whole thing06:18
fsufitchgah, i have to go sleep06:20
fsufitchwhat a kerfuffle06:20
fsufitchgood night06:20
aelknerfsufitch, you didn't ping me sop i haven't read your comments - hold on06:43
aelknerare you still there?06:44
aelknerwell i'm outta here.  see you tomorrow night06:44
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