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aelknerLumiere: ayt?00:15
Lumiereaelkner: here now00:40
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ignasanyone who was involved in refactoring of the main schooltool template12:00
ignasto show both "SchoolTool" and "school-name"12:00
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jelknerth1a: I'll be online for the next 4 hours or so, if you see this, please ping me...15:12
th1ajelkner: Hey.16:54
jelknergood morning, tom16:54
jelkneri was talking to matt about all this yesterday16:55
jelknerand he told me that all of pcardune's latest gradebook work is in trunk16:56
jelkneris that true?16:56
th1aI don't know.16:57
jelknerlet me give you a quick phone call...16:57
th1ajelkner: It doesn't look like gradebook has been updated in the trunk or either of pcardune's gradebook branches all summer, so I'm at a loss.17:27
th1aYou need to talk to him.17:28
jelknerI *just* sent an email17:28
th1aignas: ayt?17:28
jelknerdid you see it yet?17:28
th1aI see it.17:31
jelknerhopefully, pcardune will reply17:32
jelknerand then on monday's meeting, you and ignas and jason can decide what to do17:32
th1aThe decision is going to be to work in a branch.17:33
th1aWe just don't know which one yet.17:34
jelknerwell, just tell me when you do17:35
jelknerkeeping in mind that if you don't decide soon, i'm screwed17:35
th1aWe just need to know where the latest work was left off.17:36
jelkneri'm going to try to call paul today17:36
jelknerit is too early now17:36
jelknerbut later17:37
jelknerand i'll send him a regular stream of emails until we hear back from him17:37
jelknerif we work in a branch, do we have the resources to do regular integration?17:38
jelknerotherwise the branch keeps diverging from trunk over time and it becomes a huge task to get it back together again17:39
jelknerthat's what happened with the ui work we did two summers ago17:39
jelkneryou never got it merged17:39
jelknerif that happens with the gradebook it will kill our momentum17:39
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th1ajelkner: One factor is you'll mostly be working in the gradebook module.18:05
th1aThe UI stuff is particularly difficult because everything has to changed.18:05
jelknerso i should just keep using the dashboard for now18:06
th1aAlso, the challenge is more to merge changes from trunk into your branch than vice versa.18:06
th1aYou need to keep up with trunk.18:07
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wbradyhey jeff im here18:09
jelknerwbrady: hi will18:11
wbradyhows it going?18:11
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jelknerwell, i've talking with matt all morning18:16
jelknerwbrady: can you email him about the make issue?18:16
jelknerhe won't have time to work on that today18:16
wbradyok but i think he just got on18:16
jelknerwhich means we will have to postpone that until monday18:16
jelknerhe did18:16
jelknerbut he has 3 other things he is doing first!18:16
wbradyah ok yes sending email18:17
jelknerhe is trying to get the latest schooltool gradebook and cando setup on bonnieb18:17
mattva01hmm tom is not on #schooltool :)18:17
jelknerhe had to go into school today to get bonnieb restarted18:17
jelkneri just purchased another virtual machine we can use for backup18:17
jelknerso we will need to set that up18:17
jelknerwe need to get infrastructure in place before we can focus on content18:18
jelknerso an email from you to him with details about what we need will give him a way to work on that in school on monday18:18
jelknerdarn, i guess we wait for paul's email18:21
jelknerwbrady: he may have time to talk to you now after all18:21
wbradyi think hes working on it now18:26
wbradydo u want it setup so that there is a folder for lore and a folder for html?18:27
jelknerwe want the make file to build the html and then move it into a subfolder18:27
jelknerthat way we can point the browser at that other folder18:27
jelkneror even better, rsync that one with ibiblio18:27
jelkneri can send matt the make file i use for the text book18:28
jelknerthe process will be similar18:28
jelknermattva01: do you want the one from the book?18:30
jelknerwould that be helpful?18:30
jelknerok, i just emailed it to you18:31
Lumierepcardune hasn't changed anything in gradebook all summer18:35
Lumiereso, whatever he merged into trunk18:35
Lumiereis latest18:35
Lumierejelkner: drop me from that list of people, I don't care to see anymore shrill spam, thanks18:36
jelknerLumiere: but we are relying on you18:36
jelknerso you have to see it ;-)18:36
jelknerbrittney contradicts what you are saying18:37
jelknershe says he has made changes18:37
Lumierejelkner: if pcardune18:37
Lumierenot since like may18:37
Lumierebecause I banned him from doing anything to it18:37
Lumiereabout the same time18:38
jelknerbut he did it anyway, somewhere else18:38
LumiereI banned eldar from touching doctest-quiz18:38
jelknerbrittney assures me he has made changes18:38
jelkneri need to get something setup *now*18:38
jelknerso i'll wait for pcardune to confirm what you are saying18:39
jelknermattva01: did you get the email?18:39
* jelkner picks up the phone to call brittney18:40
jelknermattva01: so do you have what you need? does it make sense to you?18:41
wbradyso jeff what do u want to do about unix tutorials?18:45
mattva01hmm some of the commands in this makefile are undocumented18:57
mattva01what does lore -b do?18:57
jelknerlore -b builds a book18:59
jelknerwe won't need that at this point18:59
jelknerthose are the extensions that the lore group was working on19:00
mattva01so what do you want me to build?19:00
jelknergeorge paci's additions19:00
jelknerto support books19:00
jelknerthe key thing is this:19:00
jelknerwill and i need to be able to make changes to the source on the fly, type make, and have the web site updated19:01
jelkneri arrive at school at 6:30 am19:01
jelknerschool starts at 8:2019:01
jelkneri go over the day's lessons in my head19:01
jelknerlet's say i find a broken link19:02
jelkneri need to be able to fix it within 2 minutes max19:02
mattva01ah ok no problem19:02
jelknerso the process needs to be smooth19:02
jelkneri edit the lore source, type make and wala!19:02
jelknerthat's the goal19:02
jelknerthen will and i can start focusing on the content19:03
jelkneronce we have the process fixed19:03
jelknerwe'll be using ghopper for that19:03
jelknerbut i want to host the content on ibiblio19:03
jelkneri'm thinking we can use rsync for that19:03
jelkneranyway, i get ahead of myself...19:04
jelknerlet's get the process working on only ghopper first19:04
jelknerthen we can turn the curriculum into a bzr respository19:04
jelknerand back it up automagically on launchpad19:05
jelknerso that if ghopper ever crashes and burns19:05
jelknerwe'll be covered19:05
jelknerok, i need to go19:07
jelknerwhat time do you get up tomorrow morning?19:08
mattva01i'll get up earlier19:08
jelknercan i call you at 8?19:09
jelknerwe can discuss where we are at that point19:09
jelkneri should also have an ip for the virtual machine by then...19:10
jelknercya tomorrow...19:10
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ignasanyone needed anything from me?19:57
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Lumiereignas: did you see jelkner's emails?20:12
Lumieresorry to add to the spam today20:13
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aelknerLumiere: ayt?21:32
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aelknernitromaster: is that a character from anime or something?21:47
nitromasteraelkner, no, its just a name i picked about 3 years ago and I'm stuck with it21:47
aelkneri hope the name didn't come to you as a result of your experiments with nitro-glycerin :)21:48
nitromasterhaha, no21:48
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fsufitchnitromaster, yo22:00
nitromasterfsufitch, hello22:00
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