IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2007-09-07

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* ignas loves bzr18:02
ignasmore than svn18:02
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th1a_Hi ^Migs^21:09
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Lumierehi ^Migs^21:15
Lumiereth1a: help me hurt jelkner please <_<21:15
^Migs^have you guys successfully used SchoolTool in an educational environment?21:18
LumiereI have successfully used the current development version of the CanDo plugin for a year now21:22
Lumiere(I don't use gradebook/attendance)21:22
^Migs^I'm a technical volunteer for a new charter school, and I'm trying to evaluate open source opportunities21:24
Lumiere^Migs^: US based?21:26
Lumiere^Migs^: I'll know more about schooltool's US gradebook in the next month or so21:27
Lumierethere's currently a development effort around it21:27
^Migs^yes, US based21:31
Lumiere^Migs^: how's Utah :)21:31 writes the cando competency tracking plugin for schooltool... and we're starting our second full year of using it21:32
LumiereI think we're starting to add other pieces to what we use it for (mostly the gradebook we're working on)21:33
^Migs^My day job is as the webmaster for a school district in Utah.  I'm trying to keep this charter school from making a huge mistake, because I heard about some of the things they were talking about implementing, and they're just going down the wrong road21:33
^Migs^namely, buying all these third party products, using offshore databases for their data warehouse solutions, etc.21:34
Lumiere^Migs^: it's difficult to find a CMS that is good21:34
^Migs^I'm not looking for a CMS21:34
Lumiereerr CMS -> SIS XD21:34
^Migs^and I'd sooner build my own, anyway.21:34
Lumiereeven a lot of the non-free ones are a mess21:34
^Migs^I rather liked what I saw in the Focus SIS, but don't like the fact it's Postegresql based21:34
^Migs^We built our own SIS21:34
^Migs^we get vendors all the time marketing their SISs, and ours is just so much more awesome21:35
^Migs^I saw one that came kind of close, but still didn't match our custom SIS21:35
LumiereSchoolTool is a SIS21:35
^Migs^problem is that it's so customized, it's not really marketable21:35
^Migs^well, that's not a problem for us, obviously, but I'd like to be able to share what we've done21:35
Lumierewell in the end SchoolTool's goal is to be an SIS Framework21:35
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Lumiereto have the basics to do something for people, but to be extendable to what you need21:36
^Migs^we use a ton of things in our school district: Moodle and WordPress are the two most popular21:36
^Migs^what I'd LIKE to do is spend ZERO dollars on software in the school, and pour all the savings into hardware21:37
^Migs^interactive blackboards for the classroom, good projectors, etc.  All sorts of gadgets.21:37
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Lumiere^Migs^: shouldn't be too hard with edubuntu21:42
^Migs^I just have to convince everyone else it's a good move. :)21:43
th1a^Migs^: What's your SIS written in?21:43
^Migs^I'm more of an open source fanatic than most people, perhaps unrealistically so, so I realize I'm not always correct, but it's gotta be better than what they're trying to do now21:43
Lumiereif you need someone to talk about something like that, I think it is likely that we can find teachers using OSS (including linux) for teaching21:44
^Migs^we already have some teachers in our district doing just that21:44
^Migs^but they're usually on their own21:44
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th1a^Migs^: So you're a Java developer?21:47
Lumierehi jelkner21:47
^Migs^and PHP21:47
^Migs^and other things, but mainly those two21:47
Lumierejelkner has had a lot of success with using Open Source in education21:47
^Migs^what have you used, jelkner?21:47
^Migs^we have too, actually, in our district, but it's been a slow process21:48
th1a^Migs^: What's the timeframe for the charter school?21:48
^Migs^before I came here, everything was all proprietary software and crap21:48
^Migs^it's going to be open for business next year21:48
^Migs^frankly, I don't think that's much time21:48
th1aNext fall?21:48
^Migs^especially at the rate they're going21:48
th1aFall of 2008?21:48
^Migs^yeah, 2008-200921:48
^Migs^it's still technically summer, so that was confusing21:49
^Migs^wait, is it fall?21:49
^Migs^when's fall?21:49
Lumiere^Migs^: we've all started classes here21:49
th1a^Migs^: So your custom system for the district won't work for the charter school?21:49
Lumiereso it's fall to us21:49
^Migs^we have too21:49
^Migs^no no, absolutely not21:49
^Migs^first of all, it's owned by the district, not me, so I can't port it21:49
^Migs^second of all, it's based on an IBM AS400 system.  A charter school doesn't need that kind of backend.21:50
^Migs^And I'm NOT going to install and set up a monstrous thing like that21:50
^Migs^the AS400, I mean21:50
th1a^Migs^: We have a real problem finding interested testing schools that also have access to good local developers.21:50
^Migs^the tech staff for the charter school is entirely volunteer based.21:50
^Migs^"We" as in SchoolTool?21:51
th1aWe are willing in some circumstances to underwrite local development.21:51
^Migs^Honestly, I'm not sure yet if SchoolTool is what we want, but I figure it can't hurt to test it out thoroughly first21:51
th1aWell, it is hard to evaluate right now, because we've kind of got a lot of work scattered around several branches.21:52
Lumiere^Migs^: if you have ubuntu feisty, we're starting to release alphas of our upcoming release21:52
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th1aDoes the school have any weird requirements?21:52
^Migs^not sure yet21:52
^Migs^I imagine there's a few21:53
Lumierethe time tables and courses and sections are very good21:53
Lumierea basic US style gradebook is coming along ok (jelkner is leading the development of it)21:54
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jelknerLumiere: is Dave around?22:12
jelknerth1a: Tom, we are supposed to meet at 4 pm, yes?22:12
jelknerphone does not look like it will work for me22:13
jelkneri wonder if we could meet here?22:13
Lumierejelkner: I don't know22:13
jelknerLumiere: ahh, your in reston?22:14
LumiereNortel Herndon22:14
jelkneri meant herndon22:14
jelknerLumiere: what are we going to do about the gradebook?22:15
jelkneri'm confused by your email22:15
jelknerit is in svn22:15
jelknerthat's fine22:15
jelknerdo brittney and william have the access they need yet?22:16
Lumierethat's up to th1a and jinty22:16
jelkneri need to ask matt to make sure i'm running the latest code22:16
jelknerand to update if not22:16
LumiereI don't have access to that22:16
jelknerand then i'll start submitting bugs (should that still be launchpad?)22:16
Lumiereand it should be to schooltool22:17
Lumierework with th1a on how to tag them22:17
jelknerth1a: r u here?22:17
th1ajelkner: I'm here.23:00
th1ajelkner: Hey.23:06
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dwelshjelkner:  what # are you at?23:07
jelkneri'm not at a number23:10
jelknercan't w e just meet here?23:10
jelkneri'm in room 10423:10
jelknerthey tell me there is no way to call directly23:10
jelknerif you called x6363 you would get HB, but they would have to transfer you23:11
jelknerdwelsh, th1a, where r u?23:14
jelkner....Is there anybody Out There?23:14
th1ajelkner: We're on the phone.23:15
th1aWhere can I get the current CanDo svn?23:16
jelknerLumiere know that best23:16
jelkneror aelkner23:17
jelknerhe is working on it23:17
jelknerso he must be working on the latest23:17
dwelshwelsh and hoffman are talking23:22
dwelshthe agreement was a phone conversation, not a web chat23:22
dwelshwhat's the problem???23:22
jelknerwhy not a web chat?23:22
dwelshtoo slow, too laborious23:23
jelkneri told you, phone is logistically difficult23:23
jelkneri think it is better23:23
jelknerwe get notes automatically23:23
jelknerit seems you can't call the room here23:23
jelknerso phone is not an option for me23:23
jelknerunless you give me a number to call23:24
jelkner(and it has to be a local number)23:24
jelkneri would very much like to be part of this discussion23:25
jelkneri could leave the building, and you could call my cell23:25
jelkner(the cell doesn't work inside the building either :-(23:26
* jelkner prepares to leave the building...23:27
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dwelshok.  when can I call your cell?23:28
jelknerdwelsh and th1a can reach him @ 240-305-7945 in 5 minutes if they wish...23:28
dwelshok.  5 mins.23:28
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