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Lumierejinty: can you change the owner of the cando lists at to and send me a random pass?16:09
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ignasjinty: ayt?17:20
jintyLumiere: just a moment, will do17:25
jintyignas: yep17:25
ignasjinty: seen the stdevtools thingie?17:25
ignasif so - what do you think about the idea?17:25
jintyhmm, not yet17:25
jintyis it in svn?17:25
ignasin bzr17:26
ignasand as an egg (manually uploaded to schooltool eggs)17:26
ignasbranch is stored on launchpad17:26
jintyhmm, so how do I get the source?17:27
jintybzr: ERROR: Unknown branch format: 'Bazaar Branch Format 6 (bzr 0.15)\n'17:29
ignaswow, what version of bzr are you using?17:30
ignas"deb ./"17:31
ignasor something like that in apt sources list should help17:31
ignaswhat i am trying to do is to move scripts that do not really fit in schooltool egg to a separate package17:32
* mgedmin can 'bzr get lp:~ignas/schooltool/stdevtools' with bzr 0.18 from gutsy17:32
ignasso i could use the same i18n extract script for lyceum, cando and schooltool17:32
ignaswhile it would not get added to /bin for all schooltool egg users, only those that actually need the script17:33
jintyignas: sounds like a brilliant idea17:33
ignasso if you are working on schooltool you just add stdevtools to the eggs list in your buildout.cfg17:34
jintythe schooltool egg should really only be the schooltool.* source17:34
ignasyeah, i should do that sooner or later17:34
jintythough I'm not sure if it's useful to have stdevtools ad an egg17:35
jintybut I do agree this stuff shouldn't be in the schooltool egg itself17:35
ignashmm, i could not think of another way to have scripts in bin17:35
mgedmineasy_install stdevtools might be useful for people who have working easy_install17:35
ignasthough after making schooltool a namespace package17:35
ignasi could move it to schooltool.devtools17:36
ignasor maybe schooltool-devtools would be enough17:37
ignasas these things are useful when developing any schooltool based application/plugin having them as an egg makes it kind of easier to install them17:38
jintyprobably best to have it as schooltool.devtools17:38
jintyat least that's consistent17:39
ignasjinty: i can move files from src/schooltool quite easily, but what about our build process and schoolbell directory?17:40
ignasor can we have an egg with more than one package in schooltool namespace17:41
ignasat first17:41
jintyI think it's best not to start deleting the scripts from the current trunk right now17:42
jintyat least not until we have the alternative solution worked out17:42
ignasnot scripts, i am talking about "" and zcml files that are in src/schooltool/ and are preventing schooltool from being a namespace package17:42
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ignasand yes, i won't delete the scripts as some people are still using plain schooltool checkouts17:43
jintyyes, things like eventually need to become directory based packages17:43
jintythere's also the issue of the stuff in schooltool/__init__.py17:44
jintyhopefully after the next release we can delete the schoolbell directory17:44
ignashmm, i18n can be moved easily, and version could be placed in app i guess17:45
* ignas wants to do that so he could add devtools to schooltool namespace without placing them in the same source tree17:46
ignasand maybe even move commendation into a separate egg, just so it would be an example17:47
ignasif that makes any sense17:47
jintyhmm, also a problem I have with stdevtools is that it's not easily usable as a plain checkout17:47
ignasjinty: you should be able add them to in a schooltool checkout17:48
ignasand get scripts in eggs/17:48
* ignas goes to try that17:49
jintyyes, but I'd like to be able to do things like:17:49
jintybzr branch
jintycd stdevtools17:49
jinty./ branch_from_trunk17:49
ignashmm, usually you'd have a schooltool buildout17:50
ignaswhich would not be necessary if buildout would work with system python17:51
ignasand add stdevtools to buildout.cfg17:51
ignasthen run bin/buildout17:51
jintyI'd also like to merge svn+ssh:// into stdevtools17:51
ignasthen bin/tag_release schooltool17:51
ignasschooltool being a schooltool checkout in your buildout sandbox17:52
ignaszc eggs have buildout.cfg files in them, but that does not work unless you have your own compiled python set up17:53
ignasthat's why i am using separate foo-buildout things for schooltool development17:54
* jinty likes the separate "foo-buildout"17:54
th1a_commendation as a separate egg would be nice.17:55
ignasjinty: as for release utilities being in devtools, i think that we'll need it, especially when you'll have to release+tag 15 eggs17:56
ignasthat's why i18nextract is in there ...17:56
ignaswe don't want to have 1 i18nextract for schooltool.commendation, schooltool.person, lyceum, cando etc.17:57
ignas"for each of"17:57
jintyyeah, I'm beggining to see what you're getting at17:57
jintyth1a_: need to make schooltool a namespace package first, that's lots of work, hopefully we can get to it after the current release17:58
jintyignas: so, lets use the current scripts for now, but try out your stdevtools egg when we move to a schooltool namespace based package17:59
ignasby the way, when is our current release?18:00
jintysometime after zope 3.4 releases18:00
th1a_Well, we should do some kind of release to our own repository.18:00
th1a_Or announce what we've got.18:01
jintythe current schedule for zope 3.4 is "it'll be ready when it's ready"18:01
jintyth1a_: sure, we can do that18:01
th1a_Our Feisty packages work though.18:01
th1a_We just need Gutsy packages?18:02
jintythat's more or less just re-building the Feisty packages under gutsy18:02
ignasa list of remaining issues18:03
th1a_I'm running Gutsy on my desktop, should I just give it a try with your magic script?18:03
jintyth1a_: yeah, you might need to change some things in the script though18:04
jintyth1a_: but then what about releasing a new version, perhaps a beta, or release candidate18:06
th1a_I think we should just release a "milestone."18:06
th1a_Or "snapshot."18:07
jintyso perhaps another alpha18:07
th1a_Officially, I guess we're talking alpha.18:08
jintyth1a_: should I do it now?18:10
th1a_Now is as good a time as any.18:10
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dwelshth1a:  you around?18:19
Lumiereth1a_: ping18:24
Lumieredwelsh was looking for you18:25
th1a_I watch Vivian on Tuesdays and Thursdays now, so my attention is a little divided during the day.18:26
dwelshjust wanted to connect re: where to go from here18:26
dwelshCanDo07 releases tomorrow18:26
Lumierebeta1 releases tomorrow :P18:27
Lumiereor rc118:27
th1a_So... where do we go from here?18:29
ignashere? go? ;)18:31
dwelshJason and I are talking today about what didn't make it into CanDo0718:32
dwelshand we're looking at the period Sept 10 - Jan 1, 200818:32
dwelshIn Jan., we will begin a launch with VA State to test CanDo in eight regions18:32
dwelshThe will entail some planning and user stories with them18:33
th1a_How are you set for cash?18:33
Lumieremore like sept 10 - december 118:33
Lumieredecember 1 - jan 1 is testing18:33
dwelshWe are using Alan Elkner heavily now to get us to the CanDo07 release as well as to be available for bug fixes18:33
dwelshLooking at tasks, cash, developers and time... in other words, planning18:34
dwelshI know that you are doing the same from the SchoolTool perspective18:34
dwelshJeff will come over tomorrow to review the picture18:34
dwelshSo we should connect the SchoolTool and CanDo dots as we move forward.18:34
th1a_Basically, I have a substantial amount of money left.18:35
dwelshGood to hear.18:35
th1a_jfr hasn't worked nearly as many hours as I budgeted him for.18:35
dwelshMike Morton has paid the lion's share of CanDo07 development18:36
dwelshBut I'm guessing not that much money is left there18:36
dwelshSo we'll want to check with VA State to see what they can commit18:36
Lumieredwelsh: mike and cte resource18:36
th1a_It probably makes particular sense to work on syncing up CanDo and SchoolTool.18:37
dwelshMike Morton and Arlington Public Schools Dept of Career & Tech Ed18:37
dwelshBut Mike's going to need help with these budgets18:37
dwelshHelp from VA State18:37
dwelshAny leveraging with you guys is always good18:37
dwelshYes, synching CanDo and SchoolTool is good18:38
dwelshI know Jeff wants to work as a user on the grading module18:38
dwelshand that he's got student developers for that too18:38
th1a_Yes, I'm going to pay for that.18:39
dwelshCan we find a time to talk you, Jeff and me... maybe tomorrow?18:39
th1a_Tomorrow after lunch.18:40
dwelshThat sounds good.  How about later in afternoon... i.e. 4pm18:40
jintyth1a_: Uploading the new release now, if all goes well there should be a 2007.0.alpha3 schooltool package in the debian unstable repository relatively soon18:42
ignasth1a_: what precisely do you mean syncing up schooltool and cando? having close/identical release dates?18:43
th1a_Well, I'm not sure *exactly* what I mean.18:44
th1a_Being able to install CanDo functionality easily in a SchoolTool instance, I guess.18:44
th1a_Basically making CanDo development and SchoolTool development more of the same thing.18:44
th1a_Helpful if we want to pay CanDo developers in the future.18:45
ignasth1a_: well - it is the same thing, at least for me18:45
ignasadding cando to a schooltool buildout18:46
ignasis very simple to do18:46
ignasas well as adding lyceum to a schooltool buildout18:46
ignasand after that it's just a matter of creating a different "instance"18:46
th1a_Yes... it is something we've been consistently building the groundwork for.18:47
th1a_I'll have to think of exactly what I mean.18:47
ignashmm, ok there is one problem18:50
ignascando is not playing nice with schooltool make-instance script18:50
ignasas in - they are overriding it18:50
ignasinstead of adding their own template and using the template to create cando instance18:50
ignasso you'd do make-schooltool-instance cando-instance instance_type=cando.cando200718:53
dwelshth1a:  4pm???  seem good19:00
th1a_dwelsh: 4:00 tomorrow.19:19
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ignasth1a_: oh, by the way - is 9th of the October is good for your trip to Lithuania?20:09
ignasthe meeting would be on that date20:10
th1a_ignas: I need to do it the last week of the month if possible.20:27
ignasoctober or september?20:27
ignasth1a_: ?20:34
ignasok, sorry for the confusion then20:34
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aelknerLumiere: ayt?22:48
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