IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2007-08-30

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jelknerth1a: mr. hoffman, u here?16:19
ignasjinty: ayt?16:38
jintyignas: yep16:39
ignashow's your vacation going?16:39
jintyhmm, well, I'm finished now :(16:39
ignasouch, sorry16:39
jintygoing full steam ahead resolving the backlog of issues....16:39
jintybut, sitting on my parents veranda's not too bad16:40
jintyanything you want to talk about?16:40
ignasi got a bit more experienced in this buildout thing, so i kind of like it now16:41
ignas(still hate it a bit) ;)16:41
ignasand now i am converting the buildout to work from a Makefile instead of a shell script16:41
jintyis there any piece of software you do like? ;P16:41
* ignas thinking ...16:41
jintyhmm, ok, sounds good16:41
jintythough it should probably still live outside the current trunk16:42
ignaswhat do you think if i will put it in bzr16:42
ignaswill you still be able to help me out with it in some places ;)16:42
ignaswith the makefile that is16:43
jintyI think that's an excellent first step in a migration to bzr16:43
ignaswould be a "practice" of using bzr16:43
jintyyes, we could test out setting up a central repository on (or launchpad)16:44
ignasi have moved lyceum into a separate folder by the way16:45
ignasso it is a plugin the same way cando is16:45
jintybut sure I can help you out with the Makefile16:46
ignasok, i will tell you when i will put it up somewhere16:46
ignasi will need to redo some of our i18n infrastructure16:47
jintythough I think we should keep makefileness to a minimum and try get the most protability we can16:47
ignasto work with lyceum and schooltool being separate checkouts16:47
jintyout i18n infrastucture is mostly chewing gum and duct tape anyway16:48
ignasMartin Aspelli wrote a nice howto for buildouting plone and building products with it16:49
ignasif i will have time or find someone who is a good writer (Tom Hoffman for example)16:49
ignasrewriting it to suit SchoolTool16:49
ignasand having a howto on how to add your own extensions for schooltool16:50
ignaswould be kind of nice16:50
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ignasjinty: i tried to gather some info #zope3-dev you might be interested in18:15
ignasi guess we will have to start tracking Zope3 eggs we depend on and take care about them being packaged too if we want to get into the next ubuntu release18:16
jintyignas: I think a lot of people will be interested in packaging certain zope3 packages18:20
jintywe won't have to do them all18:20
jintyand having zope3 as split up packages will hopefully attract more people who use zope stuff as a library18:21
ignaswe can hope, i just wanted to note that we can't rely on that happening18:22
jintyPackaging an individual egg is not very difficult18:22
ignasi guess18:22
jintythe problem comes when you have to go nannying upstream to release a proper tarball18:22
jintyfind out if they are even making tags18:22
jintyand if the lisencing is correct so the distros will accept it18:23
ignasi hope there won't be too many zope.* packages that will have these kinds of problems18:24
jintybut  I guess that we can stick to 3.4 for quite a while once it's actually released18:25
Lumiere'morning all18:25
jintymy guess is I'll have to add the ZPL to every single one...18:25
* jinty has an asbestos suit18:25
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jintyignas: is that a mirror?18:41
ignasno, it's "trunk"18:41
ignasis the url if you want to do stuff directly with it18:41
ignasit should be mirrored in launchpad18:42
ignasso you can branch it and work on a branch, checkout it and work directly the svn way i think18:42
ignasand you can merge to it as you have ssh access to schooltool.org18:43
ignasit might even be broken because i have commited a change i didn't want to be there ;)18:44
jintyhmm, interesting18:44
* jinty is trying to check it out18:44
jintyand a checkins mailing list?18:44
ignasno idea, i think launchpad should do that18:45
ignasas it's mirroring the branch18:45
ignasso we will have a terrible delay18:45
ignasas mails get sent only when repository gets mirrored18:45
ignasif they do get sent at all18:45
jintyhmm, well, better than nothing18:46
jintyand fine for these kinds of branches18:47
jintyif I get some free time, I'll see if I can get buildbot to do something with is18:47
ignasfor emails18:47
jintydefinitely will try that18:48
* ignas already hates bzr18:51
ignassurprised are you? ;)18:51
ignasjinty: i love "slime"
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ignasand don't hate it at all18:58
jintyok, so now a real piece of software!!!!19:08
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Lumiereignas: I hate bzr too...20:09
LumiereI definately like svn over it20:09
Lumiere(bzr's nice for a single person local repository... not so nice for a real software app)20:10
ignasgood enough for real app20:11
ignasbut the speed20:11
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