IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2007-08-31

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fsufitch_hello all00:41
fsufitch_whoa, i am SO not fsufitch_00:41
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fsufitchthat's better00:42
fsufitchLumiere, i got problems...01:03
fsufitchuh, beside my normal ones >_>01:03
fsufitchi'm getting an error when i try to load the competency gradebook01:04
fsufitchlet me lisppaste it01:04
fsufitchlisppaste5, help01:04
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.01:04
lisppaste5fsufitch pasted "Comp. gradebook load error" at
fsufitchwow, nobody's answering...01:07
fsufitchwait nvm01:14
fsufitcha "make update" fixed it...01:14
* Lumiere applauds at fsufitch 01:15
fsufitchit froze my firefox though XD01:16
fsufitchi think my laptop can't take streaming music, running zope server, and showing 300 competencies at the same time01:17
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aelknerfsufitch: how's tyhe score report coming?01:25
fsufitcha new error is popping up...01:26
Lumierefsufitch: maybe you and aelkner should talk on the phone01:26
Lumiereand work through all this ;)01:27
aelknerfsufitch: call me at 267-886-928501:27
fsufitchbtw, gj sending ur phone # out on the net01:27
fsufitchLumiere, wouldn't it be an idea to use the functional tests from the old score report for this new one?02:04
fsufitchbecause as far as i can see and the code looks, it's done02:04
fsufitchand it looks just like the old one02:05
fsufitchLumiere, ping pl0x02:06
fsufitchwhere can i find them?02:10
Lumiereuse the old functional tests02:10
Lumiereuh... look in the cando2006 branch02:10
fsufitchthere's a branch of that name?02:10
Lumierebeyond that hell if I know02:10
LumiereI think02:10
fsufitchhopefully i have enough disk space to get it02:10
fsufitch110 megs02:11
fsufitchmaybe enough maybe not02:11
fsufitchnope, definitely not02:11
fsufitchi'll figure something out02:11
Lumiereyou need to go buy a USB HDD02:11
Lumiereto dump that ____ collection on02:11
Lumierejust so you know02:12
LumiereI have 2 irc clients open02:12
Lumierebut I can only see one at a time02:12
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fsufitchbah, the old thing doesn't test the student score report02:15
fsufitchi have to write it >_<02:15
fsufitchO_O wow02:17
fsufitchLumiere said sorry when he heard i had more work02:17
fsufitchi guess there's a first time for everything02:17
LumiereI don't always feel like a bastard02:17
fsufitchfine, i'll stop being men02:18
fsufitch  Ran 28 tests with 0 failures and 0 errors in 23.080 seconds.02:42
fsufitchthat's what i like to seee02:42
fsufitchcommit time02:42
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Lumierehi XdorotaX03:51
Lumierewhat's up?03:53
XdorotaXnot much, you?03:53
Lumiereplaying video games03:59
Lumierejust saw you enter03:59
Lumiereand was wondering if you were looking for info or anything03:59
XdorotaXwell, sure03:59
XdorotaXwhat is schooltool? a program, or something else?04:00
Lumiereit's a Zope3 based School Information System04:25
fsufitchLumiere, nice04:31
fsufitchvery explanatory04:32
XdorotaXdo people use it for homework?04:33
fsufitchno, it's more of a grading system04:34
fsufitchalthough it can be used to monitor assignments04:34
LumiereXdorotaX: do you work in a school?04:37
XdorotaXnah, i don't04:46
Lumieredo you remember how your school stored records?04:51
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fsufitchLumiere, i lost the game04:58
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XdorotaXLumiere: you mean report cards?05:08
XdorotaXor school records, cause they all store it in a file cabinet, but the grades they calculate using a program05:13
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LumiereXdorotaX: basically what I am getting at... is a SIS is like the file cabinet / grade program05:41
Lumiereit stores all that sort of data05:41
Lumierein a central place/program05:41
XdorotaXokay, cool05:42
XdorotaXis it free?05:42
th1a_XdorotaX: SchoolTool is ultimately meant to be a framework.05:43
*** th1a_ is now known as th1a05:43
th1aBut a framework that doesn't do anything isn't much use.05:43
Lumieresee zope2's CMF05:46
LumiereI meant that05:56
Lumiereas an example of a framework that doesn't do anything ;)05:56
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XdorotaXbye all08:14
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mattva01hmm free nod08:17
mattva01freenode issues08:17
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th1aShould we try doing a Personal Package Archive on LaunchPad?16:37
LumiereI was thinking about it16:37
ignasth1a: i think it's for jinty or mattva01 to decide, as they are the ones building packages16:38
th1aI'll poke around and try to figure out how it is supposed to work, at least.16:39
LumiereI think we'd be in a great position to give it a whirl16:39
th1aPerhaps I can use it for something else.16:39
Lumiere"mark's" email is pretty clear16:39
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mattva01oh yeah me and elkner were talking about it for gasp21:26
mattva01it would be cool to test it21:26
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fsufitchhello all21:48
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Lumierehi jelkner22:12
fsufitchaelkner: ayt?22:13
aelknerhow's the score report coming?22:14
fsufitchi just wanted to touch base with u22:14
fsufitchit's done22:14
fsufitchbut yesterday i wasn't able to commit22:14
fsufitchmy svn couldn't connect to svn.schooltool.org22:14
fsufitchaaaand it still can't22:14
fsufitchwait nvm22:14
fsufitchok, committed22:15
fsufitchbtw, i haven't tested it in newskin22:15
fsufitchi used the schooltool skin to test it22:15
fsufitchbut it should work, cuz it's not newskin, it's gradebook22:15
fsufitchanyway, i can't work today22:15
fsufitchi have to do my summer reading >.>22:15
fsufitchi'll work sometime during the weekend though22:16
fsufitchwow, talk about a rant ^^22:16
fsufitchanyway, i'm gone now22:17
* fsufitch is away: Away22:17
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lhuynhand also, what am I supposed to do about the "ignoring" of the "var/Data.fs" file?22:28
Lumiereit should ignore data.fs.inde22:30
Lumierenot data.fs22:30
lhuynher... really? how so?22:30
Lumierenot sure22:30
fsufitchLumiere: yes?22:48
* fsufitch is back (gone 00:30:59)22:48
Lumiereaelkner: hi22:49
aelknerfsufitch: nice work on the score report22:49
aelknerwe did agree that you would wait to commit your changes22:50
fsufitchoh. um.22:50
aelknerbut, well, i guess it's alriught22:50
fsufitchshould i revert?22:50
fsufitchso,  um22:50
aelknerJason want sto discuss the other print view with you22:50
fsufitchthe section print view?22:51
Lumierefsufitch: you can set a time for that22:51
Lumierefsufitch: yes22:51
fsufitchi guess i can talk now22:51
fsufitchdepends on how long the talk22:51
LumiereI am going home soo22:51
fsufitchso i'll talk now22:51
fsufitch*pleading* ok ok i'll talk, just don't hurt me!!22:52
fsufitchanyway, so what's up with that print view?22:52
Lumierethere's nothing on the section print view22:53
LumiereI'll mock something up22:53
Lumiereand send to you22:53
fsufitchand i assume the same no-hack thing goes for this one too?22:54
fsufitchi.e. nothing like the print view i did a while ago? ;)22:54
fsufitchso i'll be expecting something via email?22:56
fsufitchi'll prolly be working on it this wkend22:57
fsufitchLumiere: which checkout do u want lhuynh to work with for help files: trunk or newskin?23:03
fsufitchLumiere seems to have gone away23:05
fsufitchaelkner: do u know?23:05
aelknerLumiere will answer this when he gets home23:07
fsufitchi'm getting back to my reading23:13
fsufitchping me if u need me, and hope i happen to peek at my computer screen23:13
lhuynhmoi aussi.23:13
* fsufitch is away: Away23:13
Lumierelhuynh: trunk23:47

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