IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2007-08-29

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mattva01does anyone here know the correct branch for the schooltool gradebook?00:27
fsufitch_noworkwait, schooltool?00:46
fsufitch_noworki don't know the schooltool branches00:46
fsufitch_noworkmattva01: how about the schooltool-gradebook branch? ;)00:48
fsufitch_noworkhere's a list of schooltool branches00:48
mattva01but there is another gradebook branch00:48
mattva01I think pcardune-gradebook-improvements is the correct one so thats the one i'm setting up00:49
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mattva01how do you enable the new skin  in cando? I forgot01:57
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lhuynhping Lumiere03:03
Lumierelhuynh: I am now03:48
Lumieremattva01: http://localhost:port/++skin++NewCanDo/
mattva01oh yeah04:43
mattva01is that for proxy passing?04:43
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mattva01thanks that works great04:47
mattva01hey does anyone know if verso import is fixed?04:51
mattva01hmm nevermind it does not work great04:52
mattva01it messes up permissions04:52
Lumieremattva01: post a bug report04:54
Lumiereassign to aelkner04:54
Lumiereas far as I know04:54
Lumierethere is no xml documents in existance04:55
Lumierefor the xml comp io stuff04:55
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mattva01hmm permissions are completly borked in trunk06:48
mattva01not just for proxy passing06:48
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ignasth1a_: ayt?17:11
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jelknerth1a_: good morning, mr. h, u here?17:18
jelknerLumiere: this would *really* be a good day for you to be in here...17:21
jelknerI brought mattva01 in17:21
jelkneri want to use CanDo this year17:21
jelknerbut i don't have any competencies17:21
jelkneralso, melinda m. at hb wants to use it17:21
jelknersame issue17:21
jelknerlastly, paul bui wants it too17:23
jelknerlinda will be working with him all year on this17:23
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th1ajelkner: What's up?17:38
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jelknerth1a: tom, can use see the private chat?17:46
ignasth1a: met with lyceum yesterday17:52
ignasth1a: i should have a date for your visit to Lithuania on monday17:52
th1ajelkner: Perhaps you can't get my response.17:52
th1aI'm on the phone now.17:53
* jelkner logs off to return to meetings...17:57
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th1aignas: How'd the meeting do?18:41
ignasquite nicely18:42
th1aThat's good.18:42
ignasseems like they will have at least some data for the new schoolyear 09-1018:42
ignasthe timetables might take a while though18:42
ignasas they will be in flux for most of september18:42
ignasth1a: read your email about plans for 200818:43
ignasyou are really good at writing things ;)18:43
ignasi liked it18:43
th1aIt was based on a lot of your input.18:44
ignasme and Bronius Skūpas are going to set up a server inside lyceum some time this or next week18:44
ignasand old one, but it should be enough18:45
th1aignas: Can you check to see if any day of the week is better in October for my visit?18:46
th1aI don't want to show up on a day Bronius has no free time.18:47
ignasseems like it's going to be either 2 first days or the last 2 days of a week18:47
th1aGoing out for lunch.18:53
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