IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2007-08-28

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ccareyaelkner, you there?03:34
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mgallaghany of the cando folks, do any of you know if VersoImport is fixed ?15:32
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fsufitchaelkner: i'm baaaaaaaack16:25
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aelknerfsufitch: i'm here17:40
fsufitchaelkner: the old score report must have had a really weird view class17:53
aelknerhow so?17:53
fsufitchthe template is asking for the row/competency/whateverproperty17:54
fsufitchwhen it is cycling through a competency group17:54
fsufitchor rather when it's apparently cycling through it17:54
aelknerfsufitch: i would say we should keep the template and get the view class to work with it since it has the look and feel that Virginia wants.18:00
aelknerdo you think you could figure out how to construct the view class to suit the template?18:01
fsufitchi'm sort of changing both of them to work18:01
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fsufitchaelkner: do you have any idea why i'm getting this error?18:11
fsufitchTypeError: string indices must be integers18:11
fsufitchi'm doing  <td tal:content="row/optionalFlag" />18:11
fsufitchand row is a competency18:11
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lisppaste5fsufitch pasted "traceback" at
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fsufitchignas: ayt?19:47
fsufitchlittle question, how can i pass an argument to a viewclass method if i'm calling it from a page template?19:50
fsufitchi want to check if an object provides IVirginiaCompetency19:50
fsufitchso i have a method isCompetency(self, obj)19:50
ignastal:content="python: view.someMethdo(parameter)", but a better way is to precalculate such things19:51
fsufitchyeah, but can the parameter be a variable defined using tal:define?19:51
ignasand pass something like {"competency": competency, "isVirginiaCompetency": True}19:51
ignasfsufitch: yes, it can, but it's a bad style19:52
ignasas in - you should avoid it if possible19:52
ignasif not - then use it, but feel sorry about it19:52
fsufitchi'll do it the NICE way19:52
fsufitchbut only cuz Lumiere would kill me if i made another hackish solution19:53
Lumiereyes I will19:53
fsufitchu'd been watching all this time huh?19:53
Lumiere*ominous music plays in the background*19:53
Lumierefsufitch: no comment19:53
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Lumierehi ccarey20:57
ccareyis aelkner here?21:02
aelknerccarey: hi21:02
ccareyaelkner, so what are you working on right now?21:03
aelknerccarey, did you get my private chat?21:04
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cpcareysry bout that21:05
cpcareyaelkner, are you getting my private messages back?21:06
aelknerweird, huh?21:06
cpcareyah i'm logged in already21:06
cpcareygive me a sec21:07
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cpcareyi registered ccarey, not cpcarey21:08
cpcareyso i can't send private messages yet21:08
fsufitchcan't you ghost ccarey away?21:09
cpcareyhow do i do that?21:09
fsufitchi dont remember21:11
fsufitchi'll look it up21:11
fsufitchuse /ghost nickname password21:12
cpcareyaelkner, well i get your messages, but i can't send mine yet21:12
fsufitchthen identify21:12
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cpcareypsh, turns out ccarey wasn't registered either... again21:13
aelknercpcarey, why cpcarey and not ccarey?21:13
cpcareyi lost my connection as ccary21:13
cpcareyand it relogged me back in as cpcarey21:14
aelkneryou can work out the provate chat when you have the chance21:16
aelkneri just wanted to tell you that we will be meeting about what we want to have you do21:16
aelknerso until then, i don't have anythinbg for you21:16
aelknerwe'll get it done though21:17
aelknerkeep in alert status, ready to go :)21:17
aelknercpcarey: ok?21:17
aelknercpcarey, fsufitch, taking a shower break21:18
aelknerbe back in 30 mins21:18
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cpcareyok i'm signing back in as ccarey21:21
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cpcareyeh, didn't work21:23
fsufitch/set +o21:24
fsufitchwho can kick ccarey so cpcarey can switch?>21:24
fsufitchwait, but ccarey isn't here...21:24
fsufitchLumiere: in aelkner's absence, would you happen to know anything about how competencies are stored?21:26
fsufitchbecause i can't get to either the date or the score attributes21:27
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fsufitchi'm done working for now21:46
fsufitchi'll maybe get to work more in the evening21:46
fsufitchif not, see y'all tomorrow21:46
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