IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2007-08-27

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Lumierehi jinty15:59
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Lumierehi th1a16:25
th1aHi Lumiere.16:25
ignashello eveyone ;)16:26
ignas*everyone ;)16:26
Lumierehi ignas16:27
LumiereI'm happy to see ignas16:27
Lumiereand jinty16:27
th1aHi ignas.16:27
Lumiere(more jinty, but I can't type)16:27
th1ajinty: Are you back from vacation?16:28
Lumierehe's still in za16:28
th1aOK... let's get started.16:31
th1aHi jfroche, aelkner.16:31
th1aignas:  Want to start us off?16:31
ignasmeeting with B.Skūpas tomorrow16:31
jfrochegood morning16:32
ignasstill working on lyceum gradebook16:32
ignasintegrating changes from sprints, cleaning up features and stuff.16:32
ignasnot much else.16:32
ignasthat's all ;)16:33
th1aThanks, ignas.16:34
jfrochewent to the school last week16:34
jfrocheno having a sprint on kss16:34
jfrochetil thursday16:34
jfrocheand going back to the school on friday16:34
jfrochebut they are already really busy16:34
jfrocheso i hope to have a list of teacher to play with16:35
jfrocheand the new list of children / classes ... for 2007 - 200816:35
jfrochehave things to do with gradebook still16:35
jfrochec'est tout16:36
jfroche=> that's all16:36
th1aOK.  Just keep nagging them to keep you in the loop.16:36
th1aThings are going to get busy here, too, as my wife goes back to work for the first time since Vivian arrived.16:37
th1aAlso, I think Mark's banker has been on vacation.  I need to see where our money is.16:38
th1aSend me invoices for August by next Monday though.16:38
th1ajinty: ayt?16:38
th1aOK, Lumiere, what's up?16:39
Lumieredwelsh is doing a lot of testing and is getting aelkner to do a lot of the updates16:41
Lumieremattva01 should be joining in a minute16:41
Lumiereto describe where our packaging is16:41
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Lumierebut we need to talk with jinty on where to host them16:41
Lumieremattva01: give a quick description of what you've done and what you need to do16:42
mattva01I have created eggs of all the zope dependencies that are needed by cando but not provided by schooltool16:44
mattva01I need to host these files in an archive somewhere and create the final cando package16:45
th1aYou can use our server once jinty can set it up for you.16:46
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th1aAnything else, Lumiere?16:49
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Lumiereonly if aelkner has something16:50
Lumierewe'll be setting up our internal versions this week16:50
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th1aAh, one more thing from me.  jfroche & ignas: check to see if any day of the week is better at your school for me to visit the last week of October.16:52
th1aI should book my flights.16:52
ignasi know, i'll find that out tomorrow when meeting with lyceum16:52
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.16:53
th1aHave a great week folks.16:53
jintyhey all, still kinda on vacation, but now I have a reasonable net connection16:54
fsufitchLumiere: I sort of overslept and i woke up about 3 minutes ago16:54
fsufitchwhat did i miss?16:54
ignasfsufitch: the meeting16:55
fsufitchignas: thanks >_<16:55
Lumierefsufitch: cando meeting starts in 15-3016:55
fsufitchwhew thx16:56
Lumiereread scrollback for the schooltool stuff16:56
fsufitchthat's just enough time to my morming routine16:56
fsufitchi'll read it when i come back16:56
*** fsufitch is now known as fsufitch-breakfa16:56
LumiereI agree with fsufitch-breakfa food time16:57
Lumiereback in 15-2016:57
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Lumierewb jinty17:01
jintyth1a, Lumiere, ignas: apparently it seems one of the big reasons no-one wants to upload our schooltool packages is that we depend on a beta/alpha Zope release17:02
ignasthey don't love us :(17:02
th1aYou mean the main Zope package or the little ones?17:03
jintythe main one17:03
jintyseems the deadline for that zope release passed a few monts back17:03
jintyand it hasn't happened yet17:03
th1aAnd all we can do is squawk to the Zope list about it?17:04
Lumierejinty: that should make things interesting17:04
jintyprobably they'll come back and say "If you want it, this, this and this needs to be donw"17:04
ignasjinty: Zopers are planning Zope sprint17:05
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th1aWell, at least knowing what the requirements are would help.17:05
ignasit might be a nice idea to nicely ask them to make the sprint kind of release related if possible17:05
th1aYes, stephan will be happy to come to our aid.17:06
th1aThat was sarcastic, btw.17:06
th1aWell, who is most likely to get a positive response from the zope-dev list?17:08
Lumieremark shuttleworth?17:08
th1aShould I write the email.17:08
aelknerhey all17:08
Lumierehi aelkner17:09
th1aI don't know if Mark would be best.17:09
ignasth1a: you might.17:09
jintyth1a, ignas: I think we're already done for17:09
th1aHe has a kind of weird relationship with the Zope community.17:09
ignasjinty: the freeze is today?17:09
th1ajinty: I agree we're screwed.17:09
th1aThis is, by the way, why I insisted we try to get this together for Gutsy... so that if something went wrong, we'd have it ready for Gutsy +1.17:10
th1aWhich is what I was REALLY worried about.17:10
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Lumierethe sad thing is that zope3 is stable17:11
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jintyThe best we can do is probably build an external repository for this release and have paeople use that17:11
Lumiereit just hasn't been given a release17:11
Lumierejinty: and get 0.11.4 removed from gutsy?17:11
jintybasically we have that now17:11
th1ajinty: That will have to do.17:11
jintyLumiere: packages with newer versions override those with older versions17:12
Lumierejinty: but if someone installs 0.11.417:12
jintyso I don't see the problem17:12
Lumiereand tries to upgrade17:12
Lumierethings are going to go boom17:12
jintyyeah, guess it's probably best to get it removed17:13
jintyI'll speak to some people about it17:14
jintyth1a: I think the key point is never to depend on unreleased software and assume that people are going to do what they say they're going to17:14
th1aSo basically we should plan on using this version of Zope 3 for the forseeable future then.17:14
Lumiereth1a: we should plan on locking to the next release17:15
jintyLumiere: +117:15
jintyas well as for any other dependencies we have17:15
Lumierethen we can branch for a release that's locked17:15
th1aWell, the Zope 3 world is slowing down.17:15
Lumiereand have trunk separate17:15
Lumiereth1a: it's finally getting toward complete17:15
Lumierethe problem for the z3 communiy is17:16
th1aIt would have been painful at times to be staying on, say 3.0 when 3.1 was under development.17:16
Lumierewho and how are z3c packages released17:16
th1aThe problem with the Zope 3 community is they only use Zope 3 for internal products.17:16
th1aExcept us.17:16
jintyth1a: yes, we have different requirements17:17
LumiereLP is external, but I bet it is part of the reason17:17
Lumierewhy LP source hasn't be released17:17
th1aIt probably doesn't help.17:18
jintyLumiere: LP doesn't try get it's source distributed in linux distributions17:19
Lumierejinty: that is another wrinkle for us17:19
aelknerwhat is LP?17:19
Lumierethe only other huge z3 app17:19
Lumierethat's really public17:19
LumiereI am going to dial welsh17:20
* jinty goes to take his girlfriend to the airport17:21
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fsufitchso in light of these happenings, what do i have to work on?17:26
aelknerfsufitch: we could really use your help with gradebook print views17:28
aelknerdo you feel you know what needs to be done there?17:29
* Lumiere pulls together some stuff and starts the meeting.17:29
Lumiereso I see aelkner and fsufitch ...17:29
Lumiereno pcardune/dwelsh/jelkner...17:29
Lumierereminder that there is a meeting friday sometime17:29
Lumiere(details to come)17:29
fsufitchi mustn't oversleep that one XD17:30
aelknerjelkner said he may be busy in meetings all day17:30
Lumierethe friday meeting is to figure out wtf we're doing for release.17:30
Lumiereaelkner: yea17:30
aelknermaybe welsh is similarly caught17:30
Lumiereit is likely17:30
aelknerpcadune may still be asleep17:31
Lumierealso likely17:31
aelknerit is 3 hours earlier for him17:31
fsufitchso we're stalling or what?17:31
Lumiereok, mattva01's stuff was covered by jinty earlier17:31
Lumiereanything else left?17:31
aelkneri have two things to do17:32
aelknerone, get with welsh17:32
aelknertwo get with fsufitch to discuss gradebook printing17:32
Lumiere3 get with mattva01 and I to work through the release17:32
fsufitchand i'll be able to work more this week17:32
fsufitchi was away all last week17:33
aelknerfsufitch: cool17:33
aelknerLumiere: ok17:33
LumiereAttorney General just announced his resignation (news conf.)17:33
fsufitchthat was random...17:33
Lumierefsufitch: not really17:33
aelkneryeah, he's been in trouble for some time now17:34
aelknerbut i'm not sure i care17:34
aelknerLumiere: shall we make a new branch for fsufitch to do his print views17:35
LumiereI wouldn't for now17:35
fsufitchisn't that sort of for newskin though?17:35
aelknerno, the views go in the gradebook package17:36
aelknerLumiere: why not?17:36
Lumiereaelkner: cause then we have to merge it17:36
fsufitchmerges are pains?17:37
Lumiereaelkner: as long as fsufitch runs tests before committing (and writes tests)17:37
Lumierethere shouldn't be any problems17:37
aelkneri'm ok with that17:37
aelknerand yes merges are a pain17:37
aelknerso you hear that fsufitch: test first, and don't commit anything that doesn't pass17:38
fsufitchLumiere: how would you test a printview?17:38
fsufitchthe only thing that i see testable is the links17:38
fsufitchis there a way to test content?17:38
fsufitchthe silence is disturbing...17:40
aelknerfsufitch: i was going to ask Paul about print views17:40
fsufitchwasn't everybody? ;)17:40
aelknernamely, is a print view just another view17:40
aelknerthat you just print?17:40
fsufitchi've done one before, but it was really messy17:41
aelknerso if that's the case, then you have something to test17:41
fsufitchbecause i just took the gradebook view and removed its links and evthing17:41
Lumierefsufitch: you make a gradebook that has data17:41
Lumierethen you test that the view shows the grades correctly17:41
aelknerLumiere: are there links to sample reports fsufitch could use as a guide?17:42
LumiereI am not sure17:42
aelknerthere ought to be17:42
aelknerdwesh would know17:42
aelknerand there are two gradebook print views17:43
aelknerone for the section and one for just one student17:43
Lumierethe student one17:43
fsufitchi thought it was just for sections17:43
Lumiereis the VA score report17:43
fsufitchisn't that one already done?17:43
Lumierenot in the new stuff17:44
fsufitchi recall a printview for a student that looked rather official17:44
aelknerthat's the one17:44
Lumiereneeds to be redone for the new gradbook17:44
aelknerpaul overhauled the gradebook, so the print views definitely need to be redone17:44
fsufitchi c17:45
aelknerfsufitch, i'd start with the student one17:45
fsufitchyea, sounds easier ;)17:45
Lumiereif you can only get one done this week17:45
Lumieredo the section one17:45
Lumiereit will be needed earlier17:45
aelknerok, that makes sense17:46
aelknerLumiere: is there a running instance of cando2006 somewhere for fsufitch to use as a guide to how the print views should look?17:47
fsufitchthere's the demo onlinen version17:47
fsufitchcould i use that?17:48
aelknerLumiere: ?17:48
LumiereI'll give you information17:49
fsufitchuh, what's the manager login?17:50
fsufitchwait it works17:50
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Lumierehi dwelsh17:53
aelknerdwelsh is checking out my latest changes17:53
aelknerhe only has 15 minutes before he's called back into meetings17:54
Lumieredwelsh: what time periods are you free17:54
LumiereI'm heading to ACC between 11:30 and 1217:54
dwelsharound 12n17:55
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LumiereI'll be in by then17:56
fsufitchdwelsh: the schooltool manager doesn't have any permissions18:00
fsufitchi can't see any of the tabs18:00
Lumierefsufitch: yes call 703-228-573518:01
Lumiereand he'll give you a password to look at stuff18:01
Lumiere(or I hope he will)18:01
fsufitchcan't he just pm me?18:02
fsufitchi dont have any phone available rite now18:02
fsufitchdwelsh: ?18:02
dwelshlumiere:  will need your help to update CanDo18:03
dwelshthe routine you gave me is not registering changes18:03
dwelshfsufitch:  no permissions??? in what instance?18:03
aelknerfsufitch what are you doing with the new instance?18:04
dwelshfsufitch: is the instance alan and I are working with18:04
aelkneryou're supposed to be looking at cando200618:04
aelknerLumiere: ?18:05
fsufitchi c18:05
Lumieredwelsh: ok18:05
fsufitchi was just checking all links <_<18:05
Lumierefsufitch: for cando200618:05
Lumieredwelsh: you log in, get into screen18:05
Lumierehit ctrl-c18:05
Lumiererun make update18:06
Lumierethen make18:06
fsufitchbut what do u mean log in?18:06
fsufitchto where?18:06
aelknerLumiere: he did that18:06
dwelshyes, I did... twice18:06
dwelshchanges do not register, for some reason18:06
Lumieredwelsh: instead of make update18:06
aelknerbut he's not getting my latest changes to the trunk18:06
Lumiererun svn up18:07
dwelshwill try18:07
Lumierewhat is the directory you're in18:07
dwelshlumiere:  what directory am I in?18:07
dwelshtilda, backslash, "newskin"18:08
Lumieretry hitting ctrl-a 018:08
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Lumierenewskin is not trunk18:08
dwelshnow it's forward slash, "opt", forward slash, "cando"18:09
dwelshlumiere:  can you get here at noon?18:11
dwelshI'm available 12n - 1:50p18:11
Lumierethat's the one18:12
dwelshgreat.  there's lunch here too18:12
Lumieretry the ctrl-c, make update, make, ./ there18:12
Lumiereto shower/work18:20
Lumierebb at noonish18:20
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jelkneraelkner: yo bro, u here?18:22
aelkneri am indeed18:22
jelknersorry i missed the meeting this morning18:22
jelkneri was at our staff meeting18:23
jelknerin fact, i have meetings all week until friday18:23
jelknerwhat did i miss?18:23
aelknerdave wasn't there either18:23
jelknermattva01 is mowing the lawn, then he is coming in18:23
jelknerwe need a plan to get my instance up and runnig18:24
aelknerjason discussed packaging with jinty18:24
jelknerthat will be good for cando0718:24
aelknerfilip will be working on the gradebook print views18:24
jelknerbut since i'm running semistable...18:24
aelkneryou want to use the trunk?18:25
aelknerjelkner: do me a favor and be very carefule with your Data.fs file18:25
jelknerare we saying that cando07 is a branch at this point, since it was released?18:25
jelkneri'll back it up before *all* updates18:25
aelkneri only know about the trunk at this point18:26
jelknerLumiere: u here?18:26
jelknerboth mattva01 and Lumiere are in the channel, but not here18:26
jelknersince i need to get to work setting up my classroom, i guess the best thing to do is send out an email and wait for matt...18:27
jelkneraelkner: ok, bro, i meet with dwelsh at 5:30 pm today18:27
jelkneri'll talk to you tomorrow if not sooner...18:28
aelknerLumiere: ayt?18:36
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fsufitchaelkner:  (11:20:06) Lumiere: bb at noonish18:37
dwelshaelkner:  welsh and straw are in19:32
fsufitchhow do i run ftests on just ONE module?19:39
aelknerdwelsh: you can call me now19:40
Lumieream now19:41
aelknerfsufitch: from the trunk dir, run python2.4 -1fm cando.gradebook19:42
Lumierejelkner: simply put, we're not semi-stable yet19:42
aelknerbtw make ftest foes the same but specifies just cando as the package19:43
aelknerthat in turn causes all the subpackages t be tested19:43
aelknerLumiere: are you having dialing issues?19:45
Lumiereaelkner: we're talking to lee capps19:45
aelkneri want to be involved in that converstation19:46
aelknercan't you conference me in?19:46
aelknerLumiere: ?19:46
Lumierehe's going to send us xml19:49
Lumiereand we're getting him the schema19:49
aelknerbut the schema might not be right19:49
aelkneryou might want to consult with me19:49
LumiereI am looking it over now19:50
Lumierethe schema for comp lists haven't changed19:50
aelkneri looked it over, and it doesn't seem right to me19:50
aelknerwhat the hell is Person ther for19:50
Lumierewhich part19:50
Lumiereperson is removed19:50
aelknerthat has nothing to do with comps19:50
aelknerif you don't want to involve me then i'm going to assume that you wil handle it19:51
LumiereI am handling it, unless something has changed in xml comp io19:52
Lumierethat changed the schema19:52
LumiereI'm going to update it with the new format for the global-ids19:52
Lumieredwelsh: calling you now19:52
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fsufitchhow do i specify the grading scale  on the score report if each competency theoretically has its own grading scale20:20
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fsufitchLumiere: did u get my question?20:22
fsufitchi assume not20:26
fsufitchi g2g lunch20:40
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Lumiereaelkner: the part paul needs to check21:00
Lumiereis the global id stuff21:00
fsufitchwhere _is_ paul?21:01
Lumiereat school probably21:01
fsufitchLumiere: can i have dwelsh's Data.fs?21:08
fsufitchmine is sort of outdated and giving me issues21:08
fsufitchand i dont want to spend my time making a new one21:08
Lumierefsufitch: yes21:09
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fsufitchLumiere: well?21:31
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* Lumiere is off to home bbiab22:09
Lumieremattva01: can you keep talking with jinty about packaging22:09
jintymattva01: ?22:10
fsufitchLumiere: how should the competency groups inside of other competency groups be represented on the score report?22:18
fsufitchi can't exactly do indentation22:19
fsufitchbuuut as long as i'm rewriting the way it's currently made, i might as well do that22:20
fsufitchLumiere, dwelsh, you're the ones whose opinions i need22:20
fsufitchXP ftw22:20
fsufitchwell, i guess i'll just take a break until someone answers >_>22:22
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