IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2007-08-19

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sudinfLumiere: hi00:24
sudinfLumiere: I had sent an email to jeff on both the address, gmail and his own but then I have not recieved any reply so far00:28
sudinfLumiere: may I know when he is online00:28
sudinfLumiere: so that I could contact him on the DOCTESTQUIZ00:29
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sudinfaelkner: Hi01:06
aelknersudinf: what's your name?01:06
aelknerNew Now Know How is quite mysterious01:07
aelknerDid my brother get back to you?01:07
sudinfhe asked me to send an email yesterday to another email address01:08
sudinfI did forward the mail01:08
sudinfbut then I didn't get any reply from him till now01:08
aelknerkeep after him cause i know he's interested01:08
aelknerhe's down in el salvador so this might not be a good time01:08
aelknerbut he's REAL interested in autromated testing01:09
aelknerfor teaching pythoin01:09
aelknerhe's talked about crunchy more than once01:09
aelknerbut i don't know any more than that01:09
aelkneri'm not sure it's where he wants it to be01:09
aelkneryou might be able to help each other01:10
sudinfso when is he free01:10
sudinfany idea01:10
aelknerto be honest, i don't know when he returns01:10
aelknerbut like i said, make yourself a nussence via email01:10
aelknersudinf: confused by something i said?01:20
aelknernuisance is the right spelling i should have used01:21
aelkneri don't mean littlerally that you would be annoying01:21
sudinfI got it !! ;)01:22
aelknerit's just a figurative way of saying persistant01:22
aelknergot to go.  good luck hooking up with him01:22
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