IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2007-08-18

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pcardunefsufitch: ayt?00:03
aelknerpcardune: i'm trying to get a phone consult with Dave to discuss his vision of the fine points of operation of the new skin00:09
fsufitchi was away for a sec00:09
pcarduneaelkner: best of luck00:09
aelknerI didn't know if you'd want to be involved at this late a stage in planning of that sort00:09
pcarduneno, you can leave me out of it00:09
pcarduneaelkner: did you actually manage to get ahold of him though?00:10
aelknerbasically, i think it's important for our biggest customer and ui co-designer to sign off on some things00:10
aelknernot yet00:10
pcardunehe is notoriously difficult to get a hold of00:10
aelkneri was hoping Lumiere could help set something up00:10
pcardunethat is usually your best bet00:10
aelknersince he's in his office often00:10
aelknerwould you want in on the meeting if/when we set it up?00:11
aelkneryou could say no since you'd be dropping off only a couple of days after00:12
aelknerpcardune: it's up to you.00:12
aelknerLumiere: ping00:13
pcarduneno, but maybe you should ask Eldar00:13
aelknereldar who?  i haven't seen him for quite a while00:14
aelkneris he done for the year?00:14
aelknerwhen we met in my gobby session to draw up that planning.txt, eldar put today as his last day of availability00:15
aelkneryet he hasn't been around all week00:15
aelknerso i don't know what that means00:15
aelknerLumiere: what about that meeting?00:15
LumiereI have no idea of dwelsh's actual availablity00:16
aelknerI'd like to talk with Dave as he uses the new skin00:16
LumiereI am working from home toda00:16
Lumiereand worked out of Herndon wed/thurs00:16
Lumierefsufitch: commented out pdb stuff is bad to commit00:16
aelknercould you find out if/when he could meet?  i'm available all weekend00:16
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Lumiere+    def isAvailable(self):00:17
Lumiere+        #import pdb; pdb.set_trace()00:17
fsufitchwow, that was a random snap at me00:17
aelknerthat's my bad00:17
fsufitchLumiere: it's always my fault isn't it!00:17
Lumierefsufitch: I read commit messages00:17
aelknerbut i like your thinking blaming filip :)00:17
Lumieremisread the committer00:17
aelkneri'll fix it00:17
Lumiere*casts 301 redirect*00:17
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fsufitchpcardune: so what's with the actions menu?00:23
pcarduneok, so did you checkout the schooltool action menu stuff?00:23
fsufitchuh yeah00:24
fsufitchit's called weird00:24
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fsufitchthere are two almost identical zcml registrations00:24
fsufitch  <viewletManager00:24
fsufitch      name="schooltool.ActionsMenu"00:24
fsufitch      permission="zope.Public"00:24
fsufitch      class=".skin.ActionMenuViewletManager"00:24
fsufitch      template="templates/"00:24
fsufitch      />00:24
fsufitchand another one substituting schooltool.Actions for schooltool.ActionsMenu00:25
pcarduneI believe that one is for the actual drop down00:26
pcarduneand the other is for the area where said drop down appears00:26
pcarduneand one viewlet manager is rendered as a viewlet in the other viewlet manager00:26
pcardunenested viewlet managers00:27
pcardunethat's all00:27
pcardunewe don't need nested viewlet managers though00:27
fsufitchwell, other than that, there's just the ActionMenuViewletManager class, which makes sense00:28
aelknerguys, could we keep this stuff in
pcardunethat was the plan00:29
aelkneryou may have noticed i moved a lot of stuff in there out of places like global.zcml00:30
aelkneri won't be working in there for now, so we won't have conflicts00:30
aelknerjust be sure to do an svn up before you start00:30
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pcardune`sweet... irc in emacs00:58
aelknerpcardune, fsufitch: if you already did an svn up, do it again00:58
pcardune`Now I can use my sweet emacs stuff with tags and say things like, You just have to use the IObjectCreatedEvent (and tab through the options instead of typing it all out :))00:59
aelknerpcardune: i changed Context to SubTabMenu as we agreed00:59
pcardune`aelkner: ok good00:59
pcardune`aelkner: me an filip are kind of implementing what you and me had talked about00:59
pcardune`so we will want a base class01:00
aelkneri already did the isAvailable stuff01:00
pcardune`is it in there?01:00
aelknerso i hope that's not what you're referring to01:00
fsufitchwhere is it?01:00
pcardune`yes, we want to use that functionality01:00
aelknerfor submenus not action menus01:00
aelkneryou could copy it and change it to suit your needs01:01
pcardune`aelkner: we aren't going to need your viewlet manager01:01
aelknerno you want your own01:01
pcardune`well, ours is going to use a template to check isAvailable01:01
pcardune`aelkner: copying code is bad... we would enver copy code... better to abstract and subclass01:02
aelknerto much abstraction can be a bad thing01:02
aelknertry to remember that others need to be able to read code quickly01:02
aelknerso copying code is sometimes ok01:02
pcardune`I disagree01:02
aelknersometimes it's clear that an abstraction can be made01:03
aelknerbut to abstract just fopr the sake of it is too confusing01:03
pcardune`well I disagree, but don't have time to explain thuroughly my arguments01:03
aelknerme neither01:03
aelknerjust copy stuff for now and we can abstract later01:04
aelknerand please keep it at the bottom of to make it easy to find01:04
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fsufitchi should just message pcardune_xchat to annoy people01:08
fsufitchmostly you :-P01:08
aelknerpcardune: could you send me the Data.fs file you got from Dave?01:20
pcardune_xchatit is 300 mb01:20
pcardune_xchatask Lumiere01:20
pcardune_xchathe has it on some server01:20
pcardune_xchatavailable for download01:20
aelknerLumiere: ping01:20
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Lumiereaelkner: I don't have access to it01:29
Lumierebut if something is up with it01:29
Lumieredwelsh will see it01:29
aelknerLumiere: i need a real Data.fs file.  Can you supply me with one01:30
Lumierelemme see01:36
Lumieregimme 5 minutes01:36
Lumiereaelkner: do you have an account on your server01:43
Lumierethat I can scp dump this thing01:43
aelkneri can create one for you01:44
aelknerwhat userid/password would you like01:44
Lumierejstraw and then a fruit01:44
Lumiereand once I drop the file in01:44
Lumierechange it01:44
aelkneri created the account.  could you please ssh in there and change the password to something you would use01:46
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Lumiere28%   86MB   1.3MB/s   02:49 ETA01:47
pcardunethat is fast01:50
LumiereI did it off acc.candoskills.org01:51
aelknerLumiere: please don't forget to change your password on my machine.  I don't want any holes there.01:53
aelknerthanks much01:55
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aelknerpcardune: when I put dwelsh's Data.fs file in my cando instance and started cando it evelved as i would expect03:13
aelknerbut it fails when i login as manager03:13
aelknerOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/pytz/zoneinfo/US/Eastern'03:14
aelkner/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/pytz/zoneinfo exists, but it's empty03:16
aelknerLumiere: are you there?03:16
aelknerhave you seen this before?03:16
Lumiereexcuse me03:16
Lumierewhile I go curse at python-tz03:16
aelknerso you HAVE03:16
LumiereI have seen more then enough python-tz errors03:17
Lumierepcardune: may remember how to get rid of this03:17
aelknercould you look at your /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/pytz/zoneinfo to see if it's empty?03:18
aelknerLumiere: if it isn't, could you send me a tarball of its contents03:19
Lumiereuh I think03:24
LumiereI removed the python-tz package03:24
Lumierefrom the system03:24
Lumiereand let it install an egg03:24
aelknerLumiere: so you suggest i sudo apt-get remove python-tz and run make?03:26
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Lumiereaelkner: make clean and make03:32
aelkneri didn't do the make clean, but it still pulled in the new egg03:35
aelknerit works now, thanks03:35
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Lumieremattva01: how are packages coming20:07
mattva01oh, good , as in like 95% done ( Last week was really hectic)20:08
mattva01will you be around later20:09
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Mattva01bleh MIRC20:43
fsufitchLumiere: do u know where eldar is?22:28
Lumiereeldar is probably heading to school22:29
LumiereUVA starts like this weekend or soon after22:32
fsufitchi forgot he's going to college22:33
Lumierewhat do you need22:36
fsufitchsecond-hand question from my brother22:37

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