IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2007-08-14

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pcarduneLumiere: mmmm, i just got electricsheep to run as my desktop background :)02:41
Lumiereand compiz?02:49
pcarduneLumiere: well, it is using compiz fusion too02:49
fsufitchpcardune, whoa dude!02:51
fsufitchelectricsheep as ur background?02:51
pcarduneyeah, it is wild02:51
fsufitchplz tell02:52
fsufitchhello, pcardune ?02:52
fsufitchnvm i found the ubuntuforum for doing it02:53
fsufitchyea, i found it02:55
fsufitchgoogle ;)02:55
pcarduneI feel so bad for people who don't use linux03:02
pcardunewhat a dry computing experience they must have03:02
pcardunelike going to a bad movie with faded colors and no surround sound03:03
fsufitchpcardune, it doesn't work...03:05
fsufitchit just sort of darkens my screen and only shows up on a couple of pixels03:05
pcarduneyou probably want to increase the opacity03:06
pcardunewhich is set to like 0.3 by default03:06
fsufitchhow do i increase it?03:06
fsufitchoh i see03:06
fsufitchit only shows up on areas of my screen that are perfectly black03:07
fsufitchwell, it sort of works now...03:08
fsufitchi set my background to black...03:08
fsufitchpcardune, are you getting the random flashes while it's running?03:10
pcardunefsufitch: I'm pretty much just getting awesome at this point :)03:13
fsufitchit's always my computer that screws up03:13
th1aIt doesn't seem like I can use compiz with MythTV, so I can't try this on my desktop.04:06
pcarduneth1a: you can set up separate gnome session settings, one that uses compiz, and one that doesn't, so every time you want to impress your friends you just select the compiz session04:31
pcardunebut I wouldn't be able to tell you how to do that off the top of my head04:31
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th1apcardune: In Gutsy, it is easy to switch on the fly.05:54
LumiereI have --replaces05:55
Lumiereas buttons05:55
Lumieremetacity --replace05:55
Lumiereand compiz --replace05:56
th1aLumiere: You are a geek, sir.05:56
Lumieredamned right05:58
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SpecLumiere: when does jelkner get back from not-america?18:12
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aelknerhey paul18:22
pcardunehi aelkner18:22
aelknerpcardune: what's the deal with the buildbot failing every time?  i haven't had a chance to look at it and was curious.18:24
pcardunewell, we've had failing tests for weeks...18:25
pcarduneor well, ever since the sprint18:25
aelkneris it just our ftests that are failing, or is it some dependency issue with eggs?18:26
pcarduneI dont know, I'd have to look at the buildbot output18:26
pcarduneor run the tests myself18:26
pcardunewhen is the last time you ran the whole test suite with a fressh schooltool egg?18:27
aelkneri can do that eventually.  i was just curious about any known issues.18:27
pcardunelooks like journal functional tests are broken18:28
aelkneri'll look into it.18:29
Lumiereaelkner: you can run coverage as needed18:32
Lumiereaelkner: if you go to buildbot18:32
Lumiereand click cando-coverage18:32
Lumiere(the header above that column)18:32
Lumiereyou can put your name and reason in18:32
Lumiereand force coverage to rerun18:33
aelknerIs there a way to run the tests manually on the buildbot?  There may be environmental issues there that one could figure out at a unix prompt.18:34
pcardunewell, based on the output, there are not environment issues18:34
pcardunethat test is failing because it is just plain broken18:34
pcardunebut all buildbot does is run make ftest18:34
Lumierepcardune: make testall18:35
LumiereI think18:35
Lumiereaelkner: if there seem to be any issues18:35
pcardunewell, it seems to separate functional and unit tests...18:35
LumiereI am at ACC at noonish18:35
LumiereI am going to get a showe18:37
Lumiereback in a bit18:37
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aelknerpcardune: looks like the buildbot is failing in two areas, journal browser and gradebook browser.18:48
aelknerfunny that the journal browser tests are not failing in the trunk now.18:49
aelknerbut your gradbook borwser test is still failing.18:49
pcarduneummm, buildbot is only showing one failure... i'm looking at
pcardunewhat are you looking at?18:51
aelkneri went to the buildbot site itself and clicked on the test button at the bottom which i figured represented the most recent test18:55
aelknerbtw, if you run make ftest against the trunk, only the gradebook failed tests emerges.18:59
aelkneroh, and a deprecation warning in the newskin tests which i just cleaned up.19:02
aelknerpcardune: do you see the gradebook ftest failure?19:04
pcarduneaelkner: you might want to compare the urls19:05
pcarduneyours has a builds/90 in it, and mine has a builds/239 in it19:05
pcardunesomething tells me that builds/239 is the more recent one19:05
aelkneri noticed the number 239 is larger than 90 if that's what you mean19:05
aelknerbut have you run make ftest against the trunk19:06
pcarduneNo... I'm currently setting up gutsy for development and I don't yet have everything in place19:06
pcardunemaybe if you force the buildbot to retest it will show the error(s) you are getting19:07
aelknerpcardune: btw, we were comparing apples and oranges there.  239 was the cando test number where 90 was for cando-coverage19:10
aelknerwhy do we have both?19:10
pcarduneaaah, yes we should have paid even *more* attention to the url then :)19:10
pcardunewe have both because if you want to generate coverage reports, you don't have to rerun the entire test suite19:11
aelkneryou don't?!19:11
aelkneri would think you would if talking about coverage19:11
pcardunecoverage reports are different than coverage19:12
pcardunecoverage reports are the pretty little html documents19:12
aelknerhow so?19:12
pcardunecoverage is a not so pretty *.coverage file19:12
pcarduneLumiere can probably give you even more reasons why we have two... he set it all up19:13
aelkneryeh, i'll wait and ask him19:13
aelknerwhat about the gradebook failure and the fact htat i get no journal error?19:13
aelknernever mind.  you already said you were busy with gutsy19:14
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Lumierecando is testing only20:27
Lumiereit runs every single time someone commits20:28
Lumiereit says 'tests passed' or unit test fail or functional test fail20:28
Lumierecando-coverage also runs tests20:29
Lumierebut it also produces coverage reports while it runs20:29
Lumiereit is much more CPU and memory intensive20:30
Lumiereand only gets run as needed20:30
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pcarduneoh i see, so I had it backwards21:23
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pcarduneLumiere: we should update that feisty-environment target in the makefile to work with gutsy too23:41
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