IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2007-08-08

whaddonpcardune: When I specify to use the layer cando.newskin.INewCanDoLayer, the schooltool version of the page appears, not mine00:00
pcarduneyep, you've got to use the new cando skin00:00
whaddonHow does this solve the problem that teachers can edit things they shouldn't?00:02
whaddonping pcardune00:04
pcardunedon't think of the problem as that, think of the problem as being that teachers can click on links to get to places there should't be links too00:05
whaddonbut the teachers would not get to the version without the links; they would get to the version with the links00:06
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eldarfsufitch__, tell jama to get on irc02:33
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* Lumiere kills makorihi 02:37
makorihii didnt do anything wrongggg!!!!02:37
makorihithough i do have one question02:38
fsufitch__why am i so evil?02:39
Lumierestart talking02:39
Lumiereand stop wasting time!02:39
fsufitch__i've been trained by Lumiere to believe that anybody not doing anything is a crime requiring capital punishment02:39
makorihiregarding importing basically anything, but skilldrivers specifically. if there are collisions (duplicates) while importing, there will be a different view class handling that. how shall i pass those duplicate skilldrivers to the next view class to be dealt with?02:40
makorihii was thinking that adapting the skilldrivers class to hold a list of duplicates might work. also creating another persistnent class called Duplicates that holds duplicates of anything would work.02:40
fsufitch__makorihi, btw, if u need masood to work on your regular work, you can do that later...02:40
makorihijust wondering which way would be best -_-02:41
fsufitch__there are many one-person things to do right _now_02:41
makorihisigh, he would just make things faster per that whole pair error checking thing02:41
fsufitch__if u think that u'd work better in a pair, that is02:41
makorihii'm normally right in arguments so doesnt really matter >.>02:41
fsufitch__pcardune, wasn't there some "replace old code" work you wanted done?02:42
pcardunehmmm, I think I finished it02:42
fsufitch__i think i'll go continue remaking my Data.fs now02:43
pcardunesounds good02:43
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makorihipcardune: any opinion on how i should handle duplicates (and the passing between view classes)?02:43
fsufitch__makorihi, why don't you give yours? you'll be right02:44
makorihifsufitch, edit my previous statement so that it is only valid in convos w/ masood <~<02:44
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whaddonI need work02:45
pcardunemakorihi: for duplicates, I'd say do what is simple first02:45
makorihipcardune: simple? as in the hackkish way?02:45
pcardunewhaddon: see the email I sent you about a previous revision of yours02:45
pcardunemakorihi: no, hakish is doing something complicated with code that does not take long to write02:46
* Lumiere wonders where the hell the help files are02:46
makorihipcardue: i have a hackkish way already implemented that disables anybody from importing a skilldriver with the title '*{POST}'02:46
pcarduneI already know you would rather write code that does not take long to write, so to make it not hackish, you have to make it perform a simpler task02:46
whaddonpcardune: On which pages do we need duplicates of the top menu items?02:46
fsufitch__pcardune, ALERT02:47
fsufitch__CSV IMPORT IS BROKEN!!02:47
fsufitch__*person csv import02:48
fsufitch__wait, this is for ignas02:48
fsufitch__ignas, ping!02:48
pcardunewhaddon: they are not duplicates on all the pages02:48
whaddonpcardune: On which pages are they not duplicates?02:49
makorihipcardune: currintly, the *checking* for duplicates is all happy. BUT!, i have to pass it between view classes. i'm not sure if making persistent dictionaries jsut for this purpose is the best way . .02:49
ignasfsufitch__: it is, you should turn it of for can do and not use it02:49
pcarduneI'm not sure, but you ought to check02:49
fsufitch__>_< this is not for cando, i was just telling you02:49
pcardunemakorihi: store it in the session if you have to02:49
fsufitch__i'm using the schooltool UI to make people02:49
whaddonThey could only possibly not be duplicates for pages that do not have the top menu. I did not know there were pages without the top menu.02:50
makorihipcardune: how might i go about that? do you mean storing it in self.request? doesnt self.request get re-made AFTER the page is reloaded? if you are talking about a different thing i would like to understand that >.>02:51
pcardunewhaddon: well did those duplicates appear on all pages previously?02:51
pcardunemakorihi: yes, I am talking about a different thing and am trying to think of an example where it is used02:51
pcardunemakorihi: go to the schooltool directory and type "rgrep -Hn Session ."02:52
pcardunemakorihi: it should come up with something you can look at02:52
pcarduneyou might also want to check out Stephan's book which should have a still up-to-date chapter on that topic02:52
whaddonpcardune: No, but they were registered for pages for schooltool application objects (i.e. pages in the root of the URL hierarchy and not in sub "directories")02:55
pcardunewhaddon: so if they were registered for ISchoolToolApplication, then how did they show up in the curriculum view?  or was the curriculum view for some reason registered in ISchoolToolApplication as well?02:56
whaddonIt was registered in ISchoolToolApplication02:57
fsufitch__ignas,  another probem in SchoolTool03:07
fsufitch__some of the translations are incomplete03:07
fsufitch__and i know because i've got random romanian text starting to show up03:07
fsufitch__not good.03:07
fsufitch__like, from romania03:07
whaddonpcardune: So what should I do now?03:11
whaddonping pcardune03:16
pcardunewhaddon: I feel deep down in my gut that the curriculum view should not be registered for ISchoolToolApplication.03:17
pcardunewhaddon: so... make it registered for ICurriculumContainer03:17
whaddonpcardune: OK. Should I put those menu items back or not?03:18
pcardunewhaddon: I guess not... but I still feel somewhat uneasy about it.  If only we had more functional tests for newskin (i'm working on it)03:19
whaddonOK. Thank you.03:19
whaddonTrunk appears to be broken to me.03:44
fsufitch__whaddon, orly?03:46
Lumierefsufitch__: gb2/b/03:46
whaddonfsufitch__: what does orly mean?03:47
Lumiereoh really03:49
whaddonTry checking out trunk and see if it works or not03:50
Lumiereif it doesn't work03:50
Lumieretry FIXING IT! zomg!03:50
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whaddon_pcardune: I finished moving the curriculum view. I updated all the relevent lnks and ftests.04:28
whaddon_I need more work04:29
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whaddonNever mind. I'm going to bed.04:53
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fsufitch__um, pcardune ?04:58
fsufitch__my candologin.html suddenly stopped working04:58
Lumiereso, how close are we to getting ftests unbroken again in cando05:13
LumiereI want to get rid of this ugly red on my buildbot...05:13
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mattva01sorry that took awhile05:37
mattva01to get back05:37
mattva01and online05:38
Lumiereget back to work06:11
mattva01so who's up ?06:37
fsufitch__who's up with what?06:45
fsufitch__what are u talking about?06:45
mattva01like as in not asleep06:47
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mattva01i'm finishing the last couple packages06:47
fsufitch__oh ok06:48
fsufitch__well, let's see06:48
fsufitch__up are:06:48
fsufitch__the elkners, welsh (i think), jstraw, pcardune, eldar, NOT ignas, tom hoffman, tom doggette and maybe a couple other ppl06:49
fsufitch__mary, mounika and stephen are up, but not programming: playing bridge06:49
mattva01what about kevin cole?06:50
mattva01I sent him , james , and jeff an email that is important for anyone who used for stuff (ie gasp, and some curriculum dev)06:53
fsufitch__i think he's up06:54
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mattva01jason , if your still up , turns out i have to package some more dependencies07:27
fsufitch__mattva01, jason tells u to go right ahead07:30
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mattva01ok ,i'll be back after a couple hours of sleep08:20
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fsufitchi think i'm going to panic now17:54
mattva01stay calm and think17:57
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rjellisopcardune: you mentioned wanting a page for Screenshots on schooltool.org19:37
rjellisowhat sort of screenshots were you thinking of?19:38
pcardunescreen shots of the application19:38
Lumiereorly... DUH?!?19:41
rjellisowell, of just the new cando skin, or of schooltool as well?19:43
fsufitchi lost the game19:46
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fsufitchi love demotivators19:54
Lumieremattva01: how are you doing20:12
mattva01good just a couple more20:12
mattva01i messed up and did a couple that i didnt have to do (did the zope. instead of z3c.20:13
Lumierewell kill them20:14
mattva01i did20:14
mattva01when are you ending the sprint?20:15
eldar5 o clock20:21
Lumieremove fasssterrrrr!20:22
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* mattva01 cracks whip over himself20:30 hits jhancock with /me20:46
* jhancock hammers Lumiere20:48
* Lumiere drops a thermonuclear weapon on jelkner 20:50
* fsufitch watches the show20:50
fsufitchgood seats :)20:50
* Lumiere watches as the blast obliterates jhancock 20:51
fsufitchjhancock is remaining pretty quiet20:51
fsufitchhe must be dead20:51
* Lumiere picks up a large rainbow trout20:52
mattva01i am assuming someone asked how about how /me worked20:52
* Lumiere beats mattva01 with a large SMELLY trout! (TROUT TROUT TROUT TROUT!)20:52
* mattva01 sighs20:53
* mattva01 help20:54
* fsufitch slaps mattva01 20:54
mattva01thought i deleted the me part20:54
mattva01well whatever20:55
mattva01how was dinner last night20:55
fsufitchmattva01, FAIL20:57
Lumierefsufitch: ltg20:57
fsufitchLumiere, already did20:57
mattva01wtf does ltg mean?20:59
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fsufitchmattva01, lose the game21:00
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fsufitchi ltg21:28
pcardunewhaddon:  <-- replace the "x" with this image21:32
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*** Lumiere changes topic to "SchoolTool development | IRC logs at | Dev meetings Mon, 13:30 UTC (15:30 EET) - CanDo Dev meetings Mon, 14:30 UTC (10:30 US/Eastern) | Use for pasting"22:09
mattva01restarting my router,brb22:18
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pcardunefsufitch: use this for the help button image:
pcarduneit is under an appropriate license22:57
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PreetamIs Chris or Thomas there? I am supposed to be working with them...23:04
fsufitchthey're here23:06
PreetamCan you tell them to get on schooltool?23:06
fsufitchthey're in the cleanup stage23:07
fsufitchemail them23:07
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mattva01jason,i'm emailing the packages in just a little bit, one issue is they'll break without the schooltool repo23:11
mattva01because it will install the older version23:12
mattva01oh wait nvm23:13
mattva01ignore that :)23:13
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