IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2007-08-09

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ignasaelkner: http://localhost:7080/++etc++site/default/RootErrorReportingUtility/@@configure.html01:16
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mattva01is jeff there?17:30
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mattva01hey jeff17:37
mattva01it was a VERY simple problem17:38
jelknermattva01: do you see my private chat?17:38
ignaspcardune: ayt?17:43
pcarduneignas: kind of17:43
ignasits a tarp17:45
pcarduneI mean, I'm here, but I got maybe 3 hours of sleep last night and have been up since 3am17:46
pcarduneso, I'm here, but not very functional17:46
ignashmm, eldar was complaining that you were not answering him on google talk17:46
pcarduneoh I see17:46
pcardunethat's because you have to be looking at that window to see it17:47
pcardunewhy isn't he on #schooltool?17:47
ignasno idea17:47
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Lumieregrr emerald still not working18:24
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Lumieregot it18:27
Lumierehad to force fglrx18:27
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eldarfglrx? why18:39
eldarfglrx is ati18:39
Lumiereno idea18:46
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Lumierehi aelkner21:03
Lumiereeldar: hihi21:03
aelknerhi there21:03
aelkneri'm looking over my existing gobby session21:03
aelknerdoes anyone know what port 6001 is for?21:03
aelkneri see stuff that looks like new skin21:03
aelknerbut i don't know who was using it21:03
bnguyenaelkner: that was the one you lent to wjohnsto and I21:03
bnguyenwe don't need it anymore21:04
aelknerbrittney, thanks!21:04
aelknerso everyone fell free to sign on there and i'll remove the files21:04
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eldarhai hai21:05
aelknerok, the files are removed21:06
aelknerso let's meet there and start editing a planning file21:06
aelknerLumiere, eldar, are you game?21:08
aelknersign on21:08
Lumiereto where21:09
Lumiereok21:10 6522?21:10
aelknergobby session port 600121:11
aelknereldar, care to join us?21:13
eldarhold on lol21:14
eldargotta install gobby21:14
eldargobby sucks btw21:15
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aelknereldar, so glad you're a gobby enthusiast21:16
eldarme too21:16
eldarhey uhhh21:17
eldarit says you guys are offline21:17
eldaroh wait21:17
eldari'm in the wrong session :P21:17
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aelknereldar, could you fill some stuff in the planning doc please?21:25
Lumiereerr wrong window21:50
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trekkiemagejhancock: m7992ce0b21:59
aelknereldar, are you at ACC, and is Jeff there?22:06
eldaraelkner, i'm at acc and jeff is not here22:08
aelknerso where is the bum?22:08
aelknereldar, in lieu of jeff, could you lend your thoughts in interns availablilty in the gobby session?22:09
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aelknerLumiere, are you there?22:34
Lumierewe're closing up here22:35
aelknerok, i'm getting ready to take a long break22:35
aelknerwhen can we meet tomorrow?22:35
aelkner10 or 11ish?22:36
Lumierenot sure yet22:36
Lumierebut I should be up by 1122:36
aelkneri'll shoot for that too22:36
aelknerwe'll se each ither when we're both on22:36
aelknerLumiere, cya22:37
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