IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2007-08-07

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pcardunewhaddon_: it seems that you do in fact have commit access00:20
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fsufitcht3h_sood, lose the game00:33
t3h_soodyou suck00:34
t3h_soodCRAP I WROTE THAT!00:34
t3h_soodI didn't actually mean to hit enter on that one <_<...00:34
t3h_soodI mean the long string of 'omg its t3h god paul'00:34
t3h_sooddude! ELDAR'S HERE TOO! Oh, anyways, I'm going into sleep mode for a while to work...00:34
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* makorihi Jama00:35
pandresthis must be the funniest zope list, i'll stay00:37
t3h_sood?? What'd I do again?00:37
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t3h_soodpaul: FAST SERVE01:15
t3h_soodpcardune: FAST SEVE01:15
t3h_sood... SERVE****01:15
t3h_soodpaul isn't here...01:15
makorihiyou f00l01:16
t3h_sood.......... my life has just lost most of it's meaningfulness <-- is that even a word?01:16
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mattva01hmm very strange02:07
mattva01the source package for python schooltool is wrong02:07
mattva01the dependencies do not match up with the dsc file02:08
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jstrawjelkner: make backups!02:44
jelknerwe've already backed up all we are going to02:44
jelknerwhere is matt?02:44
mattva01did you do david cox's stuff02:44
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mattva01right here :)02:45
jelknermattva01: check in your home directory on yhspatriot02:45
jelknerthen confirm with dcox that he has all he needs02:45
jelknerand i'll proceed02:46
whaddonDoes anyone have a cando Data.fs file that already has users? I can not add any users because the old UI is broken.02:46
fsufitchu can use the schooltool UI02:46
fsufitchthat's what i always use <_<02:47
whaddonThe schooltool UI is broken02:47
Lumiereuh works for us02:47
fsufitchhow come it's always your branches that are broken?02:48
fsufitchor rather ur checkouts02:48
mattva01hey this is stephen drodge02:48
whaddonInteresting. It is also broken for robbie and bao02:48
mattva01i was just going to tell jeff that the crunchy bug fix02:48
Lumierehow is it broken02:48
mattva01has taken a really really long time for review02:48
Lumiereand why did it take you this freaking long02:48
Lumiereto tell us02:48
mattva01and so we kind of have not much to do while waiting for the bugfix02:49
whaddonIt downloads and installs fine, but when you start it up and go to localhost:port, you get a Zope error message.02:50
jelknermattva01: what about LaTeX?02:51
mattva01paci is working on that02:51
jelknermattva01: ask paci if there is anything you can do to help02:52
jelknerhe could even put on his XP hat and pair with one of you ;-)02:52
mattva01ok this is real matt again02:52
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mattva01im attempting to locate david cox :)02:52
jelknermattva01: i assume you have return to your former self?02:53
jelkner(and you are no longer stephen drodge)02:53
jelknerwell, i want to get back to the sprint, so please confirm i can proceed with the install02:54
mattva011 sec02:55
mattva01k you may proceed02:56
* jelkner leaves to do maddog install...02:57
jelknercall 703-228-5419 if you need to reach him02:57
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jelkneranyone know where matt is?03:32
mattva01im her03:34
mattva01here :)03:34
jelknerok, log into maddog03:34
jelknerusual user name03:35
jelknerfavorite fruit03:35
jelknerthen change your password03:35
jelknerlet me know when your done03:36
jelknerand i'll up your permissions03:37
* fsufitch is away: I'm away from my computer03:40
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Lumierepcardune: how goes04:01
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* fsufitch is back (gone 00:42:10)04:22
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fsufitchpcardune, yt?04:42
fsufitchhow do i get a GradebookStudentCrowd when i'm supposed to pass it a Gradebook in the constructor?04:43
fsufitchi don't have a gradebook04:44
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fsufitchpcardune, GradebookInstructorsCrowd is broken05:01
fsufitchTypeError: ('Could not adapt', <schooltool.course.section.SectionContainer object at 0xa1eb96c>, <InterfaceClass cando.gradebook.interfaces.IGradebookInstructors>)05:01
fsufitcheither that or it doesn't like the self.context05:02
pcardunefsufitch: it does not like the self.context05:02
fsufitch((told u))05:02
pcarduneyou can only adapt ICompetencyGradebook and IStudentCompetencyGradebook to IGradebookInstructors05:02
pcarduneand not ISectionContainer05:02
fsufitchwell what do i do then?05:02
fsufitchcuz this is sections/go.html05:02
fsufitchand it needs to check if it's a teacher or not05:03
pcarduneuse TeacherCrowd05:03
pcardunesorry, TeachersCrowd05:03
fsufitchso i just use that instead of the InstructorCrows?05:04
fsufitchthe student is bound to have the same problem too05:05
fsufitchpcardune, is there a StudentCrowd in schooltool.securitypolicy.crowds?05:05
pcarduneyes i think so05:05
fsufitchno, no studentcrowd05:07
fsufitchpcardune, further ideas?05:08
pcardunehmm, ask ignas05:09
fsufitchignas_ .....05:10
ignas_fsufitch: not Instructor05:11
ignas_you don't need instructor05:11
ignas_yes Student crowd is there05:11
fsufitchyes, i took that away05:11
ignas_you need TeacherCrowd not Instructor05:11
fsufitchin schooltool.securitypolicy.crowds there is no student crowd05:11
ignas_fsufitch: cool05:12
ignas_there is no StudentCrowd :D05:12
ignas_let me add it05:12
fsufitchignas_, tell me when ur done05:13
ignas_wha, we don't have any special securilty cases for Students ;)05:13
ignas_fsufitch: done, now wait for functional tests to finish and package you a new schooltool egg05:14
ignas_that is unless you are using schooltool checkout05:15
fsufitchi'm not05:15
* Fujitsu wonders why ignas_ isn't asleep.05:28
ignas_Fujitsu: should do a whois and see where i am05:28
* Fujitsu looks up the PTR.05:28
FujitsuAh, .edu. I see.05:29
fsufitchignas_, how do i get the new schooltool egg?05:30
ignas_fsufitch: rm -rf eggs/school<tab> <return>05:30
ignas_make run05:30
fsufitchit works!!05:34
FujitsuAre you still planning to have a release before UVF?05:36
fsufitchi'm gonna go to bed, evbody05:48
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fsufitchpcardune, ayt?17:26
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fsufitchpcardune, contextual help is t3h easy17:35
fsufitchpcardune, there's a problem with the macro for NewCanDo17:39
pcardunethere are many problems :)17:39
fsufitchsee, applies whenever the page is a go.html17:39
fsufitchbut applies whenever the page is index.html17:39
fsufitchor whatever else17:39
fsufitchso if i put the help button in view_macro.pt17:39
pcarduneactually, applies when it is a pagelet, and view_macros when it is a page17:39
fsufitchso i need to put the link in both?17:40
fsufitchalso, there are a few discrepancies with them17:40
fsufitchhave u noticed the breadcrumbs sometimes go bold randomly?17:40
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pcardunefsufitch: those discrepencies need to be fixed17:45
fsufitchI DON'T HAVE THE CARD YET!17:46
pcarduneand just to double check fsufitch, you are still using trunk right?17:46
pcarduneI'm about to make a lot of cards for fixing the newskin17:46
fsufitchthe newskin in trunk?17:47
fsufitchdoes that mean that i'll have a big stack again?17:47
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fsufitchAAAA it's the eldar clone!!17:48
eldar_oh crap, i already have a window open17:48
Lumiereyes twice the eldar_ to make fun of you17:48
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Lumierefsufitch: yes it does17:49
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fsufitchpcardune, trunk is broken17:56
fsufitchreally badly17:56
fsufitchstart an instance17:56
pcarduneworks for me?17:56
fsufitchlog on as anybody17:56
fsufitchgo to competencies page17:57
fsufitch  File "/home/filip/cando-trunk/src/cando/newskin/", line 57, in courses17:57
fsufitch    for section in self.sections:17:57
fsufitchAttributeError: 'CompetenciesGo' object has no attribute 'sections'17:57
fsufitchgreat fun17:57
fsufitchi'm wondering how it worked till now17:57
fsufitchor maybe i corrupted my data17:57
fsufitchcould someone confirm this as a bug?17:57
pcardunei'm looking into it17:58
pcarduneworks for me17:59
Lumierefsufitch: try cleaning up?18:01
fsufitchLumiere, come here for a sec, pl0x18:01
fsufitchpcardune, could u write a card for fixing i18n?18:05
fsufitchi.e. adding translations for all english text?18:05
fsufitchthat will have to be done last, when all text changes are over18:05
pcardunethere is one18:05
Lumierepcardune: "Make Sure Translations are complete." -> ?18:05
fsufitchbtw, u don't have to assign it to me... <_<18:06
fsufitchthere's other ppl who worked with i18n18:06
fsufitchpcardune, have u by chance started killing Demographics person?18:09
Lumierefsufitch: -> ignas18:09
pcardunefsufitch: it's dead18:09
fsufitchignas, same qtn18:09
fsufitchwell that seems to be my problem18:09
Lumierefix it :)18:10
ignasLumiere: ?18:10
fsufitchas instructors can no longer be demo. persons, and jelkner is a demo. person, and he thinks he's an instructor, but his class doesn't18:10
whaddonWhat is the difference between and
fsufitchsee the log from earlier18:13
fsufitchit's something pissing me off too18:13 applies to pagelets, to pages18:13
fsufitchor something like that18:13
whaddonThank you18:14
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pcardunefsufitch: the reason for that is that we want some pages to appear in both the teacher skin and the admin skin18:23
pcardunefsufitch: I'm planning on moving all of the pagetemplates in newskin into their own directory18:23
pcardunefsufitch: so, did you commit the fixed isTeacher and isStudent yet? because I don't see the changes in trunk18:24
Lumierefsufitch is dealing with the help people18:27
fsufitchpcardune, i made some other changes aside from isTeacher and isStudent18:32
pcardunefsufitch: where are they, they are not committed18:32
fsufitchi dont think they break anything, but i can not be sure18:32
fsufitchthat's y i didn't commit18:32
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fsufitchcuz i might break18:32
fsufitchoh, i just found out i can commit individual files18:33
fsufitchso i'll be sending that over momentarily18:33
* Lumiere pokes fsufitch with a stick18:33
* fsufitch falls over18:34
fsufitchthat is not to imply that i'm a pushover18:34
pcardunefsufitch: yes, and this is why we need tests so saying "i can not be sure that i didn't break anything" is not a valid excuse :)18:35
fsufitchwell, see, the things that i changed aren't *complete*, so they most surely won't pass tests18:36
fsufitchwhat i wasn't sure is if it would break OTHER things18:36
fsufitchi committed newskin/__init__.py18:36
fsufitchignas, any idea where i can see an example of dynamic PDF generation?18:37
fsufitchin schooltool, i mean18:37
ignasfsufitch: calendar views18:37
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fsufitchit doesn't look like a pdf...18:38
ignasin code18:38
ignaslook for files or modules named pdf18:39
fsufitchtdoggette, guess what Lumiere just made me lose18:51
tdoggetteYOUR LIFE18:51
fsufitchwell, i guess that's a consequence18:51
fsufitchthanks, Lumiere18:51
Lumiereyep... need more work?18:54
Lumieregradebook statstics API maybe?18:54
pcardunefsufitch: you should do an svn up right now18:54
fsufitchpcardune, whoa, dude, a templates directory?18:55
pcarduneI just moved all the page template files to their own templates directory in newskin18:55
fsufitchthat's hardcore18:55
pcarduneand just to let you know, I'm going to go on a major rampage pretty soon here and change a lot of things in new skin to actually work18:56
pcarduneso, keep an eye out :)18:56
fsufitchbtw, do i need to do it in pdf?18:57
fsufitchit = print view18:57
fsufitchbecause there's many other more important things that need to be done18:57
fsufitchand it would be bad to waste my time learning how to do the dynamic pdf just for that18:58
Lumiereput it off till the stack you have is done18:58
rjellisopcardune: Are you sure you want a separate downloads page on the site?18:58
rjellisoSeems like it might be kind of confusing to have a page with just a short blurb and a link to the installation instructions18:58
fsufitchLumiere: the stack i have will keep growing18:59
pcardunefsufitch: yeah, I'd say that is not a priority18:59
Lumierepcardune: downloads page for what?18:59
pcarduneLumiere: well, most open source projects have a downloads page18:59
pcardunewe don't really have anything to download19:00
Lumiereerr cando-buildout?19:00
fsufitchpcardune, i can make the template in html for now19:00
pcardunefsufitch: ok19:00
fsufitchbut Lumiere wants me to do the configurable SchoolTool link first19:00
fsufitchhow do u want that to work?19:00
pcarduneLumiere: but we want a page there to remind us that we should eventually make downloads available19:00
fsufitchcuz the link is just a link...19:00
pcardunei.e. eggs, tarballs, nightly builds, etc.19:00
fsufitchu can change its href19:00
pcarduneCome over here and I'll explain how it should work19:01
pcarduneAlthough I'm beginning to think that even that isn't a priority yet19:01
fsufitchthe current code for the link is: <a tal:attributes="href python:view.request.getURL().split('++skin++')[0]">SchoolTool</a>19:02
fsufitchi'm coming...19:02
tdoggetteDoes anyone know the working syntax for AddPerson now that we're not using demo person?19:02
Lumierepcardune: imo just a buildout release19:02
Lumiereeggs from the buildout19:02
Lumierenightly builds = eggs19:02
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pcardunetdoggette:     >>> from schooltool.basicperson.browser.ftests.setup import addPerson19:58
pcardune    >>> addPerson(u'Student', u'1', 'student1', '12345', groups=['students'], browser=browser)19:58
pcardunein this case, u'1' is the last name19:58
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rjellisothi1a_: you here?20:38
rjellisoEr... typo, oops20:38
pcarduneignas: I'm going to call the view loginredirect20:39
ignasgood enough for me20:39
rjellisoth1a_: you here?20:39
ignaspcardune: maybe dispatch would be better though20:39
ignasthan redirect20:39
pcarduneok, so schooltool/persons/johnny/logindispatch20:39
pcarduneignas: and should i register the view in schooltool.person or
pcarduneI would say app20:41
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Lumierepcardune: who's working on fixing the ftest issues on newskin21:37
pcarduneeveryone over here21:38
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fsufitch__bnguyen, yo!22:39
Lumierehi bnguyen22:39
Lumierebnguyen: please go to click on mailing lists22:39
Lumiereand then subscribe to cando-checkins22:39
bnguyenhi fsufitch__, Lumiere22:39
bvuonganyone know where I can find a tutorial on how to make functional tests?22:40
fsufitch__oops, broken22:43
bnguyenfsufitch__: are you working on the student interface?22:44
Lumierepcardune: *poke*22:45
fsufitch__i'm working on bugzzz22:45
Lumierepcardune: zope3class bzr22:45
pcardunelook it up in launchpad22:45
pcardunei'm going that now22:45
pcardunebtw, Lumiere, it is out of date in pyBiblio22:46
bvuongfsufitch: just wandering if there is any other links other than the one you gave me.22:48
fsufitch__see what pcardune just sent22:49
fsufitch__it's the bzr of the zope class22:49
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bvuongfsufitch: I don't think the link that pcardune sent works. I typed the location instead of the mirror link, but it displays nothing22:55
bvuongnever mind actually, it sent me to a directory, do you know what I do then?22:57
bvuonghm, I clicked on it, but nothing displays23:00
bvuongfsutfitch: I clicked on the html directory, but nothing gets displayed23:03
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fsufitch__then i got no idea23:06
bvuongjust wandering though, are you able to click on it?23:08
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bvuonghm, strange23:09
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whaddonpcardune: When I try to create another index.html page, it does not override the existing one; it causes a ConfigurationConflictError23:53
pcarduneyou need to specify the layer23:53

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