IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2007-08-02

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AVN`hey tdoggette00:18
AVN`pcardune has found out that the problem we were getting is local to that machine00:19
AVN`his went to line 124 when he ran the tests00:19
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AVN`Hey, I need information in Galludett02:34
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jhancockjelkner: what is the website that I should be working on again?19:51
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wjohnsto`linuxI cannot build the current revision of cando19:59
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Lumierehi th1a20:18
th1aHi Lumiere.20:18
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Lumiere... /swt20:20
fsufitchi lost the game20:22
eldarfsufitch: what are you working on?20:22
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fsufitchthe actions menu...20:23
fsufitchi was waiting for you to be available so i could ask you about where i can find an implementation i can parrot20:23
eldarare you done with the crumbs?20:24
eldaras in them not linking to non-existing go pages?20:24
eldargood job20:25
eldarlook at the skin module under cando20:25
eldarfor the actions menu thing20:25
fsufitchi did find it but it's really weird20:26
fsufitchlike, really weird20:26
eldarwhat do you mean?20:26
fsufitchlike, it randomly does:20:27
fsufitchbreadcrumb = zapi.getMultiAdapter((self.context, self.request),20:27
fsufitch                                          IBreadcrumbInfo)20:27
fsufitchand IBreadcrumbInfo is never imported or anytthing20:27
eldarall you need for actions bar20:28
eldaris the actionsbar viewlet20:28
eldarlook at cando/skin/configure.zcml lines 18 to 3120:29
fsufitchyea, that code is part of the viewlet20:29
eldaryou don't need the title part20:31
eldarso don't worry about it20:31
eldardon't define that function in your viewlet20:31
eldaryou don't sound happy, what's wrong?20:31
fsufitchso i just need to rewrite the viewlet?20:31
fsufitchiono, i just don't know what i'm supposed to be doing20:31
Lumierehe's looking forward to more css20:31
fsufitchand since when do u care if i'm happy or not >_>20:31
eldarthat question sounds like it's calling for more harshness20:32
fsufitchi'll be quiet20:32
eldarfsufitch: well, for starters copy those 2 viewlets20:33
eldarto see if it works20:33
eldarand then you can go from there based on the errors20:34
fsufitchew, debugging20:34
fsufitchi'll get to it20:35
wjohnsto`windowseldar: what is the URI for student?20:35
eldarwhy do you need that?20:35
wjohnsto`windowsfor the courses20:36
eldaroh for the relationships in the section thing20:36
wjohnsto`windowswe couldn't find it in relationships20:36
eldarit's just URIStudent20:37
fsufitcheldar, just a little trivia question20:37
eldarit's defined in20:38
fsufitchhow efficient is zope data indexing?20:38
fsufitchscuse the interruption20:38
eldarfsufitch: very20:38
fsufitchbecause i'm thinking of making an application that will store an exponentially-growing number of objects20:38
eldarthe indexing is written in c for maximum speed20:38
fsufitchand i need to be able to search through them20:39
eldaryeah, zope indexing is top notch20:39
fsufitchmy dad was trying to get me to use mySQL20:39
fsufitchhe's sort of doubtful of how efficient a new open-source web app server can be20:40
wjohnsto`windowsthanks eldar20:40
Lumierenothing new about zope20:41
eldarfsufitch: zope's indexing doesn't lose to mysql's20:41
eldaralso, mysql isn't exactly the fastest RDBM20:41
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fsufitchw00t, u just made my day :)20:42
eldarpostgresql as far as i know is the best20:42
* fsufitch saves conversation log20:42
Lumiere ...20:42
fsufitcheldar, is there really any point to this method: ?20:51
fsufitch    def orderedViewletManagerUpdate(self):20:51
fsufitch        OrderedViewletManager.update(self)20:51
eldarfsufitch: your father has doubts about the quality of open source software?20:51
fsufitchyes, he does20:51
fsufitchwhich is why he frowned at me when i installed ubuntu20:51
fsufitch((and accidentally wiped windows in the process))20:51
eldaryour father, needs to be reminded, that apache drives 90% of web servers20:52
eldarand over half of those servers running apache are unix based20:52
fsufitchyeah, he knows, but that's because unix and apache are major big open-source projects20:52
fsufitcheven his runs those two20:52
eldarlol, ubuntu has more money than apache could ever dream of20:53
fsufitchbut in his eyes zope is just this little thing that nobody but a couple of programmers know about20:53
fsufitch<.<20:53 has a list of organizations using zope20:53
eldari think nasa, and some major ones use it20:54
fsufitchyeah, there20:54
eldarthe main reason he thinks that, is because zope isn't really a script kiddy framework, so it's not as widely known to the average public20:54
fsufitchthere's NATO, NASA and the US Navy20:54
eldarbut zope gets crazy gov-t and big corporation contracts20:55
fsufitch*cough* schooltool *cough*20:55
eldarwe should pm20:55
LumiereAARP uses it20:57
Lumiereand... zope  corp has half a dozen major newspapers20:57
AVN`did anyone solve IBeforeObjectAssigned event?20:58
wjohnsto`linuxAVN` no20:59
wjohnsto`linuxI even rebuilt cando to no avail20:59
AVN`we  really need to fix that,21:00
AVN`what branch are you using?21:01
wjohnsto`linuxboth trunk and newskin get the same error21:02
AVN`why isn't there an eggs directory in SVN?21:04
fsufitcheldar, what layer do i put in the registration, cuz there isn't an ICanDoLayer in skin.py21:06
fsufitchor should i put it in21:06
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fsufitcheldar, ping?21:12
eldarlook at newskin's __init__.py21:12
eldarfor the exact name21:12
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eldarpcardune: hi21:14
fsufitchpcardune, welcome21:15
pcardunehi fsufitch21:15
fsufitcheldar, the code doesn't seem to crash when i just stick it in, but it doesn't show up either21:16
fsufitchdon't i need to include somewhere that it needs to be displayed?21:16
eldaryou need to include the template21:17
eldarand the whole configuration stuff21:17
eldardid you do that?21:17
eldarjust stick the viewlet classes isn't going to cut it21:17
fsufitchyeah, i put the stuff in menu.zcml21:18
fsufitchbut i need to somehow tell it to show up...21:19
fsufitchis it <tal:block content="structure provider:ActionsBar"/>21:20
fsufitchor something along those lines21:20
eldari told you21:20
eldartemplate stuff21:20
eldarlook at the cando/skin's21:20
eldarand see where it's supposed to be put in21:20
eldarjust do a search21:20
fsufitcheldar, wtf is
fsufitchcuz it's never defined21:27
eldarlol, that is something defined by the viewlet that is being subclassed21:27
fsufitchyet it works in the old skin and not the new one21:27
AVN`bnguyen, did you fix the IBeforeObject Assigned error?21:27
fsufitchso OrderedViewletManager?21:27
bnguyenAVN', no21:27
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bnguyeneldar: when I try to view sections as an instructor, I get "A system error occurred"21:30
fsufitchbnguyen, did u check the terminal in which zope is running to see _what_ error occurred?21:31
eldarbnguyen: traceback?21:32
bnguyenah nevermind, i found the problem21:32
fsufitcheldar, the menu shows up, but all of its javascript and display is broken21:35
fsufitchit just looks funn21:35
fsufitchit looks like i just broke newskin21:35
eldarmake it not javascript21:37
eldarthere is a template for the actions bar21:38
fsufitchyea, i know21:38
fsufitchwait, it uses no javascript21:38
fsufitchthen all if its styling is broken :-P21:39
eldaryou know what to do21:40
fsufitchyeh, CSS junk!21:40
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rjellisoanyone here installed cando anywhere fairly recently?21:49
Lumiereinstalled as in?21:49
rjellisokeep trying to reinstall it, but every time I run make, it hangs.21:49
AVN`I have21:49
rjellisoyeah, trunk. Following the instructions at the installation guide21:50
th1ajelkner: Are you getting my message on the private channel?21:51
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eldarPreetam: schooltool/note/configure.zcml line 12621:55
Preetamok, thanks21:56
fsufitcheldar, there is something smelly in the template that's already there22:01
fsufitch    <td tal:repeat="viewlet options/viewlets"22:01
fsufitch        tal:content="structure viewlet/render" />22:01
fsufitchwhat would that do?22:01
fsufitchall that I see is that it links to the calendar22:01
fsufitchwhich cando shouldnt do22:01
fsufitchhaha, which cando can't do22:01
eldarthat is not the actions bar22:02
fsufitchit comes along with the actions bar and the nav bar22:03
fsufitchi deleted the nav bar...22:03
fsufitchso i kill that too22:03
AVN`yes, I can't even compile newskin now22:03
eldarfsufitch: calendar is attached to the actions bar?22:04
AVN`its a problem with z3c breadcrumb22:04
fsufitchno, the actions bar is one of three supposed bars coming in actionsbar.pt22:04
fsufitchone is nav, one is actions and one is this weird thing22:04
AVN`pcardune, the newskin svn doesn't compile22:04
pcarduneAVN`: it does for me22:05
fsufitchgr, this template needs complete rewriting22:05
fsufitchit's a table with 1 row that has 1 cell in it that has 1 div in it that has a list in it22:05
fsufitchi think it can be simplified22:05
eldaryou added the actions bar thing to, right?22:05
fsufitchuh, i added it to template.pt22:06
fsufitchwhat's the big difference between them?22:06
fsufitchthey look the same22:06
eldarwe already have the in our directory22:06
eldarand we already had
fsufitchthere's both22:07
fsufitcham i doing something stupid?22:07
eldaris the thing needed for the schooltool layerability22:08
eldari know that's not a word22:08
eldarregardless, all schooltool's ui stuff22:08
fsufitchidc if it's not a word22:08
eldarshould be put there22:08
fsufitchwell then what's
eldarso actions bar goes into view_macros.pt22:08 is strictly newskin22:08
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eldarit knows nothing about schooltool layer22:09
wjohnsto`windowshow come when I checkout cando it comes with the 73183 eggs22:09
fsufitchor it's not supposed to know anything22:09
wjohnsto`windowsnot the updated eggs22:09
wjohnsto`windowsbut it still says "revision 1079"22:09
wjohnsto`windowsthat's why I'm getting the 'IBeforeAssignedObjectEvent' error22:10
eldar"make update"22:10
eldarin the root of  your cando22:10
wjohnsto`windowsI tried22:10
Lumieretry make clean then make22:10
wjohnsto`windowswell now it says the eggs directory doesn't exist so it won't do anything22:11
wjohnsto`windowsthen I create it and nothing happens22:12
Lumiererun make22:12
Lumierenot make updte22:12
wjohnsto`windowsoh wait, second try worked22:12
* Lumiere feels like we've wasted $100k on someone's education <_<22:12
Lumiere</sarcastic jokes>22:13
wjohnsto`windowsnow I'm going to get those same errors with z3c.breadcrumb and orther things22:13
fsufitcheldar, so i put it in view_macros.pt22:13
fsufitchand it doesn't show up at all22:13
fsufitchholy crap nvm22:14
fsufitcheldar, do you mind if i just completely rewrite the template?22:14
AVN`yeah, I still am getting the Ibeforeobject... error22:20
wjohnsto`windowsdo me a favor22:20
wjohnsto`windowscheck your eggs22:20
wjohnsto`windowsand tell me whether they are 7318322:20
wjohnsto`windowsor 77.. something22:20
AVN`sorry, I can't count them before they hatch22:20
AVN`and 7422:20
wjohnsto`windowsthat's the reason we're getting the error22:20
AVN`not all the same version numver22:21
wjohnsto`windowsthose are the old eggs22:21
AVN`how do we get the new ones?22:21
wjohnsto`windowstry make update22:21
wjohnsto`windowsand if that doesn't work22:21
wjohnsto`windowsmake clean, make22:21
wjohnsto`windowsexcept I did that22:22
wjohnsto`windowsand got the same 73 eggs22:22
AVN`sudo make clean and sudo make update22:23
AVN`they deleted all my eggs22:23
wjohnsto`windowsjust type make22:23
wjohnsto`windowsor mkdir eggs then make update... does the same thign22:23
AVN`yeah, thats what i did22:24
wjohnsto`windowsit should delete your eggs22:24
wjohnsto`windowsyou have to get rid of them and then try to get the new ones22:24
*** jfroche has quit IRC22:24
wjohnsto`windowsbut it won't work anyway22:24
wjohnsto`windowsat least mine didn't22:24
AVN`Iit hung22:27
AVN`it stopped22:30
AVN`at this line22:30
AVN`Searching for z3c.breadcrumb22:30
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eldarLumiere: what's up?22:34
wjohnsto`windowsAVN` yea22:35
wjohnsto`windowsit does that all the time22:35
Lumieresee above22:35
wjohnsto`windowsjust remake22:35
wjohnsto`windowsright now I'm having brittney make a new account on her computer in my name, checkout cando, make, then send me the eggs :S22:36
wjohnsto`windowsdon't know anything else to do22:36
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AVN`we could bug eldar about it22:38
eldarwhat's the problem? cando doesn't start?22:38
wjohnsto`windowsbecause the eggs are not update22:38
eldarmake update doesn't update them?22:38
wjohnsto`windowsand when we try and update the eggs22:38
wjohnsto`windowsthey don't update22:38
eldari see22:38
eldarremove the eggs folder22:38
wjohnsto`windowsand make clean, make doesn't either22:38
eldarand run make update22:38
wjohnsto`windowsI tried that22:39
wjohnsto`windowsand the same old version of eggs appeared again22:39
eldardid you try a fresh checkout?22:39
wjohnsto`windowsI did that yesterday22:39
wjohnsto`windowsand then it took me hours to make22:39
wjohnsto`windowsbecause I kept getting errors22:39
wjohnsto`windowswith some z3c.breadcrumb22:40
wjohnsto`windowsthen cheetah22:40
AVN` yeah, it hangs at breadcrumb22:40
wjohnsto`windowsbut finally it worked22:40
wjohnsto`windowsoh and docutils22:40
wjohnsto`windowsor doctils22:40
wjohnsto`windowsit holds at that too22:40
wjohnsto`windowsbut finally I got it to make this morning (if you just keep typing make eventually it works), but it had the old eggs22:40
wjohnsto`windowsthe eggs are pretty much rotten by now22:41
wjohnsto`windowsthey smell really bad22:41
Preetameldar: do I need to include both the unit tests and the functional tests?22:41
eldarPreetam: just functional22:42
Preetameldar: ok22:43
*** trekkiemage has quit IRC22:43
eldarwell it can't download the stupid egg22:44
eldarbecause it hasn't been hatched!22:44
wjohnsto`windowssit on them eggs then eldar22:45
eldarwell, i think wherever it is stored22:45
eldarit is inaccessible22:45
eldarso ...22:45
eldarwhat i am going to do22:45
eldaris email the egg22:45
eldarto the list22:45
eldarthe one that works for me at least22:45
wjohnsto`windowsbrittney and I tried that yesterday22:45
wjohnsto`windowsand then all the eggs came with her path in it22:45
wjohnsto`windowsit was nasty22:45
eldarwell then22:46
eldargo download the egg manually22:46
eldarand install it into eggs directory manually22:46
eldarthe makefile should give you hints on how to do that22:46
*** trekkiemage has joined #schooltool22:48
pcarduneeldar: I was going to say just unit tests22:52
pcarduneit's called API doc for a reason :)22:52
Lumieremake it booooooth22:52
Lumierepcardune: global ids?22:52
t3h_soodYES YES YES!!! pcardune -> global-ids!!!22:53
t3h_soodWhat was the name of the zope3 irc channel?22:54
eldarpcardune: sorry wasn't thinking straight >.<22:54
pcarduneLumiere: last time we were about to do that you disappeared22:54
Lumiereyea sucks....22:54
Lumierenow good?22:54
pcarduneLumiere: 15 minutes22:55
fsufitchpcardune, how do i dynamically change css using javascript?22:56
fsufitchi was referenced to you by jason22:56
*** wjohnsto`windows is now known as wjohnsto22:56
fsufitchw8 nvm i found it22:56
Preetameldar: Ok, virginia is done, skilldriver needs to be done also?22:57
t3h_soodfsufitch: don't do it!!!!!22:57
fsufitcht3h_sood, how about you ltg22:57
eldarPreetam: yeah, remember which ones i told you to do for starters?22:57
LumierePreetam: everything22:57
Lumierefsufitch: you ltg too22:58
AVN`  wjohnsto how did manual egg getting work?22:58
wjohnstoit didn't22:58
wjohnstothe makefile is too confusing22:58
eldarPreetam: no, I said: virginia, skilldriver, and curriculum22:58
wjohnstoI can't actually find where the eggs are22:58
Preetameldar: ok22:58
AVN`eldar, we need more help22:59
wjohnstoI think I know the problem22:59
fsufitchLumiere, i already ltg, hence me telling masood to ltg23:00
eldarAVN`: what is it?23:01
*** Masood_ has joined #schooltool23:02
*** Preetam_ has joined #schooltool23:02
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eldari think you all just ltg23:09
fsufitchit's not been half an hour, n00b23:09
pcarduneLumiere: global ids?23:09
Masood_who loses when all has already been lost prior to the amount of time required between losing the game23:10
pcarduneSo, I guess I'll just do this in trunk23:11
Lumiereprobably good23:11
*** t3h_sood has quit IRC23:11
*** Masood_ is now known as t3h_sood23:11
eldarpcardune: are you done with your little tweaks to newskin in your branch?23:12
t3h_sood>_< sorry23:12
eldarbecause i think we should merge the 2 before it becomes too messy to do so23:12
pcarduneeldar: umm, I think you have all of them already23:12
pcarduneeldar: then you will have to merge my entire evidence linking branch23:13
pcarduneeldar: which I think at this point could be done23:13
Lumieret3h_sood: th1a gah23:14
pcarduneLumiere: so, i'm looking at
fsufitchpcardune, Lumiere's irc is broken23:15
t3h_soodIt's very broken23:15
t3h_soodlike, he's taking drastic measures23:15
fsufitchhe's pulling out his lan cable23:15
t3h_soodLike, there are gargantuan wires23:15
t3h_soodcoming out of his bag23:15
t3h_soodAnd they look vicious...23:15
t3h_soodLike, they could eat a whole man with their 8 ethernet metallic contacts...23:16
*** Preetam has quit IRC23:16
*** AVN` has quit IRC23:17
pcarduneLumiere: are you back?23:17
t3h_sooddah, he is23:18
pcarduneeldar: you know what... I'm thinking we might want to merge pcardune-edvidence-linking and newskin intro trunk23:18
pcarduneI think they are far enough along at this point23:19
*** AVN` has joined #schooltool23:19
Lumiereback now23:19
Lumieremy net23:19
t3h_sood\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b I will work on global-ids23:20
t3h_soodDam! you had to speak!23:20
t3h_soodand ruin the number of backspaces!23:20
Lumierepcardune: ready now23:20
* fsufitch smacks t3h_sood 23:20
pcarduneLumiere: so, I just told eldar that I think we might want to merge my evidence-linking branch and newskin into trunk23:21
t3h_soodThe sad thing is...23:21
t3h_soodLumiere: I think those actually fit my mood for at least 1 hour of every day.23:22
t3h_soodCall it the 'depresso-anxiety-disorder hour'23:22
eldart3h_sood: get to work23:22
Lumierepcardune: I agree23:22
Lumierewant me to do it now23:22
Lumiereand see how much breaks?23:23
pcarduneLumiere: no23:23
t3h_soodeldar: Getting back to work >_< lawls23:23
pcarduneI think that would be better to do tomorrow23:23
eldarwell, first just pcardune's branch23:23
pcardunewhen there aren't tons of people working on it23:23
eldarif it's gonna be done23:23
t3h_sood:-) :-) lawls lawls lawls :-) :-)23:23
LumiereI'll try it on a fresh trunk checkout23:23
eldardo we have a mod in this channel?23:23
LumiereI wish23:23
Lumiereonly th1a23:24
LumiereI think23:24
pcarduneLumiere: so I'm going to do the global id changes in my trunk at the moment23:24
pcardunei mean, my branch23:24
eldarbecause we could use some gagging privileges right now23:24
Lumierethat's good23:24
pcarduneand it will be in trunk tomorrow23:24
*** t3h_sood has left #schooltool23:24
Lumieresounds good23:24
pcarduneso, let's look at:<country code>/<sub-section code>/<controlling body>/<unique token for this 'folder'>23:25
pcarduneI think it would be better to have:23:25
Lumiereit's still editable till we release23:26
AVN`pcardune, could you try checking out a non-developer version of the newskin branch?23:26
pcarduneAVN`: yes, i could23:27
AVN`because we have only got the IBeforeObject error on non-developer checkouts23:27
Lumierepcardune: that could work23:27
AVN`and bnguyen tried checking out a developer copy, and it worked fine,23:28
AVN`so it could be that problem23:28
pcarduneAVN`: I'm doing the checkout now23:29
pcarduneLumiere: "anot?"?23:29
pcarduneAVN`: works for me out of the box23:35
AVN`what could the problem be then?23:35
Lumierewhat is anot23:38
Lumieremy irc client wasn't showing that23:39
Lumieredo we really want to define comp groups23:39
Lumiereas part of a global ID23:39
Lumierecause people can create other comp groups23:39
Lumierebut I think
Lumierewould be good23:39
Preetam_eldar: Alright, done with those three.23:40
pcarduneLumiere: well you could do it that way if you wanted to as well23:41
eldarPreetam_: alright, do journal, locales23:41
Preetam_eldar: alrighty23:41
Lumierethe question is more that if a teacher changes the comp groups23:42
pcardunei mean, just because might be the global id for a particular comp, would not be the global id of anything23:42
pcardunecomp groups do not have global ids23:42
LumiereI am just thinking23:42
Lumierethe comp groups don't have to be defined the same way23:42
pcarduneright, they aren't actually comp groups, they are just generic groupings for a collection of tokens23:43
pcarduneto give the enduser who is looking at the id more of an idea of what that is pointing to23:43
Lumierethat works for me then23:43
pcarduneok cool23:43
Lumierehow do we assign them :)23:43
Lumierehow do we deal with %2023:43
Lumiereand how do we display them23:43
Lumierethe 3 central questions for the start23:43
Lumiereand then the second set of questions is "how do we resolve conflicts"23:44
*** t3h_sood has joined #schooltool23:44
t3h_soodwhere would be located?23:44
Lumiereand "how do we deal with getting ids put on stuff to begin with ;)23:44
Lumieregood enough to start23:45
pcarduneas far as %20... we don't have to worry about them at all.  We don't care what you put in there as long as it is a URI23:45
pcarduneand zope handles the validation of that23:46
pcardunedisplay them, you just display them like any other string23:46
pcarduneassignment, you just assign them like any other string... in the add form or edit form of a competency, or in python via a regular assignment operator23:47
pcardunenow, it can be a pain in the butt to write a big long id every time you want to add a competency23:48
pcarduneso, we will probably want to have some system-wide area where you can define a prefix for all competencies created through the web on the system23:48
pcarduneAnd we probably want a way to generate tokens23:49
Lumierewe want a way to generate tokens from the group creating em23:50
Lumiereif we generate tokens23:50
Lumierewe won't know if they're changed or not23:50
pcarduneI don't understand the last thing you said23:56
*** t3h_sood has left #schooltool23:56
Lumiereif cando generates the token23:56
Lumiereor would we generate tokens by hand23:56
pcarduneso, you would click on "add competency" and you get a form in which you can fill in information.  in the "global id" part of the form, already filled in for you, would be an id known to be unique on at least the schooltool instance you are using23:57
pcarduneyou are free to change that however you want23:57
pcarduneso, cando would generate the IDs23:58
pcardunein that sense23:58
pcarduneso, as far as generating that id, it would look up the prefix defined for the instance, and then... well, there are a number of ways to generate the rest of the Id23:59

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