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pcarduneand the default system prefix would be like, http://competencies.localhost/ or something like that00:00
pcarduneand then for yorktown, you might change it to
pcarduneand the rest could either be, a simple global system counter: 1, 2, 3, 4, ...00:01
LumiereI guess that works00:01
Preetam_eldar: locales doesn't have any configure files00:01
Lumieredefault system prefix should be competencies.<systemname>00:01
pcarduneor more of a namechooser type thing: comp-title, comp-title-2, comp-title-300:01
Lumiereor descriptions00:02
pcarduneLumiere: sure, that would be even better00:02
pcardunenow about conflicts?00:02
Lumierewell I think we have to ask on conflict unless the conflict is between a non-default name00:04
Lumiereat which point we merge them cause they should be identical00:04
Lumiereor use the new one?)00:04
pcarduneI don't think so00:05
pcardunewe use both00:05
eldarpcardune: there is a problem with the way competency url's work00:05
pcarduneeldar: what is it?00:05
eldarf it up00:06
pcardunewhat is the context of this?00:06
pcarduneusing slashes in what?00:06
eldarhtml escape for slash is %F00:07
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pcarduneeldar: ummm, when i go to, i only see one competency group00:08
pcarduneso, that url wouldn't work regardless00:08
eldarthey were there before00:09
eldarbut i'll recreate the problem00:09
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pcarduneeldar: but you are not suggesting that this has anything to do with global ids right?00:09
pcarduneLumiere: so, I don't think we need to do any conflict resolution00:10
eldarif you use a slash initially00:10
eldarwhen you create it through the browser, it uses a namechooser00:11
eldarfrom the title00:11
eldarbut when you verso import00:11
eldarnamechooser is not used00:11
pcarduneso good thing we are switching to a better written xml import mechanism them right?00:11
Lumiereverso import should go out of zope imo00:12
Lumiereverso stuff should take a pickle00:12
Lumiereand drop a .xml file00:12
pcarduneLumiere: right00:12
pcarduneand for that there is no namechooser involved00:12
pcarduneso hopefully the xmlimport plugin was written with a namechooser00:12
Preetam_eldar: locales does not contain any configure files...00:12
Lumierepcardune: I'll ask the source00:13
pcardunePreetam_: ignore it... locales isn't a package... it just contains localization information00:13
Lumiereas soon as they walk in00:13
pcarduneLumiere: so, conflict resolution, I don't believe there is any to handle00:13
Lumierepcardune: eldar is talking with jama and masood on it00:14
LumiereI think you're right00:14
eldarpcardune: oh wait, i might've been wrong00:14
eldarthey didn't use verso import for that00:15
eldarthey used their own import/exporter00:15
pcardunein that case, they should follow the example of the better written verso import he he00:18
pcarduneLumiere: ok, I think I know what to do, I'll have something put together by tomorrow00:20
* pcardune steps out for lunch00:25
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wjohnsto`linuxwhere can I find
wjohnsto`linuxapparently I'm missing the file00:46
Lumiereapt-get install libicu-dev00:46
wjohnsto`linuxthat's what I thought00:47
wjohnsto`linuxLumiere: but I already have that so nothing updates00:47
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FujitsuWhy are there no .orig.tar.gzs in the schooltool apt repo?17:23
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ignasLumiere: ping18:47
ignasLumiere: so when i come tu Washington19:19
ignasi just get myself a taxi19:19
ignasand go to the university you have linked to19:19
Lumierewe've got 1 day before the sprint starts (you come in saturday, it starts sunday)19:24
Lumiereand a couple after19:24
LumiereI just finally got to talk to dwelsh this morning19:25
Lumiere(he's been sick/on business travel)19:25
ignasseems so, i just have to come 1 day earlier because else i would not be capable of doing any work with the 12 hour trip and all19:25
Lumierethat is completely understandable19:26
LumiereIt is likely that dwelsh will be having you over at his house for the first night at least19:26
ignasi see19:29
ignashow should i get to the place after the plane lands in the airport?19:29
Lumierewe'll pick you up19:34
Lumiere(sorry about slow responses, I've got a code push I am preparing to publish19:35
ignasnot a problem ;)19:35
ignasi am busy myself19:35
ignasany contact phones just in case?19:35
LumiereI'll PM them19:35
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