IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2007-08-01

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AVN`pcardune, ping00:07
pcardunehi AVN`00:07
AVN`pcardune, we have run into a weird problem with the testbrowser00:07
pcarduneso I heard00:07
tdoggetteAny thoughts?00:07
AVN`it only finds the schooltool homepage00:07
AVN`no matter where we point it too00:07
pcarduneAVN`: what do you point it to?00:08
AVN`We tried pointing it to google, but it just printed out the schooltool calander00:08
AVN`with in the links instead of localhost00:08
tdoggetteSame with just a nonsense url00:08
pcardunegive me exactly what you put in the command00:09
AVN`   >>>'http://Arandomwebsitethatisnotschooltoolnoreverhasbeen/')00:09
tdoggette>>>'http://localhost/'), if we're not testsing for nonsense00:10
pcarduneoh, i was looking got the not nonsense version :)00:10
pcarduneso, to enable the new skin you know you have to include ++skin++NewCanDo in the URL right?00:10
tdoggetteThat's how we ran into this in the first place00:10
tdoggettelocalhost/++skin++NewCanDo/go.html wasn't found00:11
pcarduneand did you include cando.newskin in ftesting.zcml?00:11
tdoggetteThough we could see it fine in our running instance00:11
AVN`but we are now concerned at why it's not doing open(...) correctily00:11
wjohnstopcardune: if you make a change to files in the eggs directory and subdirectories, do they take action immidiately or is there something you need to do to get them to work?00:12
tdoggetteInstead of opening what we point it at, it sees only a schooltool page00:12
pcardunetdoggette: yes, my question was "did you include cando.newskin in ftesting.zcml"00:12
pcardunewjohnsto: well you'd have to restart the server, and make sure it is actually using the egg and not some package installed system wide00:13
wjohnstoI was getting this error00:14
pcardunetdoggette: did you try using the 4 lines of debugger code for ftests that I showed you a while back?00:14
tdoggetteEr, no.00:14
tdoggetteHang on, I'll dig them up.00:14
pcardunethat might help00:14
wjohnstothe error was " 'module' object has no attribute 'IBeforeObjectAssignedEvent'"00:15
wjohnstowhenever I tried to start a server from the newskin00:15
pcardunewjohnsto: can you lisp paste the whole traceback?00:16
wjohnstoit is somewhere ^ I'll just find it00:16
* pcardune looks00:17
wjohnstoso the next thing I did was I went to zope.schema.interfaces00:17
AVN`its going to google.com00:17
wjohnstorealized that had no 'IBeforeObjectAssignedEvent'00:17
pcardunewjohnsto: good, that is the first thing I was going to ask.00:17
wjohnstoso I go that class from someone else00:18
wjohnstoand in the _field.py00:18
wjohnstothere was no 'BeforeObjectAssignedEvent' class00:18
wjohnstoso I got that from someone else too00:18
wjohnstoI figured that would solve the problem00:18
wjohnstobut for some reason the problem still happened00:19
wjohnstoso I was fed up with searching then00:19
fsufitcheldar, i'm SO close to getting it to work00:19
fsufitchbut i don't know how i can check if @@go.html exists for a specific context00:19
tdoggettepcardune: We pointed it at, and it opened a tab that says it's connecting to google, but not actually loading00:19
pcardunewjohnsto: let me look real quick at something00:19
wjohnstoand I borrowed someone's entire eggs directory and just overwrote mine00:19
fsufitchoh, when did pcardune come online?00:19
wjohnstoand it still doesn't work00:19
pcardunetdoggette: don't point it at point it at browser.url00:20
tdoggetteno, no00:20
tdoggetteWe opened google.com00:20
fsufitchpcardune, remember how i asked about checking if @@go.html exists?00:20
AVN`we pointed to google00:20
tdoggettewith the testbrowser00:20
pcardunetdoggette: well don't do that either00:20
tdoggetteWhat should we do?00:21
fsufitchthe way you gave me only works for the current view00:21
fsufitchaaaah, i'll shut up00:21
fsufitchor go onto PM00:21
pcardunewjohnsto: I see IBeforeObjectAssignedEvent in zope.schema.interfaces00:21
tdoggettepcardune: browser.opening localhost opens the SchoolTool homepage00:22
pcardunewjohnsto: and that is with zope.schema-2.4.0b1dev_r77624... what version do you have?00:22
pcardunetdoggette: yeah, that's fine00:22
tdoggetteas it should00:22
pcardunethen open that using the little debugger thing00:22
wjohnstowhich version...00:22
pcardunewjohnsto: the whole thing00:22
pcardunewjohnsto: I would just make sure all your eggs are updated... the best way to do that is rm -rf eggs, make update00:23
Preetampcardune: how do i install the versoimport egg because after I ran on it and ran cando there was an error that said: IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/cando/cando/eggs/cando.versoimport-0.1.0-py2.4.egg/cando/configure.zcml'00:24
pcardunePreetam: hmm, looks like the egg decided not to include that data files, and only the *.py files00:25
tdoggettepcardune: Something new just happened.00:25
pcardunetdoggette: that's a good sign00:26
tdoggetteOpening 'http://localhost/++skin++NewCanDo/go.html' gave us an error page of some sort00:26
AVN`it gave us a schooltool page not found error page00:26
tdoggetteWith no style00:26
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Preetampcardune: I checked inside the egg directory and all the files are included including the *.pt and *.zcml, for some reason its looking for configure.zcml right in the cando directory, not in the versoimport directory00:28
tdoggetteOpening it without your thingy just gives us an HTTP Error 40400:29
wjohnstopcardune: I updated and have all the new little eggs, so nice, but I still get the same error.... not so nice00:30
pcardunePreetam: hmm, that seems odd00:30
Preetampcardune: Yeah, I was trying to install that egg just to make sure it works because I based my egg on the versoimport egg and it gives me the same exact error00:31
wjohnstoonce I get this fixed I think I'm going to write a tutorial on how to fix it00:31
wjohnstobecause I personally have seen it happen to two other people00:32
pcardunewjohnsto: that would be fantastic00:33
fsufitchpcardune, answer my pm pl0x?00:34
wjohnstohowever, that would require fixing it00:34
wjohnstothat's something I just don't know if I can do *tear*00:35
pcardunewjohnsto: try starting system python and then try doing import zope.schema... if that works then zope.schema is installed on system python, and that might be causing the problem00:36
pcardunetdoggette: I think there is a problem with your ftesting.zcml, that is the only thing I can think of00:37
pcardunetdoggette: maybe you are forgetting to include an overrides statement or something00:37
tdoggetteMy ftesting.zcml is one of yours that eldar pointed me to.00:38
pcarduneBut I couldn't tell you exactly what the problem is00:38
AVN`zope.schema is not installed systemwide00:38
wjohnstoyou can't import pcardune00:39
pcarduneyou might just want to include cando.cando2007 or whatever that package is called in ftesting.zcml... that should give you all the proper configuration for all of cando to function00:39
wjohnstoso that's "good" I guess00:39
pcardunewjohnsto: yeah, that is good.  did you find IBeforeObjectAssignedEvent in the new egg?00:39
tdoggettepcardune: /is/ it called cando.cando2007?00:42
pcardunetdoggette: i think so, best to spend the one second it takes to check00:42
pcardune(i just spent that 1 second to check myself)00:42
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Preetampcardune: Do you have any idea why I am getting that error?00:43
pcardunePreetam: hmm, I don't have any idea without looking at it on your file system00:44
pcardunePreetam: maybe if the egg did not get unzipped?00:45
Preetampcardune: I checkced in the eggs directory and it did00:45
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pcardunePreetam: I guess at this point I would start using pdb to figure some more things out00:46
pcarduneto step through the actual part where it tried to open the file00:47
pcarduneand see if maybe there is some different kind of error00:47
pcardunethat gets hidden somehow (rare, but does happen)00:47
pcardunemaybe permission issues?00:47
tdoggettepcardune: we have to go00:47
pcardunetdoggette: ok00:47
wjohnstoI'm so done with this error00:49
wjohnstoall I want to see is the new skin00:49
Preetampcardune: I don't know, maybe, I'll try to look at it. Did the egg install correctly for you though?00:49
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pcardunePreetam: yeah, it worked for me00:50
Preetampcardune: Using the add_plugin?00:51
fsufitchIT'S ALIIIIIVE!00:51
fsufitchpcardune, the links in breadcrumbs are fixed00:52
fsufitchi'll commit00:52
fsufitchthis is in newskin00:52
pcardunePreetam: yep00:53
Preetampcardune: Alright, thanks.00:53
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wjohnstopcardune: I am still here if you could help01:06
wjohnstoI have been trying and I have no idea what's going on01:06
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FujitsuDoes anybody here know why there are no .orig.tar.gzs in the SchoolTool apt repo?01:24
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algahey, th1a, I've got Number Two!18:21
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mgedminth1a: did you get my email?18:45
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th1amgedmin: Yes.  Thanks.18:51
th1aI'll place the order today.18:51
AVN`hey pcardune since we have that bug with the testbrowser, could we have another project to work on to make sure that we can get enough hours?18:59
AVN`pcardune, ping19:23
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wjohnstoAVN` ping20:18
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AVN`I'm gere20:21
wjohnstodid you ever get the 'IBeforeObjectAssignedEvent' error fixed?20:22
AVN`i didn't20:23
wjohnstoI tried everything20:23
ignasit's official i will be in the Saturday 04, August 19:34, Dulles Airport20:23
wjohnstovery nice20:23
ignasin washington not in the ;)20:23
wjohnstoof course20:23
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Lumiereignas: I will work out something20:26
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AVN`pcardune, ping21:06
pcardunehi AVN`21:08
Lumierehi pcardune21:09
pcardunehi Lumiere21:09
Lumierepcardune: did you find a flight?21:10
pcarduneLumiere: yeah21:10
pcarduneLumiere: and I fixed formjs21:10
pcarduneso you don't need the funny patch anymore21:10
Lumierewhat was it?21:10
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pcarduneLumiere: well, I just added provides statements to all those registrations... Stephan agreed with me though that it was an incredibly strange problem21:14
Lumierepcardune: where/when are you getting in21:15
pcarduneLumiere: I'll send you the details in an email21:15
AVN`pcardune, can you give me a backup job21:15
pcarduneAVN`: you know what, I'm going to take a look at your problem and see if I can't get it to work on my system21:18
pcarduneAVN`: what do I need to do on my side to get the tests running?  where should I get the tests from?21:19
AVN`I'll share them with you, do you have a gmail account?21:19
pcarduneAVN`: yes21:22
AVN`what is it?21:22
pcarduneAVN`: paulcarduner _at_ gmail dot com21:25
AVN`ok, i sent it to you21:31
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Lumierepcardune: so you almost don't need transportation at all21:37
pcarduneLumiere: correct, Jeff is picking me up21:37
LumiereI'm going to work with dwelsh and jelkner tomorrow21:37
Lumiereto find a place for ignas to stay21:37
Lumierethe couple extra nights he has in dc21:37
pcarduneAVN`: ok, I'm going to take a look21:41
pcarduneAVN`: and this is meant to work with which branch? trunk? newskin? something else?21:45
Lumierewe had to push them to newskin21:48
Lumiereto test the stuff on the newskin21:48
pcarduneLumiere: there should be separate tests in newskin itself21:50
AVN`there is, this is testing only the newskin stuff21:50
pcarduneoh ok21:51
pcarduneAVN`: in that case, you two should have commit access to the newskin branch and just put everything right there21:51
Lumierepcardune: can we give access to just a branch?21:52
pcarduneLumiere: I'm not sure, you'd have to talk to Jinty about that.  But they can have access to the whole thing... but they should just commit to that one branch21:52
pcarduneAVN`: it runs fine for me... I get a pdb trace21:53
AVN`oh, is that still in there?21:53
jintyLumiere, pcardune: not without a lot of setup21:54
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pcardunejinty: that's what I figured21:54
pcarduneI don't think it is really necessary21:55
Lumiereboom XD21:55
LumiereI am not either21:55
Lumierejust make sure21:55
*** AVN` has joined #schooltool21:56
Lumiereanyone who goes into commits21:56
Lumieregets on the email list21:56
Lumiereto get commit messages21:56
Lumiere(I want people to see buildbot failures)21:56
Lumierejinty: can you add to the page21:57
jintyLumiere: done22:00
AVN`so pcardune when you ran that, what line did it stop at?22:00
pcarduneAVN`: don't know, I already closed the window sorry22:02
pcarduneI suppose I could run it again22:02
AVN`oh, because if it ran for you fine, maybe it22:02
AVN`*it's a weird problem on the machine we were running it on22:02
AVN`I couldn't get the test to run because of the  'IBeforeObjectAssignedEvent' error22:03
pcarduneI have it on line 124 of the doctest22:03
AVN`ah, we left a pdb trace in there, try deleting that and running it again22:07
AVN`just that one line22:07
AVN`well, i think that we can say that the problem is on that machine22:21
Lumierethey're running on a dapper box22:21
AVN`Maybe that's it?22:22
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