IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2007-07-31

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eldarjfroche, hey, ayt?17:42
wjohnstoeldar: I need something to do that is not SEPG, because I need to get my mind off of SEPG for a couple of years17:42
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jelknerth1a: tom, u here?17:53
th1ahi jelkner.17:54
jelknergood morning!17:54
th1aI've been working a lot with Mike Huffman on this Indiana conference.17:54
jelknerdo you know who could help rjelliso learning the help system?17:54
* jelkner starts skype so he can call you to talk about this17:54
th1aTo write help files or something else?17:55
th1aI have to switch computers to use skype.17:55
th1aShould I do that?17:55
jelkneri can call your phone17:55
jelknerrjelliso: th1a just told me that documentation is on schooltool.org17:58
jelknerabout how to use the help system17:58
jelknerlinda wrote it17:58
jelknercan tom says it works17:58
rjellisookay, awesome17:58
rjellisoI'll check it out17:58
rjellisodo you have a link to the help system howto?18:14
rjellisoth1a: sorry, probably should have prefaced that with your name. Do you have a link to the howto on
th1aOh.  Sorry.  Actually, I guess jfroche wrote it, not Linda.18:17
rjellisogotcha, thanks.18:17
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aelknerLumiere: do you know when pcardune is arriving for the sprint?18:43
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aelknerdon't foirget to nail everything down with jelkner/dwelsh today18:44
aelknerannouncements to sprinter should be sent out18:44
aelknerincluding where to go when arriving at Galludet18:45
aelknerSunday 5:00, right?  Where at Galludet?18:45
aelknerLumiere: please get all of this straigtened out today and send email to sprinters18:46
AVN`Can someone tell me why there are no mention of "Compentencies' in my svn instance of cando?18:52
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fsufitcheldar, hello19:13
Lumierehi fsufitch19:15
fsufitchcould u get eldar for me?19:15
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eldarfsufitch, hey19:17
fsufitchi got an issue with transportation19:17
fsufitchi got nobody to pick me up at 619:17
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fsufitchor rather, noboby to pick me up until 919:17
fsufitchis it ok if i work from home, or do i have to find some way to get back?19:18
fsufitchthe best option for me is to find somebody to take me to the Fairfax Regional Library19:18
fsufitchmy mom works there and she can take me home when she goes home herself19:18
fsufitchbut so far i havent found anybody to take me there19:18
fsufitchand ideas?19:19
fsufitcheldar, yo!19:19
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fsufitchLumiere, did eldar die?19:20
eldarummm yeah, it's fine19:20
eldarstay home19:20
fsufitchok <.<19:21
eldari want to private chat19:21
fsufitchbut i'm not on my comp right now19:21
fsufitchima need to switch19:21
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lhuynhping rjelliso19:27
lhuynhrjelliso: can you receive pm's?19:28
rjellisoyeah, saw yours just now19:29
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fsufitchhey, i'm coming, actually19:30
fsufitchi'll be a bit late though19:30
fsufitchcya there evbody19:30
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lhuynhdoes anyone know how to setup gobby on localhost?19:31
eldar**announcement** cando-semistable works now **announcement**19:32
bnguyenLumiere: did the i18n bug get fixed?19:32
Lumierebnguyen: yes19:34
wjohnstolhuynh I tried that last week and it didn't work19:39
wjohnstoI can try again to setup a server for you if you want, but I have my doubts about it working19:39
wjohnstoor you can ask Lumiere, I'm sure he knows19:39
lhuynhwjohnsto: I'll do that. thanks.19:40
bnguyeneldar: do you have something that I can do?19:42
wjohnstosame here19:42
eldarbnguyen, check out the newskin, and look at how it works for now, you'll be doing a lot of work on it19:43
eldarthe newskin is at
eldarwjohnsto, you too19:43
*** eldar is now known as eldar|lunch19:44
bnguyenok thanks19:44
lhuynhping Lumiere19:55
AVN`bnguyen, how did you solve the 'IBeforeObjectAssignedEvent' problem you had 4 days ago?19:59
bnguyenAVN': I installed Ubuntu20:01
AVN`oh ...20:01
AVN`because I'm getting that same error, and I can't figure out why20:02
AVN`I already have ubuntu though20:02
AVN`any suggestions?20:03
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jhancockhey jelkner you there?20:06
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whaddonHello. I am not here physically because I am sick.20:39
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wjohnstoAVN` did you ever fix your problem?20:51
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wjohnstodid anyone figure out how to fix the 'IBeforeObjectAssignedEvent' problem?21:12
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wjohnstoare people working?21:32
fsufitchyea ppl are working <.<21:33
bnguyenis eldar around?21:33
wjohnstonobody is talking on IRC21:34
fsufitcheldar is at lunch apparently21:34
fsufitchsame with jason21:34
wjohnstoI need help with this 'IBeforeObjectAssignedEvent' thing21:34
wjohnstoI was wondering if anyone ever figured out how to solve that21:34
wjohnstowhere did they go to lunch? ballston?21:37
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AVN`no, i don't know what the problem is21:40
AVN`bnguyen, did you figure out what caused it?21:40
bnguyenAVN', no sorry21:41
AVN`who should we ask?21:41
wjohnstothis is annoying21:41
bnguyenask fsufitch21:41
wjohnstoI'm going to go ahead and solve the problem myself21:42
AVN`fsufitch, ping21:42
AVN`we need your help21:42
AVN`wjohnsto, and I have this problem with an21:43
AVN`'IBeforeObjectAssignedEvent error21:43
AVN`do you have any idea what causes it?21:43
fsufitchit seems that it occurs before an object is assigned eh?21:43
fsufitchi never saw that before though21:43
AVN`bnguyen told us to ask you21:44
fsufitchwhat were u doing to cause this error?21:44
fsufitchlike, what were u working on?21:44
fsufitchAVN`, yo!21:46
AVN`it was on ./start_cando21:50
fsufitchbe more specific21:51
fsufitchlike in what file?21:51
fsufitchand on what line?21:51
fsufitchactually, could u paste the traceback on lisppaste?21:51
AVN`lisppaste5, help21:51
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.21:51
lisppaste5AVN` pasted "IBeforeObjectAssignedEvent" at
fsufitchAVN`, that looks pretty serious22:01
fsufitchi'll look into it soon22:01
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wjohnstoAVN` it looks like there is no interfaces directory in
fsufitchit should be interfaces.py22:05
fsufitchnot a directory, thqt would be pretty weird22:05
wjohnstoyes, well... there isn't one22:05
srichterfsufitch: ehat ios the latest URL for the new cando skin?22:05
fsufitchfor seeing how it looks like?22:06
fsufitchwjohnsto, that's just retarded22:06
fsufitchwjohnsto, i'm wondering why it didnt appear yet22:06
fsufitchsrichter, uh, there isn't really a link, to see it the only way i know is to check it out using svn22:07
fsufitchthe checkout is
srichterfsufitch: okay, I have checked out the latest source and have built it22:07
srichteroh, so it is in a branch now22:08
srichterI see22:08
fsufitchwjohnsto, that's the link for downloading the files individually, i would think stephan wants the whole code to run it and see what stuff looks like22:09
srichterare Paul's gradebook changes also there?22:09
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fsufitchi think so22:09
fsufitchbtw, some of the links in the breadcrumbs are broken, i'm working on fixing them now22:09
wjohnstoI dont know22:09
srichterok, cool22:09
srichterI am building the branch now22:09
wjohnstoeldar just told me to download from there22:09
wjohnstohe didn't give me any other link22:10
bnguyeneldar told you to download from here:
fsufitchactually, that's https22:11
fsufitchmy bad22:11
eldar|lunchsrichter,hey, paul's gradebook is in another branch22:11
eldar|lunchhe has newskin as well, it's a bit older though, with some fixes missing22:12
fsufitcheldar|lunch, change back to eldar plox22:12
eldar|lunchbut the look is the same, mostly22:12
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wjohnstosooooo... this 'IBeforeObjectAssignedEvent' error22:14
fsufitchwjohnsto, it beats me22:14
fsufitchright now i'm trying to figure out how a page can exist and not exist simultaneously22:15
wjohnstoI know it's because there is no in
wjohnstobut why is there no interfaces?22:15
srichternot every package has to have interfaces ;-)22:15
wjohnstobut that gets called22:15
wjohnstothat's supposedly where 'IBeforeObjectAssignedEvent' is22:16
fsufitcheldar, what is the right usage for response.request.redirect ?22:17
fsufitchbecause apparently response.request.redirect("@@index.html") isn't working22:17
eldarfsufitch, what does it throw an error?22:26
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fsufitcheldar, no, it just doesn't redirect22:26
eldarwhy is it response.request.redirect22:27
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eldarisn't it22:27
fsufitchisn't that what i typed?22:27
fsufitchbut i am using request.response22:28
eldarit should work22:29
eldargive it the absolute url22:29
eldarnot just @@index.html22:29
fsufitchi gave it ""22:30
fsufitchit still does nuttin22:30
fsufitchhang on, i had an idea22:31
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bnguyeneldar: we are done looking at newskin22:35
bnguyenwhat would you like us to do with it22:35
eldarfsufitch, did you do the navigation thing yet?22:37
fsufitchstill working on it22:37
fsufitchand helping chris out22:37
eldarhave you started?22:37
eldarif not i'll give it to bnguyen and wjohnsto22:38
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fsufitchyes, i've started22:38
fsufitchcould u help chris out?22:39
fsufitchchris beacham that is22:39
fsufitchhis testbrowser can't find localhost/++skin++NewCanDo/go.html22:40
fsufitchhe posted the traceback a while earlier22:40
fsufitchalso, eldar, is there a place where there is some python code run every single time a page is loaded?22:41
fsufitcheldar, ping?22:42
eldaryeah, some base view class22:43
eldarnot sure which one22:43
eldarbut if you look for it, you'll find it22:43
eldarwhat are you trying to do?22:43
eldarbnguyen, ok remember how we did the teacher oriented pages?22:45
eldarbnguyen, wjohnsto you two should start on making the pages customized for students too22:45
eldarstart with sections22:45
fsufitchto fix the bug that i'm fixing, i need so solve the problem of go.html not existing for some pages, right?22:45
bnguyeni don't remember how we did them, but i remember doing them22:45
eldarjust look at the already existing and the template files for it22:45
fsufitchso i want to redirect to index.html in case go.html doesn't exist22:45
eldarfsufitch, yeah22:46
fsufitchyeah, so i need a place to stick the code i got into22:46
fsufitchright now i'm sticking it into, but that doesn't work22:46
fsufitchall my conditions work, but the redirect isn't taking effect22:46
eldarwhy are you redirecting inside o.O?22:47
fsufitchuh, dont ask22:47
fsufitchit's me :)22:47
Lumieresrichter: branch newskin22:48
jhancockhey jelkner22:49
jhancockcheck your pm22:49
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fsufitcht3h_sood, ltg22:49
t3h_soodWHERE IS PAUL!!! I WANT TO SLAUGGGHHHTTTEEERRRRR HIIIMMMMMM! ! ! ! ! ! (*not really*)22:50
fsufitchnice response...22:50
t3h_soodlawls, sorry.22:50
jhancockcan someone hit jeff with Lumiere's hammer and tell him to check his private messeges22:53
t3h_soodJeff isn't here at the moment.22:53
Lumieregoing to hammer22:53
jhancockwell hammer him when he gets there22:54
t3h_soodHe just did the threatening hammer bros. immitation.22:54
t3h_soodAnd walked off.22:54
AVN`jfroche, ping22:54
*** srichter has left #schooltool22:54
t3h_soodWe're still waiting on a koopa shell and clone for the complete hammer bros. effect.22:54
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tdoggettehey jfroche, me and AVN`are having problems with the testbrowser.22:55
tdoggetteIt seems to see only a default SchoolTool calenday, no matter what it's pointed at.22:55
AVN`like, if we point it to, it shows a default schooltool calander22:56
tdoggetteAnd no Google.22:56
AVN`but the schooltool calander has the '' in the links22:57
eldarbnguyen wjohnsto once you to are done with the section view22:57
eldarbnguyen, fix the css conflict that occurs when you go to "global" under competencies22:57
eldarthe look changes a little bit, probably because it is affected by the competencies view, what you need to do is make the global competenciy view22:58
eldardeclare its own css in classes only for itself, not globally22:58
wjohnstogobby is TCP right?22:59
fsufitcheldar, i can't find any place that's run by every single page!23:00
eldarfsufitch, why do you need it?23:00
fsufitchthere's so many registrations for go.html it's crazy!23:00
fsufitchbecause i need to stick the redirect code in there23:00
eldardon't do it on that level23:00
fsufitchok, then on what level?23:01
eldardo it on the breadcrumb level where the menu is generated23:01
eldarso that it doesn't link to non existing pages to begin with23:01
fsufitchweren't you the one asking me why i was doing it in
eldaryou were doing redirects on menu.py23:01
eldarnot making proper links23:01
bnguyeneldar: why is photo a required input when adding a person?23:01
eldarbnguyen, use import persons screen23:01
eldarbnguyen, it's less complicated and faster23:01
fsufitchi can't make the proper links, as they're made in some z3c.crumb thing23:02
*** Preetam has joined #schooltool23:02
eldarfsufitch, look at how it works23:02
eldarsubclass it if you have to23:02
eldaror override some part of it23:02
fsufitchadapters seem to work magic everywhere...23:02
eldarit depends on how complicated the function that does the crumbing is23:02
eldarif it's easier to adapt23:02
eldarthen adapt23:02
eldarif not, just make your own version of that function23:03
Preetameldar, in order to add in the plugin I have to use add_plugin right?23:03
Preetamthing is versoimport egg doesn't even work23:03
Preetamthat example egg you wanted me to use, the one made by carduner23:04
wjohnstoLumiere: could you run a gobby session for bnguyen and I?23:04
Preetami tried to add that in to see what I was doing wrong23:04
Preetambut that egg doesn't even work23:05
Lumierewjohnsto: for?23:05
eldarPreetam, does it throw an error or something?23:05
eldarpaste it23:05
Preetamalright one sec23:05
wjohnstofor student-oriented pages23:06
PreetamIOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/cando/cando/eggs/cando.versoimport-0.1.0-py2.4.egg/cando/configure.zcml'23:06
eldartdoggette, in your ftesting configuration, make sure it's loading all the zcml23:06
eldartdoggette, srichter said not all the zcml is being loaded there23:06
wjohnstofor working on student-oriented pages23:06
wjohnstoI tried to get one to work from my machine23:06
tdoggetteeldar, how can I ensure that all the xcml is being loaded right?23:07
wjohnstobut I can't figure out why my router doesn't open the ports I tell it to23:07
fsufitchxcml looks so wrong23:07
eldaryour ftesting.zcml includes a bunch of stuff23:08
eldarmake sure you include the cando.newskin stuff in it23:08
tdoggetteI'm in the newskin directory23:08
tdoggetteis that not sufficient23:08
eldarlook at some already existing ftesting setups23:09
eldarfor example journal23:09
tdoggetteftesting.zcml does incluse cando.newskin23:09
tdoggette <include package="cando.newskin" />23:10
eldartdoggette, did you try asking stephan or jfroche ?23:10
tdoggetteno response from jfroche23:10
tdoggetteand didn't you ask stephan?23:10
PreetamEldar, the error is IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/cando/cando/eggs/cando.versoimport-0.1.0-py2.4.egg/cando/configure.zcml'23:10
eldaryeah, but you're working on the module23:11
jelknerbnguyen and wjohnsto: aelkner is going to setup a sobby session for you.23:11
eldarso you should ask him directly23:11
eldari can't be a proxy for everyone23:11
jelknertalk to him for details23:11
tdoggetteeldar: where can I find him?23:11
aelknerbnguyen and wjohnsto: try connecting to port 6001 on alan.elkner.net23:12
bnguyenaelkner: it works, thanks23:12
eldarPreetam, alright23:13
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*** jhancock has joined #schooltool23:17
aelknerbnguyen and wjohnsto: jfyi, i'll keep that sobby session up for as many weeks as you need it23:17
wjohnstook thanks23:18
wjohnstoI wish I could get my obby sessions to work23:18
wjohnstoI don't know why they don't, I have everything else on my router working smoothly except that23:18
fsufitcheldar, i lied, it isn't subclassed23:20
fsufitch        self.crumbs = Breadcrumbs(self.context, self.request).crumbs23:21
fsufitch        return self.crumbs23:21
fsufitchthis is the update() of BreadcrumbMenu23:21
fsufitchi could engineer the self.crumbs myself before the return...23:23
fsufitcheldar, would that be acceptible or is it the "filip-style" solution?23:24
eldarfsufitch, that's fine23:25
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*** dfuchs is now known as davefuchs23:27
bnguyenthere is none23:29
*** t3h_sood has left #schooltool23:30
*** davefuchs has quit IRC23:31
eldartdoggette, look over e can I find him?23:37
eldaroops wrong paste23:37
eldartdoggette, specifically ftesting.zcml, and README.txt23:38
eldarthat should give you an idea of what your setup should look like23:38
tdoggetteRunning tests w/ the exemplar zcml23:42
tdoggetteIt's still finding a schooltool calendar page where there's obviously not one.23:43
tdoggetteIn http://Arandomwebsitethatisnotschooltoolnoreverhasbeen23:43
tdoggette /calendar23:44
tdoggettebut it added it all of its own accord.23:44
tdoggetteto out nonsense url23:44
tdoggette(as it does to
*** ccarey has quit IRC23:59

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