IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2007-07-30

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FujitsuUm, where are the .orig.tar.gzs for everything in
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Ninnoplease help me12:53
Ninnomiy schooltool13:01
Ninnodon't accept add new person13:01
Ninnoi recive system error13:01
ignaswhich version are you using?13:01
ignasouch, this one is old13:02
Ninnomy address is13:02
ignasand is not really supported anymore13:02
Ninnouser manager13:02
Ninnothe problem is the database ?13:03
Ninnothe problem is the database permission ?13:03
ignasdon't know really, what is being displayed in the console of the application?13:04
ignasit's an old bug13:05
ignasit should have been fixed by Zope13:05
ignasdo you have all the packages up to date?13:05
Ninnohow ?13:06
ignassudo apt-get dist-upgrade13:08
ignasshould do that13:08
ignasthough if that does not work - not sure i can help you, as the bug is in Zope3 not schooltool13:08
Ninnook i try13:09
Ninnonot work13:28
ignasi see13:28
Ninnosuggest ?13:30
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Lumieremorning all15:40
ignasNinno: might help you if you want to try out schooltool15:42
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lapisdecorI have schooltool working fine on ubuntu dapper, would like to know how to install portuguese language15:47
ignasedit schooltool.conf15:48
ignasfind the language directive and set it to pg or something like it15:48
ignasand if there are portugese translations available - they should get enabled15:48
lapisdecorportuguese may be pt15:51
lapisdecoron launchpad its 100% done15:52
lapisdecorbut on my system, I dont know15:52
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lapisdecorthere is no language directive on schooltool.conf15:53
lapisdecori'm using kubuntu here to check schooltool, and ubuntu as a server, and I get the side menus in portuguese, and the calendar in english when i see it in kubuntu, and all in english when i see it on ubuntu15:59
lapisdecoris there any way to change the language on the schooltool manager?16:00
lapisdecorSchoolTool Server Running SchoolTool 0.11.416:00
Lumierelapisdecor: 0.11.4 is extremely old (not that there have been releases since then)16:01
LumiereI don't know that any of the current SchoolTool developers know much about it16:01
ignaslapisdecor: you should not use 0.11.4 in production16:04
ignasonly for trying out16:04
lapisdecorhow do I upgrade it on ubuntu? can I use Synaptics?16:06
ignaslapisdecor: there is no newer version available on ubuntu at the moment16:06
ignasbut we are working on it16:06
lapisdecorwhy not?16:06
lapisdecor<Lumiere> lapisdecor: 0.11.4 is extremely old16:07
Lumierefinish my line16:07
Lumiereit answers why16:07
Lumiere"(not that there have been releases since then)16:08
lapisdecoris there a way to upgrade releases as soon as new versions are done?16:08
Lumierethere is a planned release for gutsy, but there will be no upgrade path from
lapisdecorbut dapper is LTS16:09
ignasbut schooltool is in universe16:09
Lumiereuniverse is not LTS ever really16:09
Lumiereuniverse is unsupported by canonical16:10
ignasschooltool 0.11.4 is basend on Zope3 that is so old, that we can't upgrade the database16:10
lapisdecorall this does not solve my problem... how can I upgrade my version, or if not, how can I install a new version without compromising my system16:11
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lapisdecorthe thing is... if you want people to use something, you should provide them easy ways to do it, otherwise, they will use something else16:12
Lumierehi th1a16:12
ignaslapisdecor: at the moment we are focusing on 3 schools, and providing releases for people who want to try schooltool out, and possibly contribute, our old releases are not production ready yet16:13
ignaslapisdecor: and making something that has no migration path to newer databases easily installable would get us in trouble :/16:13
lapisdecorI understand16:13
ignaseven though we are working a lot to make schooltool useable as a product16:13
ignasif you want to try the newest version (just to test it, and possibly contribute patches)16:14
th1agood morning all.16:14
ignasfollow steps described in here:
ignasth1a: hi16:14
lapisdecori'm going to check it out16:14
Lumiereyou'll want a machine running ubuntu feisty or better16:15
Lumiereit may or may not have problems on dapper16:15
Lumieredepending on how close to noon it is or other random or less random events16:16
lapisdecormy school dont have such kind of machine yet16:16
ignasLumiere: do we have a howto for st-buildout16:16
lapisdecorwe currently work on donated computers16:16
Lumiereignas: nope16:16
ignasas it would work on dapper too16:16
Lumierenot that I know of16:16
lapisdecorthe problem with feisty is memory needs16:17
lapisdecorthese are all old computers16:17
Lumiereyou shouldn't have too much of a problem with server edition16:18
ignasand i would like to reiterate - our current releases are more suitable for people who want to help schooltool, not for people who want schooltool to help them :(16:19
Lumierewe do understand though, it is hard to find a School Information Server that is free and works16:20
th1aIf you want it in Portuguese, it is impossible right now, as far as I know.16:25
Lumiereth1a: did you read logs?16:25
th1aI just scanned back through them.16:25
lapisdecorhow th1a?16:26
lapisdecorjust upgraded the release?16:26
th1alapisdecor: How?16:26
lapisdecorhow what?16:28
th1alapisdecor said "how th1a?"16:28
Lumierelapisdecor: you cannot get a portuguese release right now16:28
Lumiereour 'try it to see if you like it' release will be in 4-5 months16:29
th1aWell, a SchoolTool translation into Portuguese should work in SchoolTool, but SchoolTool isn't done.  There are a couple other free SIS's, but I don't think they're i18n-able.16:29
lapisdecorwhat would be needed to make a dapper release wich upgraded zope and schooltool? do the dependencies break?16:30
Lumierejinty | jfroche ayt?16:31
jintyLumiere: ype16:31
jfrochegood afternoon16:31
th1alapisdecor: A lot of work would be needed, which would be work spent not finishing the current SchoolTool, which isn't really an option.16:31
lapisdecori understand16:32
th1aOK, this is the start time of our regular meeting.16:33
th1aLumiere: Want to start us off?16:33
lapisdecorso your plan is finishing schooltool for integration on gutsy, letting all the people with already installed schooltool systems wonder if it wont be better to buy new computers16:33
Lumierelets seeeee16:34
Lumierethe sprint timing is 5pm next sunday to 5pm wednesday16:34
LumiereI believe16:34
Lumierethe goal is to finish (really... lets try that again)16:34
Lumierethe new skin should be done by then and just getting QA16:35
Lumierethe real goal is to complete
th1alapisdecor: Are you using SchoolTool now?16:35
lapisdecorthis is kind of a contradition, since most of schools wich will be using schooltoll even for test purposes, are commited to open source, or some of their members are, wich means they are schools from under denveloped countries, etc. wich do not possess the means to upgrade computers16:36
lapisdecoryes i am16:36
Lumiereanything with Beta Available should be set for someone to do QA on, which dwelsh and some interns will probably be doing the entire sprint16:37
lapisdecori'm testing it and seeing if it is worthy to convince my school board to use it instead of the windows program we use now16:37
Lumiereglobal namespace I am hoping will be done before the start of the sprint16:37
Lumierebecause it's going to require us to rework parts of the competency system16:38
lapisdecorand i think its worty, since it is opensource, and has a clean layout16:39
LumiereI am also hoping we can do some work on getting xml export of a Person (basic or otherwise) and of a Course16:39
th1alapisdecor: Can we continue this conversation in an hour?16:39
th1aLumiere: Have you given any thought as to what you'll want Ignas to work on?16:40
Lumierethe last bit16:40
Lumiereis definately for ignas16:40
th1aXML export?16:40
Lumierebut I am sure we're going to have more16:41
ignasthe last bit?16:41
LumiereI just don't know quite where we'll be16:41
Lumiereignas: getting a way to get data out and then back into schooltool16:41
ignasi see16:42
th1aThat might be a good thing to focus on.16:44
th1aI was thinking I should spend most of my time working with your SIF team.16:44
Lumierewe have competency list/competency exporting and importing16:45
Lumierebut being able to archive a course and all the people and etc16:45
Lumierewould be very useful16:45
Lumiereuser jelkner pass testing16:46
Lumierethat's the new skin16:47
th1aThose gradients aren't an improvement.16:47
ignasmy eyes, my eyes16:47
th1aWe're a tough crowd.16:48
LumiereI will let you take style up with eldar16:48
Lumierelook at how it works16:48
ignashow? could not find any menus16:48
ignasyes? and how do i add something?16:48
Lumieresorry let me add something, this is a teacher and a student interface16:49
th1aHow do I log in?16:49
Lumiereuser jelkner pass testing16:50
Lumierethe skin forces a login to do anything16:50
Lumierewhich ignas may not like but we have to require16:50
ignasmanager + std password worked too16:50
ignasand the quickbar in the bottom16:50
ignasis not very discoverable16:51
ignasbut anyway, it's your UI16:51
ignasyour users16:51
ignasso you decide how it looks/works16:51
* ignas switches off CSS16:51
th1aYou don't have test data in here?16:51
LumiereI just set it up16:52
Lumiereso no test data yet16:52
th1aOK.  Just checking.16:52
Lumierelike I pulled the branch as we started the meeting16:52
Lumierewhat we know from research16:52
th1aI just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.16:52
Lumiereis that the teachers weren't finding what they needed to do in the menus16:52
ignas"Your Location: CanDo » Global » Global " looks nice16:52
Lumiereand that has gotten worse since adding the click for opening menus16:53
ignasand i can't add a third level group, though i don't get any errors16:53
Lumiere(you get to the old interface clicking SchoolTool on the upper right)16:53
Lumiereand that16:53
Lumiereis a bug XD16:53
Lumiereif you look here16:54
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Lumierethe sub menus (Add/Edit etc)16:54
Lumiereyou now have to click to open them16:54
Lumierebut clicking closes the menu16:54
Lumiere(on actions sorry)16:55
ignasas for our current menus, it's not the placement, it's the option overload that bothers me ;)16:55
LumiereI agree somewhat16:55
LumiereI actually disagree with some of the need for the new skin16:55
Lumierebut we should make menu items that someone cannot access16:55
Lumierego away16:55
Lumierewe do in some places but not everywhere16:56
ignasand for that we need proper roles16:56
th1aWe have improper roles?16:56
Lumiereway to kill the meeting tom :)16:59
ignaswe don't have roles as such17:00
Lumieresomehow I think it's not that we have improper roles, but that the roles we have aren't defined well17:00
ignaswe have permissions, but they define what you *can* do not what you *want* to do17:00
Lumieremy feeling is that we need to have add to groups as adding a person17:00
ignasso there are no defined ways to follow when using the system17:01
Lumiereand that groups need to be able to be given permissions17:01
Lumiereby an admin either by config file or web interface17:01
ignasthat one is unrelated17:02
Lumierewell, those permissions control what they can see17:02
Lumiereso it is, at least tangentally17:02
aelknerhello everyone17:02
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th1ahi aelkner.17:02
th1aI guess this roles/permissions discussion is off topic.17:02
th1aSomething we can discuss over beers.17:03
aelknerwhen is everyone arriving Sunday from out of town17:03
th1aaelkner: that question is on topic.17:03
th1aI am arriving at BWI at 9:50 on Monday.17:03
LumiereI am arriving sometime after 5pm on sunday17:04
aelknerLumiere: when are the interns expected to show?17:04
th1aignas: When are you arriving?17:04
ignasnot sure yet, Aiste still hasn't told me17:04
Aisteoh, yeah, tickets....17:05
Lumiereaelkner: same17:05
th1aI had a long dream last night about losing my passport somewhere in Europe.17:05
aelknerI thought we started Sunday?17:05
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Lumierewe do17:06
Lumiereevening sunday17:06
ignasaelkner: sunday? then why am i planning to come on friday?17:06
ignasi thought dates were 08-05 -> 08-0817:06
aelknerFriday?  I don't know.17:06
Lumiereis it possible that our dates are off?17:06
aelknerMaybe someone's expecting you?17:06
aelknerWhen's pcardune coming?17:07
Lumiere5th to 8th is sunday to wednesday17:07
th1aignas: You're coming the 3rd?17:07
aelknerSo Sunday night, we arrive and settle in the dorm/get beer17:07
Lumiere*sends ignas to free museums17:07
Lumiereno beer...17:08
th1aI also thought the hacking was going to start earlier on Sunday.17:08
Lumiereso did I17:08
Lumierebut I don't think we get the dorms17:09
Lumieretill 5pm17:09
LumiereI'm sure we can figure something with dwelsh17:09
th1aAh.  Anyhow, a little time to rest after the flight isn't a bad idea.17:09
Lumierefor both start time and a place for ignas to stay17:09
Lumiereth1a: we'll see you about 2pm monday17:09
th1aYes, can you be responsible for receiving ignas?17:10
th1aLumiere: You mean because of traffic?17:10
Lumiereand you're an hour and a half out of dc really17:10
th1aWell, it is a free flight, so I can't complain.17:10
Lumiereignas: what airport are you flying to17:10
Lumiereth1a: ah no complaints here then17:10
th1aCan I take a train?17:11
th1aI can't remember.17:11
Lumierea bus then a train17:11
th1aI might be able to get a ride.  My wife is coming to stay with some friends.17:11
ignasLumiere: don't know yet, as soon as i'll have the info i'll tell you17:11
Lumiereth1a: there is an express Metrobus from BWI to the red line17:12
th1aaelkner: are we going to work on SIF?17:12
Lumiereignas: let me know17:12
aelkneryes, indeed17:12
aelknerme and the interns17:12
Lumierewe'll get stuff setup for you17:12
th1aaelkner: Should I just plan on focusing on that?17:13
aelknerThat wold be a good idea17:13
aelknerI'm not going to be available after today until Sunday17:13
aelknerBut I'll be hoping the interns can make progress without me17:14
aelknerLumiereL I was under the imnpression that i would be able to work with the interns on Sunday.  Is that assumption incorrect?17:14
LumierePerson hit by metrotrain...17:14
Lumiereaelkner: I do not have an answer to that17:15
LumiereI'll post to schooltool-dev after talking to jeff/dwelsh17:15
th1aignas: Have you looked at my help file checkins?17:16
th1aAm I doing i18n right?17:16
ignasa sec17:16
ignasas for checking17:16
ignasi'll post the instrcutions on how to turn on a fallback translation engine17:16
ignasthat would hightlight translatable text in some way17:17
ignasto make the testing easier17:17
th1aAh.  That sounds good.17:17
th1aActually, I'm mostly worried about having html tags inside the translation string.17:18
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Lumierewe could use that answer too17:19
ignasth1a: not sure how to work around that in text17:19
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ignasthere are ways to factor out parameters like section title for example17:19
ignasso that they would not be in the translation template17:19
ignasbut i am not sure how nested tags should be handled properly17:19
th1aSo... this meeting was a little more disorganized than usual (at least from my point of view).  Is there anything else we need to get in the next 10 minutes?17:21
th1aLumiere and ignas need to make sure he'll be picked up.17:21
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Lumiereyes once I get an arrival airport and time17:22
LumiereI'll make sure someone will be there17:22
Lumiere(likely me or dwelsh)17:22
th1aIgnas can think about XML export on the flight over.17:23
th1aI guess nobody else has anything pressing on their mind.17:25
th1aI have to decide whether or work on SIF or help files this week.17:25
th1aignas: Any news from the Lyceum this week?17:26
ignasnot yet17:26
aelknerth1a: it's probably best to start on SIF when we meet Sunday17:26
ignasi will try to meet with them this week before my filght17:27
aelknerThen we can brief you on where we are17:27
ignasi am still working on all the merging/cleanup and commiting17:27
th1aaelkner: I  mean, I can work on my ZIS rewrite.17:27
aelknerWe were hoping to help with that17:28
th1aGet me back in the SIF headspace.17:28
th1aOK.  So I probably should work on that.17:28
aelknerWell getting back in the headspace would only help us.17:28
Lumierewell... this is gonna be a long day17:28
th1aOtherwise, I'm going to spend a day blinking at my old code ;-)17:28
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Lumierethe metro line that comes out to my area17:29
Lumieresomeone got hit by a train17:29
Lumiere2 stations closed17:29
ignasth1a: as for help files - the advice is to only have 1 top level i18n:translate=""17:29
ignasin the body tag for example17:29
th1aNot even by <p>?17:29
ignasbecause having all the snippets translatable separately might be way too confusing17:30
Lumierehelp files should be globally translated17:30
Lumiereto keep the context17:30
th1aI don't mind not typing all those i18n:translate 's.17:30
ignasnot using zope3 i18n would be the way to do it17:30
ignasbut that would require quite some work17:31
th1aignas: That's not actually an option though, is it?17:31
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ignasnot at the moment :/17:32
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ignasupdating documentation with our current system will be painful too17:33
ignasi'll think about it ...17:33
Lumierethat could be something to do17:33
Lumierefor the sprint17:33
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:33
th1aNo dev meeting next week.17:34
th1aSee you in a week!17:34
Lumiereback later17:35
jfrocheth1a: if i can help you guys remotly during monday/tuesday (after i ll be in France)17:35
jfrochejust tell me17:35
th1ajfroche: Oh!  I thought you weren't here, or forgot you'd arrived.  Didn't mean to ignore you.17:36
jfrocheno problem17:36
jfrochei have looked at your malone bugreport for the help, need to test it and i will commit17:37
ignasth1a: so what is the goal of the sprint?17:38
th1aignas: This is a CanDo sprint.17:38
ignasyes, so what is the goal of it?17:39
th1aLumiere pointed us to their goals in LaunchPad.17:39
ignasmissed that17:39
th1aIt sounds like you may be tasked specifically to do some XML export, though.17:39
ignasyes saw that17:39
th1aWe should nag them this week to get more specific, either way.17:39
ignasinitially i thought that this was the CanDo release sprint17:40
Lumiereit is17:40
th1aIt sort of is.17:40
Lumierebut our timeline17:40
ignasi can't see any tasks like "package cando release" in there17:40
Lumiereit'll get added17:40
aelknerLumiere: aren't we going to want to continue working on cando after the sprint?17:41
aelknerI mean we don't have to release it until late August17:41
Lumierewe need to release it the week after17:41
ignaswhat about the idea of "feature freeze"17:41
ignasmake it stable17:41
Lumiereignas: that'd work if we had the features we needed to freeze in17:42
ignasso you are expecting a lot of bug fixing after the release?17:42
ignasi see17:42
LumiereI have 2 to 3 devs for bug fixing17:42
Lumierefor 2 weeks17:42
Lumiereinitial beta is like the monday after sprint17:42
ignasi see17:43
Lumierethe problem we have is due to using students for most of our developer hours17:43
Lumierewe're limited in when we can develop features17:44
ignasi understand that part17:45
ignasjust that without proper testing period before the release17:45
ignasyou might encounter database issues17:45
ignasthat might be difficult to solve17:45
Lumierethere haven't been any db changes really17:46
ignasonly views17:46
Lumierethat's something to add to your list17:46
ignasi mean - some things might only appear if the system is being used17:46
Lumiereschooltool's evolve scripts don't work on our dataset17:46
Lumiereignas: we know17:46
aelknerWe have extensive work being done on functional tests by the interns17:46
ignasgood to hear17:46
Lumiereignas: we'll be testing hard17:46
Lumiereaelkner: ftests don't cover everything17:47
aelknerBut we should focus on more hard-core db testing during the sprint17:47
ignasnot db, application testing17:47
aelknerthat's what i meant17:47
ignaslike set up everything possible on the same instance17:47
ignasand try use the thing17:47
aelknertesting evolve scripts is definitely a good idea17:47
aelkneras we have existing instances deployed17:48
ignasthat too17:48
aelknermaybe even bringing in the data.fs files to test the evolve scripts on them to make sure17:48
ignasit is quite easy to miss bugs like - srichters gradebook does not work if you add a group as a member17:48
ignasonly doing functional tests17:48
aelknerLumiere: could you get the data.fs files for eah deployed instance?17:48
LumiereI can have it for there17:49
LumiereI need to run17:49
aelknerignas: the gradebook problem is a good example17:49
LumiereI'll be back17:49
aelknerof something to address with tests at the sprint17:50
aelknerI'm heading off myself17:50
aelknerLooking forward to seeing everyone Sunday17:50
aelkneror Monday as the case may be17:50
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Lumierehi pcardune, jfroche20:17
pcardunehi Lumiere20:18
Lumiereanything on globalid?20:26
Lumierealso, is the new gradebook20:27
Lumieregoing to be a single table20:28
Lumiereinstead of 2 tables that we try to align?20:28
pcarduneLumiere: why don't you try the new gradebook out?20:36
pcarduneLumiere: checkout pcardune-evidence-linking branch20:37
Lumiereyou should look at the logs of the meeting this morning20:41
lisppaste5Lumiere pasted "evidence linking failed to start" at
Lumierepcardune: well I tried ;)20:51
pcarduneLumiere: did you run make and everything?  it appears to be missing an egg20:52
LumiereI ran make20:53
Lumiereand make update20:53
* pcardune looks to see if I accidentally got rid of a dependency when doing a merge20:55
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pcarduneLumiere: ok, I just added the missing dependency, so try updating again20:58
pcarduneI am actually expecting you to get an error that I am kind of weirded out by - I had to patch some code that I don't think should need patching20:59
Lumiere*tries starting*21:07
LumiereZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/home/jstraw/compile/cando/pcardune-evidence-linking/eggs/z3c.formjs-0.2.0-py2.4.egg/z3c/formjs/configure.zcml", line 37.2-40.8 TypeError: Missing 'provides' attribute21:07
Lumieredidn't print all of it21:07
pcarduneLumiere: yes, that is the error I was expecting you to get21:07
Lumieresooo can't do much?21:09
pcarduneI think I will just have to make another release of formjs with the patched code, after I consult with other people about why it needs to be that way21:09
Lumierecan you tell me what to change?21:11
pcarduneI'll send you a diff21:12
pcarduneor actually, just add       provides="z3c.formjs.interfaces.IJSEvent"21:12
pcardune at line 32 and line 41 in the z3c/formjs/configure.zcml file in your eggs21:12
Lumiereclick and change?21:16
pcarduneLumiere: yeah21:17
Lumierepcardune: Component Lookup Error if you don't have comps21:18
pcarduneI still have a lot of work to do on functional tests21:19
pcarduneWhat I have right now is the result of a spike21:19
Lumieresooo that error still shows21:20
Lumiereif I add course comps21:20
pcarduneLumiere: can you lisppaste me the error?21:20
lisppaste5Lumiere annotated #45350 with "new gradebook error" at
pcarduneLumiere: that is quite odd21:24
pcarduneLumiere: I'm going to try messing around with a fresh checkout to see if I can reproduce some of these errors21:25
pcarduneLumiere: oh, I have an idea21:25
pcarduneLumiere: are you using the new skin?21:25
pcarduneyeah, that would do it21:26
pcarduneyou need to use the new skin21:26
Lumieresooo I can't see the sections in the new skin21:29
Lumieregotta add users21:29
pcarduneLumiere: you actually can, you just can't get there by clicking around21:31
pcardunealternatively, you can use ++skin++SchoolToolForm which is a skin that looks exactly like the regular schooltool skin, but includes support for special forms21:33
pcardunealthough I'm still working out a little css weirdness there21:33
Lumiereand falls back otherwise?21:33
Lumiereno mouseover yet21:33
Lumierebut this looks nice21:34
Lumierethat little Save link comes up21:34
Lumierewhen I click it21:34
LumiereThere was an error: '4' is not a valid score.21:35
Lumiereand, I don't get notification of saved yet it seems21:35
pcarduneyeah, you haven't created a score system yet I imagine21:38
pcarduneso, 4 really isn't a valid score21:38
*** jinty has quit IRC21:46
Lumierepcardune: there isn't a default anymore (I hate being at work too)21:52
pcarduneLumiere: there was never a default21:53
pcarduneor maybe briefly a long time ago21:53
Lumierewe need to make it easier21:54
Lumiereto add one then21:54
Lumierelooks nice, I just kinda wish it flashed green when it saved or something21:56
Lumiereor highlighted red if something was wrong21:56
pcarduneLumiere: yeah, that is coming21:58
Lumiereneed a graceful fail22:04
Lumiereif you go look at it in the old schooltool skin22:05
pcardunethe graceful fail should just be not found22:07
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