IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2007-07-29

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fsufitchLumiere, ayt?18:32
Lumierewhat's up18:35
fsufitchi fixed the error18:35
fsufitchi committed the fix to trunk18:35
fsufitchcould u check it?18:36
LumiereI guess18:36
fsufitchnote to whoever did that page template:  <p tal:repeat="msg view/success" tal:content="msg" i18n:translate=""/> is WRONG18:37
fsufitchthat's y it didn't have an array18:37
fsufitchthere was nothing to translate!18:37
fsufitchso what should i do now?18:38
fsufitchi wasn't assigned anything else, as the error was estimated to take rly long to fix18:39
fsufitchLumiere ?18:39
Lumiereuh you should continue newskin tweaking and then take a break till pcardune or eldar give you something18:41
Lumiereftests pass18:42
fsufitchyay newskin!18:44
Lumieredamn it18:49
LumiereI can't see the end of the tour18:49
Lumiereversus was having problems with it's broadcast18:55
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Lumiereof the end of the tour de france18:55
Lumierehi pcardune18:55
fsufitchpcardune, is there anything special i can do, because i'm done with the bug19:04
fsufitchjason said i should tweak newskin until u come along19:04
fsufitchhm, the competency gradebook display seems to be broken19:11
fsufitchpcardune, Lumiere, should i fix that?19:12
pcardunefsufitch: no19:12
pcarduneI'm working on a refactor of that whole area19:12
fsufitchok good19:12
pcardunefsufitch: What you could do is figure out a way for the breadcrumbs to not be horribly broken19:13
pcardunethey always point to object/@@go.html19:13
fsufitchhow are they horribly broken?19:13
pcardunewhich doesn't always exist19:13
fsufitchcould u give me an example of when it doesnt?19:13
fsufitchi havent met up with one19:14
fsufitchoop, nvm i found one19:14
fsufitchpcardune, thing is, it does this number: tal:attributes="href string:${crumb/url}/go.html" which can't be very easily worked around19:16
fsufitchis there a way to check if the page exists?19:16
pcarduneyeah, it's not very pretty though19:18
pcarduneview = queryMultiAdapter((context, request), 'go.html', default=None)19:19
fsufitchput that in where?19:19
fsufitchin the view class?19:20
fsufitchthat doesn't sound right...19:20
pcarduneyeah, some kind of viewclass... there should be one for breadcrumbs19:27
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fsufitchpcardune, queryMultiAdapter is not defined19:54
fsufitchwhat package do i need to import?19:54
pcardunefsufitch: zope.component19:54
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fsufitchpcardune, the queryMultiAdapter somewhat worked20:04
fsufitchi.e. the links aren't broken anymore20:04
pcardunewhat's the catch?20:04
fsufitchbut now the main page is calendar/20:04
fsufitchalso, it sort of annoys me that sections/ and sections/go.html don't have the same usability20:05
fsufitchwait, they shouldnt >_<20:05
fsufitchoh, shouldnt students be able to view their sections?20:06
pcardunethat should be under sections/go.html20:06
fsufitchit doesnt...20:07
fsufitchi can only see student sections if i go through the summary20:07
pcardunefsufitch: well, that is something to fix20:07
pcardunefsufitch: I'm going to go take a shower, but I'll be back in 20 mins or so...20:12
fsufitchi prolly don't have more than 20 mins of time on my comp left...20:14
fsufitchi guess i'll ttyl20:14
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