IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2007-07-20

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Lumiereeverything going ok pcardune00:14
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Lumierepcardune: global comp ids pls00:30
pcarduneLumiere: hmmm00:32
* pcardune will be back in not too long, have a nice rest of the evening for everyone who is leaving in 20 minutes00:39
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Lumierehi nitromaster03:21
nitromasterhello Lumiere03:21
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ignasth1a: could you send me the info about the trip to US?16:21
ignaslike - precise dates, where i will be staying, maybe even an invitation lettetr16:21
Lumierewe'd like that too16:24
Lumierewe want to know how long we get ignas16:24
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th1aignas: Oh... sorry I forgot you need an invitation letter.17:11
th1aYes, I'll get that to you.17:12
Lumiereth1a: what are the dates too17:12
th1a5th through 8th, right?17:12
Lumierethat's the days of the sprint17:12
Lumiereback in an hour17:13
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th1aignas: So I need to word this to make it sound like you're coming to a conference and not coming over to work as a programmer?18:15
ignashmm, not really sure about it18:15
ignasi mean i have a visa already18:15
ignasso the letter will be used to convince the immigration office18:15
ignasthat everything is alright18:15
ignasi can ask Aiste on monday18:15
romaiahi everybody, what's the status on the gradebook?18:35
pcarduneromaia: excellent question18:35
pcarduneto answer that question, I need to know what part of the world you are from...18:36
pcardune(there are different gradebooks for different parts of the world)18:36
romaiaSão Carlos, São Paulo - Brasil18:36
romaiabut basically, they are the same, arent they?18:36
Lumieredescribe a gradebook as you see it :)18:37
pcarduneThere is a gradebook for eastern europe18:37
romaiaA spreadsheet, with number,18:37
romaiaand a formula, to see if the student is approved or not18:37
th1aromaia: I'm actually mentoring a Brazilian student who is writing a gradebook client for GNOME.18:37
pcardunewhere students recieve one mark for each day of a class18:37
th1aThat might be useful for you, too.18:37
romaiapcardune, it may be on a month or year basis too, not only daily18:38
pcarduneanother gradebook is planned that does marks for "assignments" ala north america18:38
romaiath1a, is there an url?18:39
ignasromaia: - east Eropean gradebook18:42
th1agNota is still in a pretty early phase, but you could help guide its development to meet your needs.18:43
romaiaignas, thats look pretty cool, that is not on svn is it?18:45
ignasnot yet, cleaning up will commit soon18:45
ignaswill be on a branch though18:45
Lumierepcardune: should I merge trunk to any svn branches with current work on em?18:46
pcarduneLumiere: like which branches specifically?18:47
pcarduneLumiere: some branches should be moved to an "obsolete" folder18:47
Lumierejournal queueing18:50
pcarduneI wouldn't merge unless explicitly asked to do so18:50
pcarduneWe don't want to surprise anyone :)18:50
* pcardune goes to pick up gsoc midterm payment :)18:53
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AVN`tdoggette, ping21:26
SpecLumiere: i sewed!21:36
LumiereSpec: what?21:40
Specyou can also look at onecat.jpg and twocat.jpg21:41
pcarduneSpec: that is pretty sweet, can you make me one?21:43
Speci do have extra took me a few hours21:43
Specit's a present for eric, the guy who owns the yacht i'm staying on for Ubuntu Live!21:43
pcarduneSpec: oh and I might go down to portland for the google summer of code BoF on Thursday, at OSCON, where the BoFs are free21:43
pcardunebut I imagine you'll have left by then?21:44
Speci'm leaving the 25th, it's my older brother's birthday21:44
Specif it wasn't, i'd have stayed all week for OSCON21:44
Specpcardune: some parts of ubuntu live are free i believe21:45
pcarduneha ha, they have ubuntu thongs at the cafepress ubuntu shop21:46
mgedmincool, your cats like ubuntu21:48
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pcardunejinty: so can I start making changes to schooltool trunk again?  i.e. is there a release branch yet?22:03
jintypcardune: what kind of changes?22:03
pcardunejinty: functional testing setup utilities22:04
jintyso this is just changing the tests?22:04
jintythen I guess we'll want it in the releas22:04
pcardunewell, i'm not planning on changing existing schooltool tests22:05
pcardunejust adding utilities to make it easier to write tests in CanDo22:05
pcardunedown the road, when more tests are written for schooltool, they should use the utilities22:05
jintydon't change: things with global effect, database stuff, redesign22:05
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Lumierepcardune: global comp id please :)22:24
pcarduneLumiere: that or gradebook sanity check?22:25
LumiereI think global comp id may be more important right now22:39
Lumierebecause it holds some stuff up22:40
pcarduneLumiere: oh really?22:43
pcarduneok, well then we'll work on it when I get back from lunch22:43
pcardunewhich I'm going to go out for now22:43
pcarduneso, be back in 30ish minutes22:44
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pcardune_lunchLumiere: ok, are you ready to talk about global ids?23:12
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pcarduneLumiere: ayt?23:19
aelknerhey pcardune23:31
pcardunehi aelkner23:31
aelkneri'm working with ccarey on sifagent, and he has a problem that i want him to report23:32
aelknerto get practice doing so23:32
aelknerhe's working on it23:34
cpcareyhey everybody, i did a fresh checkout of schooltool, and there were some eggs missing23:34
pcardunecpcarey: which eggs?23:34
cpcareyi'm trying to figure that out23:34
cpcareybut the first one that i ran into that was missing was zope.schema23:34
pcardunecpcarey: how do you know they are missing?23:35
pcardunecpcarey: and you should check the eggs/ folder (which is where they all are)23:35
cpcareywell i did a make run-schooltool and it told me zope.schema.interfaces.IVocabularyFactory couldn't be imported23:36
cpcareyi'm trying to compare that eggs folder with my old checkout23:36
cpcareyif i can fint that23:36
cpcareyok my old schooltool folder had about 103 egg folders23:37
cpcareyand my new checkout has about 26 egg folders23:38
aelknerI did a fresh checkout of schooltool's trunk outside of our project, and when i run make it gives a different error23:38
aelknermaybe it explains ccarey's problem23:38
aelknerNo local packages or download links found for Cheetah23:39
aelknererror: Could not find suitable distribution for Requirement.parse('Cheetah')23:39
aelknermake: *** [build] Error 123:39
pcardunewell there is a difference between make, and make run... you should run "make" first23:39
aelkneri had ccarey do an rm -rf Schooltool23:39
aelknerthen make23:39
aelknerso  that would result in doing the fresh schout23:39
aelknerpcardune, what about this Cheetah problem?23:40
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pcardunethat is totally weird and random... I have no idea what "Cheetah" means23:40
pcarduneaelkner: look at the file in your schooltool checkout23:40
aelknerwas just about to23:40
pcardunecpcarey: so you are working with a fresh SchoolTool checkout and *not* a CanDo checkout correct?23:41
pcardunecpcarey: and you just ran make, and then make run?23:42
pcardunecpcarey: and if you open up any regular python prompt, can you import zope.schema?23:43
cpcareylet me check23:43
cpcareywhere do you want me to open the python prompt from?23:43
pcardunecpcarey: anywhere23:44
pcardunecpcarey: I want to know whether zope.schema is installed on your system python23:44
cpcareyyea its installed23:44
cpcareyi can import it fine23:44
pcardunethere in lies the problem23:45
pcardunewhen you run make, setuptools is finding the packages installed on your system, and is therefore not installing them locally23:46
pcardunewhat I wonder is whether or not make run removes site_packages from the path before running schooltool23:47
aelknerthat's right, it should23:47
aelkneri was going to say it's stupid for schooltool to require there to be no zope installed23:48
aelknerpcardune, btw, Cheetah is not in, so it's weird that it's trying to get it from the chesseshop23:49
aelknerunless one of the packages we're getting depends on it23:49
aelkneri was trying to figure out which one that might be23:50
aelknerbut i noticed that the make is not getting the eggs in the same order as they are listed in install_requires23:50
aelknerfrom your experience does randomize the order23:51
aelknerand why23:51
pcardunenot "randomize", but I imagine in order of the dependencies23:51
aelknerso it calculates the order so to speak as it builds a dependency tree, right?23:52
pcardunei.e.: such that dependencies get installed before the thing that depends on them gets installed23:52
pcardunethat is what I would do if I were writing it23:52
aelknermakes sense23:52
pcardunebut I don't know much about setuptools for sure23:52
aelknerso the next thing to do is visit the cheeseshop for each egg until i find which one depends on Cheetah23:53
aelknerunless there's a file to look at locally23:53
aelknerah yes23:53
aelkneri grepped for Cheetah and found that PasteScript depends on it23:54
aelknerlooks like some of you guys were drinking the pypi coolaid at Europycon and decided to use it23:55
pcarduneyou should send an email to the schooltool-dev list23:55
aelknerpcardune: if you guys are going to make these sweeping changes to schooltool, people should test doing a fresh checkout and make before commiting things23:56
pcarduneaelkner: buildbot does that23:56
aelknerthen buildbot should have failed23:56
pcarduneand doing a fresh checkout before you commit doesn't make any sense23:56
aelknerok, that;s true23:57
pcarduneaelkner: maybe it did... look at the buildbot and see the logs23:57
aelknerwhere do i find the buildbot?23:57
pcarduneand also, the breakage probably has nothing to do with schooltool23:57
pcarduneit has to do with PasteScript...23:57
pcardunesomeone broke PasteScript... not schooltool23:57
pcardunewelcome to the early years of managing large dependency trees.  Debian has figured out how to do it, but PyPi hasn't been around long enough to expect incredible stability23:58
aelknerso why use PyPi?23:59
aelknerjelkner says that PyPi is big at EruopPycon23:59

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