IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2007-07-21

aelknerbut that isn't reason enough to use it if it's unstable00:00
pcardunejelkner may have been referring to Pypy, which is something else00:00
pcardunepeople usually refer to PyPi as the cheese shop00:00
aelknerso the cheeseshop itself is unstable?00:01
aelknerthat can't be good for our effort00:01
pcardunecheese shop itself is stable, but the parties who use it are not necessarily as stable00:01
pcardunesee, in debian, there are all sorts of debian repositories00:01
pcardunefor some of those debian repositories, you have to do a *lot* of work proving the stability of your package to get it into that repository00:02
pcardunethen there is universe and multiverse which people use "at their own risk"00:02
pcardunecheeseshop is just one repository, where anyone can upload any new egg at any time, successfully breaking other peoples eggs00:02
aelknerso maybe we could use an earlier version of PasteScipt00:03
pcardunea system has yet to be put in place to make a more thoroughly tested "repository" of eggs that has a greater stability00:03
pcarduneso to get around cheeseshop's current instability, your best bet is to require *very specific* versions00:03
aelknerpcardune: so schooltool's could specify am earlier version of PasteScript?00:05
aelkneri'll look into it00:05
aelknerpcardune: now the cheeseshop site is broken :(00:13
aelknerit crashes on any search or browsing the tree00:13
pcarduneyou should find the right mailing list to complain to00:14
pcarduneill be back a bit later00:14
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fsufitchanybody know how to use the python email module?03:57
fsufitchall the tutorials online suck03:57
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aelknerfsufitch: have you made any progress with the email module?05:13
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fsufitchaelkner, no05:17
aelkneri've never used it, but i could try and find something05:18
aelknerfsufitch: I take it you are refering to the docs in when you say they suck?05:19
fsufitchfunny, i didn't find any at python.org05:21
fsufitchthe ones that i _did_ find sucked05:21
aelknerstart at and follow the sub-sections05:22
aelknerthat should be helpful05:23
aelknerno prob05:23
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