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th1anitromaster: There are more pictures on flickr, if you click on one of the pictures.00:05
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nitromasterth1a: nice pictures. I especially like the architecture :)00:32
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Lumierepcardune: coverage tests16:03
Lumiereare only supposed to run unit tests... right?16:03
ignaspcardune: ayt?16:04
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ignashe's afraid of us16:09
Lumierelol yep16:09
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Lumiere'morning eldar16:18
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eldarLumiere, hey16:23
eldarLumiere, what time are you coming in?16:23
Lumiereeldar: good question16:25
Lumieresoon I think16:25
Lumiereeldar: going to get a shower16:30
Lumierebe in in 60 or so16:30
eldarLumiere, okay16:30
Lumierepcardune: coverage is only supposed to run unit tests... right?16:30
Lumierecause ours is running both16:31
pcarduneno, it should run both16:31
ignaspcardune: as for your ideas about testing16:31
ignas* i would still like there to be at least one functional test for every module that tests that module in a more or less linear fashion16:32
ignaslike person having full tests for person creation16:33
ignassections with full tests for section creation and etc.16:33
pcarduneyes, i think that would be a good idea16:34
ignas* functions for object creation should be in modules that objects are in16:34
ignasschooltool.person.tests for person creation16:34
ignas* there is a REST interface for a lot of objects and it is not changing as rapidly as web ui is16:35
ignasso you might be able to use it to create objects in a less fragile way16:35
ignasas in - no additional effort needed16:35
ignasthough still a lot of duplication :/16:36
pcarduneI'd prefer to not rely on the REST interface16:36
pcardunecurrently the tests care in
ignashmm, so if you want to refactor some tests16:38
pcarduneshould the be in schooltool.*.browser.ftests.?16:38
ignasand factor out irrelevant functionality16:38
ignaslike - how a person is created is not important to course module16:38
ignasyou can do it16:38
pcarduneok, cool16:39
ignasjust be careful not to add unnecessary dependencies16:39
ignaslike - do not import basicperson in course tests16:39
ignasand try to not depend on timetabling in calendar tests etc.16:39
pcardunewhat about things which relate to each other if available?16:40
ignasask me ;)16:40
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eldarpcardune, you can make update your newskin checkout and look at the current changes17:53
pcarduneeldar: this is very odd, it doesn't seem any different18:06
eldarlemme get a fresh checkout and try to see if something's up18:07
eldarmeanwhile, try ctrl+shit+r18:07
eldarpcardune, did you make update?18:08
eldardid that do anything?18:09
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pcarduneeldar: ok, now I got it to work18:12
eldari made some more checkins in the last minute18:12
eldarpcardune, so you might wanna update again >.<18:13
pcarduneim at r97718:13
eldarah ok, that's good18:13
eldarso what do you think?18:13
pcarduneto many broken links18:15
eldarwhich ones?18:15
eldari know curriculum is broken18:15
eldaranyways, forget the links, is the heading alright?18:16
eldari'll get to the links later today18:16
pcarduneyeah, except that logo is a horrible color18:16
eldaryeah i know, i don't know much image editting so i'm waiting for filip to come so he can fix it18:16
pcardunebut don't worry about any of that stuff18:16
pcarduneI want links18:17
pcarduneno matter how nice it looks, it's worthless without the links18:17
eldaryeah yeah, i'm getting to them18:17
pcarduneso, we should really feature freeze August 118:21
eldarhmmm you mean decide by august 1st?18:22
eldaror what, what do you mean18:23
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eldarpcardune, is gradebook going to be refactored how should I include it in the new skin?18:25
pcardunethe new skin should just *link* to existing views18:26
pcarduneso that is how you should include it18:26
pcardunejelkner: hi Jeff18:26
Lumierejelkner: I need you to approve messages to the cando-checkins list18:27
Lumiereor change the owner of it to pcardune and I18:27
Lumierepcardune: do we want to land pulling gradebook out of virginia before that?18:27
pcarduneIf i'm actually given some time to work, it'll be done18:28
pcarduneit is actually pulled out right now in my branch, i'm just doing some minor fixes now18:28
Lumierewe'll keep people off you today18:28
pcarduneLumiere: so do we have coverage reporting up and rolling?18:48
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*** fsufitch changes topic to "SchoolTool development | IRC logs at | Dev meetings Mon, 13:30 UTC (15:30 EET) - CanDo Dev meetings Mon, 14:30 UTC (10:30 US/Eastern) | Use for pasting | maddog/ - DOWN until further notice | Use instead"18:50
Lumierepcardune: yes18:53
pcarduneeldar: can we have people start attaching documentation to apidoc?18:54
pcardunesee examples in for example18:54
eldarpcardune, documentation to apidoc? what do you mean18:54
pcarduneeldar: turn on devmode, and go to localhost:7080/++apidoc++18:55
pcarduneyou get schooltool specific apidocs18:55
fsufitcheldar, are you already at the ACC?18:55
eldarfsufitch, yeah, I come here at 818:56
eldarfsufitch, make update your newskin checkout18:56
fsufitchi will18:56
pcardunefsufitch: focus on newskin for today, is getting rid of broken links18:57
pcarduneeither make the link work, or remove it from the interface18:57
pcarduneand also, turn those things that look like links into actual links18:58
fsufitchwhich ones do u mean?18:58
Lumiereor make it not look like a link18:58
fsufitchlike "What do you want to do today?"18:58
Lumiereso eldar do we want to try and get welsh to go to thai today or something19:00
eldarLumiere, i didn't bring much money :-/19:00
Lumieremy treat19:00
eldaroooh let's go ;)19:00
eldarfsufitch, remember you commented out breadcrumoptions when you made new breadcrumbs?19:01
eldarfsufitch, bring them back to life19:01
eldarwell, they're essential19:02
fsufitchbut what are the options actually for?19:02
eldarneed to have them somewhere19:02
eldaroh they're there so that people don't have go to the index of a view19:02
eldarto see the links19:02
eldarso they can jump from a gradebook for a section to its journals right away19:03
eldaryeah, that's why we need 'em back19:03
eldaroh yeah, also do you know how to fix that log19:03
eldarlogo*, to look good with the blue gradient around it?19:03
fsufitchi can mess around with gimp :)19:04
pcarduneLumiere: how do I get coverage reports locally?19:05
eldarfsufitch, alright, so first bring crumb options to life, then fix the logo, then i'll be back by that time and we can start fixing likns19:05
fsufitchi will also need to de-uglify the options19:06
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pcarduneaelkner: ayt?19:09
aelknerpcardune: yes19:12
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pcarduneaelkner: we merged your branch into trunk, and are getting some minor functional test failuers19:13
eldarFujitsu, well, the trip was canceled because dave isn't here, so i'm back to torture you19:13
pcarduneDo you think you've got some time to take a look at that today?19:13
eldarFujitsu, ooops, stupid tab, you weren't the one i wanted to ping, sorry19:14
eldarfilip's gone >.<19:14
aelknerpcardune: I'm with the interns on the ZIS project today, and then when I leave, I'm headed back north to my friends house, so today is out.19:14
aelknerBut tomorrow I could19:15
pcardunesounds good19:15
aelknerI'll look for you here tomorrow19:15
tdoggetteDoes anyone have a running instance with the new cando interface?19:16
Lumierepcardune: just make coverage19:20
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Lumierethai is back on19:23
Lumiereback in a bit19:23
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jelknerOK all, timeclock is back up on
tdoggetteYou can clock in, but you CAN'T. CLOCK. OUT.19:43
* tdoggette cues dramatic music19:43
jelknertdoggette: really?19:43
jelkneris filip there?19:44
tdoggetteI do not believe so.19:44
jelknerahh, it isn't 1 o'clock yet19:45
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bvuongjelkner: I'm gonna make my linux computer have the same environment as the one on maddog. How do I do that?19:59
pcardunebvuong: just install feisty20:03
pcarduneand otherwise follow installation instructions on, and if you don't find installation instructions on, yell at Lumiere20:04
bvuongok, thanks20:04
bvuongis it under installing cando?20:06
jelkneris eldar around?20:07
jelknerwho is at acc today/20:07
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Lumierewe're here20:09
Lumierewe were getting food with welsh20:09
Lumiere</3 thai20:09
mgallaghtimeclock is up and bzr branches will be up momentarily20:10
mgallaghcopying them now20:10
Lumieremgallagh: is 200 back online?20:10
bvuongpcardune: is installation under installing cando?20:10
Lumierebvuong: development20:11
pcarduneLumiere: maybe we should change that to "setting up a development environtment"20:11
bvuongthe link led me to the trac wiki20:12
Lumiereask rjellison?20:12
mgedminSchoolBell could have been this one:
mgallaghLumiere, yest 200 is back on line20:13
Lumieremgallagh: there is a minimal schooltool that should do it20:13
Lumieremgallagh: are maddog accounts online20:13
mgallaghbut timeclock is on alans machine ATM20:13
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mgallaghno maddod is being rebuild20:14
mgallaghfor those of you that dont know, there are some serious problems with the servers located at yorktown20:15
pcarduneLumiere: so coverage report building is broken because we are now using the egg... which doesn't have those nice fancy coverage report generating scripts20:15
Lumierepcardune: fun20:15
bvuongpcardune: the link in the development area led me to the trac wiki20:17
pcardunebvuong: talk to Lumiere about it. he is managing documentation work20:17
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jelknertdoggette: eldar says timeclock is working fine20:18
eldartdoggette, use the timeclock's login form20:18
eldarnot zope's20:18
Lumierebvuong: link on the left20:18
jelknerOK everyone, if timeclock is not working20:19
jelknerlet filip know now20:19
bvuonglumiere: you mean the "Checking Out From the Cando Repository" link?20:19
jelknerotherwise, update your hours so eldar and i can review them20:19
th1ajelkner: We should have a post EP phone chat.20:20
eldarif timeclock is not working, come here and i'll teach you how to use it, because it works20:20
mgallaghnot for me :)\20:20
mgallaghi may have used the wrong branch20:20
eldar works20:20
eldaruse the timeclock login form please, stop using the ZMI login20:21
mgallaghno it doesnt :)20:21
eldaryes it does, noob20:22
eldarclear your authentications20:22
eldargo to
eldarlogin, logout20:22
eldarit works20:22
Lumiereth1a: can you include us all please20:22
Lumiereth1a: I'd like the post EP update too20:22
th1aLumiere: Actually, I wanted to tell jelkner what a pain the nitromaster was and other more personal things.20:23
mgallagheldar ,nope I cannot clock out, I get an IO error20:24
eldaralright, apparently we've been talking about different features20:24
eldarjelkner, told me logout's not working, not clock out20:25
pcarduneeldar: no, it is clock out20:25
pcarduneeldar: Freudian slip20:26
Lumierepcardune: senior moment?20:26
pcarduneLumiere: sure20:26
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fsufitcheldar, the options appear, but their links are broken :)20:36
fsufitchis that what we have to fix?20:36
eldaralong with some other things20:36
fsufitchso, let's get to work?20:37
eldardid you commit your changes?20:37
fsufitchoh. no20:37
fsufitchi'll do that now20:38
fsufitchsvn: Aborting commit: '/home/filip/newskin/' remains in conflict20:38
fsufitchoh noes20:38
eldarremove setup.py20:38
eldarand the conflict stuff next to it20:39
eldarand svn up20:39
fsufitchok, at revision 985 now20:39
eldaralrighty, wanna move here :P ?20:40
fsufitch-.- fine20:40
Lumiereinstead of removing setup/stuff you should copy one or the other .r???20:40
Lumiereto setup.py20:40
eldarno, i just changed it, and he changed it too20:40
Lumiereand run svn resolved setup.py20:40
Lumiereeldar: incomign20:47
jelknerth1a: now is a good time to call...20:53
pcardune12 more revisions until we get to 1000 revisions of cando :)20:55
Lumierepcardune: yea20:56
Lumierewonder who's gonna get 100020:56
eldarlet's give it to fsufitch21:01
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aelknermgallagh: In order to make the bazaar repos on my machine, you'll need the project code from which to make them.  Where did you think you were going to find the code?21:08
mgallaghi have the code21:08
mgallaghwait which repos did you want on it21:09
aelknermgallagh: but you don't have the latest code.  that's the point21:13
aelknerthe repos will be:21:13
Lumiererjelliso: can you work on the page21:13
Lumiereclean up the setting up development env21:14
rjellisoLumiere: sure21:14
Lumiereand make it more obvious that it is there21:14
aelknermgallagh: I could create these project dirs in my home dir on my machine, and then you could use those dirs for the repos21:14
mgallaghsounds good21:16
fsufitchpcardune, i got a question21:25
fsufitchif i want to check whether a user is authenticated when _any_ page in cando loads, how would i do it?21:25
fsufitchright now the only option i can see is put a tal:condition somplace in the template.pt21:26
pcarduneyep, that would be the only way21:26
fsufitch<.<  ok21:26
Lumierewe should be doing that anyways21:31
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jhancockjelkner: did you see my  messege?21:38
eldarpcardune, do skilldrivers still work? i am having issues adding them :-/21:58
pcarduneeldar: yeah they still work21:58
pcarduneeldar: run the test suite21:58
* pcardune breaks for lunch22:03
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t3h_soodHow does one go about running all of the *functional* tests on the cando/schooltool trunk?22:13
aelknermgallagh: the source dirs are ready.22:15
aelknerIn my home dir you will find:22:15
aelknerthose are the three projects that need to be bzr repos22:16
mgallaghim currently creating a virtual host for them22:16
pcardunet3h_sood: ./ -f22:17
aelknermgallagh: what is that?22:18
t3h_soodpcardune: Nevermind, we already got it with make testall >_< Just, nevermind the unit tests >_<22:18
mgallaghmaking it override zope for alan.elkner.net22:19
Preetamjeff, did you get my message?22:22
jelknerPreetam: which message?22:24
Preetamum, i private messaged you i think22:24
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* pcardune kicks test coverage butt22:28
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pcarduneeldar: did you notice the failing test with journals?22:29
t3h_soodWe're covering that22:29
t3h_soodLike, right now.22:29
t3h_soodand schooltool is evil because it's an egg and we can't run functional tests for it >_<22:30
rjellisoanyone know where an up-to-date indepth summary of cando can be found?22:33
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rjellisoFor the "about" page on cando.schooltool.org22:33
pcardunerjelliso: you should ask Dave22:36
rjellisopcardune: will do22:36
Lumieredave is gone22:38
pcardunerjelliso: you should ask Lumiere :)22:40
Lumiere*runs away*22:41
rjellisopcardune: will do22:41
rjellisoLumiere: hi!22:41
LumiereI don't have one22:41
Lumierethe 2k6 one22:41
Lumiereshould still be relevant22:41
aelknerpcardune: in lieu of my doing the serious fiddling (when i find the time) to get Browser to work like we need...22:47
aelknerwe can just work with the app manually22:47
aelknerwhich brings me to another question22:47
aelknerwe can't seem to get to our event handler when we add Person objects22:47
aelknerIt gets there in our ftest, but not when we run the app22:48
pcardunewhat do you mean "run the app"22:48
*** mgallagh is now known as mattva0122:48
aelknerWe put a pdb trace in zope.formlib.form.AddBase22:48
aelknerwhere it notifies22:48
aelknerI meant running schooltool22:48
aelknerand adding Persons in the interface22:49
aelknercould you run the same test of putting a pdb trace in that part of the zope code and adding a person to see if it gets there?22:49
pcarduneaelkner: maybe your ftesting.zcml is including something which the application's configure.zcml isn't22:50
aelknergood point22:50
aelkneri'll look22:50
pcarduneREVISION 999!!!22:55
pcarduneWho's going to make the next commit?!?22:55
rjellisoaaand I've got to head out. I'll send out an email about the documentation maybe later today.22:58
*** rjelliso has quit IRC22:58
t3h_soodpcardune: By the by, it was in fact mr.straw23:03
pcardunet3h_sood: yep, I noticed, he got lucky23:03
pcardunewe'll see what happens at 200023:04
pcarduneLumiere: when I run coverage, it only gives me info for like... 5 files23:04
pcarduneif you guys want to see some *really* crazy stuff, look at what cando was 3 years ago:
t3h_soodHoly yuck.23:07
Lumierepcardune: hmm23:08
Lumierethat sounds like a testing issue23:08
pcarduneLumiere: no, it is really weird, try ./ -vp1m cando.virginia --coverage=coverage23:09
pcarduneit picks up on cando.virginia.scoresystem, but not cando.virginia.competency23:09
pcarduneboth of which are referenced in the same README.txt that gets run for the tests.23:09
LumiereI dunno23:09
Lumierewhy is coverage running ftests23:11
Lumierepcardune: I don't know...23:13
LumiereI haven't done anything to break it23:13
pcardunecoverage should be running ftests23:14
Lumierethen it isn't unit test coverage23:15
pcardunethat is, make coverage should include ftests, i'm running something a bit smaller23:15
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pcarduneLumiere: can you merge your svn:externals business to my branch please?23:34
Lumieredone, committing23:38
Lumierecommit complete23:38
t3h_soodThere is wayyy too much screwiness in journal's ftest <_<23:40
pcardunet3h_sood: what do you mean screwiness?23:44
t3h_soodLinks are being rendered but asked for as if they were controls all over the place >_<23:44
pcardunehmmm, maybe someone accidentally did a replace all23:45
*** mattva01 has quit IRC23:52
mgedminpcardune: let's continue here23:54
mgedminthe zope3-dev folks are busy chatting about something else23:54
mgedmininterleaved conversations are difficult to follow23:54
fsufitchpcardune, quick question23:54
pcardunemgedmin: sure23:54
pcardunebut I don't see anything to fix23:55
fsufitcha WeightOrderedViewletManager orders things by weight23:55
fsufitchbut how is the weight set?23:55
mgedminpcardune: you might try to grep schooltool's svn logs for 'fixed coverage reporting again, waaah' messages23:55
pcardunefsufitch: in the viewlet registration23:55
fsufitchin the zcml u mean?23:55
pcardunemgedmin: he he23:55
pcardunefsufitch: yeAH23:55
fsufitchok >_>23:55
mgedminI've discovered some rules-of-thumb23:55
mgedmin(1) never import doctest, always import zope.testing.doctest23:55
mgedmin(2) avoid infinite recursion: even if the RuntimeError is caught and ignored, it often resets the sys.settrace hook23:56
aelknerpcardune: found the problem!23:56
mgedminimplementing __len__ in terms of __iter__ triggered (2) in schooltool once23:56
pcarduneaelkner: what was it?23:56
pcardunemgedmin: interesting23:57
aelknersite.zcml puuls in basicperson23:57
mgedminturns out list(foo) calls foo.__len__ as an optimisation, so if foo.len is "return len(list(self))" you get a hidden RuntimeError23:57
aelknerand basicperson doesn't notify the ObjectCreadEvent23:57
pcardunemgedmin: oh wow, that is sneaky23:57
aelknerso when I added the notify, it worked!23:57
pcarduneaelkner: well that is a bug in basicperson and you should raise hell to ignas about that :)23:58
pcarduneaelkner: or better yet, submit it as a bug, and attach your patch23:58
aelknertomorrow, i'll send the diff to schooltool-dev23:58
aelknergot to go23:58
*** aelkner has quit IRC23:58

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