IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2007-07-18

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pcardunecando now has paste deploy support00:24
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pcarduneeldar: if you want to try it out, checkout the cando-buildout branch and follow the instructions in INSTALL.txt00:42
pcardunethe idea is that it won't mess up your system :)00:42
pcarduneIt takes about 15 minutes to run depending on your system as it compiles python00:42
eldarmake-schooltool-instance ...00:44
eldarhey hey hey00:45
eldarwhat do you mean the idea is00:45
eldarif it messes up my python it'll suck00:45
pcardunedid I make a typo in INSTALL.txt?00:47
eldarpcardune> the idea is that it won't mess up your system :)00:47
eldarthat sounded a little fishy00:47
pcarduneyeah, that is the idea00:48
eldarTraceback (most recent call last):00:48
eldar  File "", line 33, in ?00:48
eldar    ez['use_setuptools'](to_dir=tmpeggs, download_delay=0)00:48
eldar  File "<string>", line 88, in use_setuptools00:48
eldarthe script fails00:48
eldarzipimport.ZipImportError: can't decompress data; zlib not available00:48
pcarduneis this after or before is installed its own python?00:48
eldarafter, because it tries to get stuff from cheeseshop00:49
pcarduneand you already installed like python-all-dev?00:50
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eldarthis is my normal environment in which i build cando every day00:51
eldaralright, we're starting to wrap up00:52
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pcardunehmm I've seen that zlib error before00:54
pcardunenamely trying to use custom python on another machine00:55
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tdoggetteHey guys, what are the dates for the Gallaudet sprint?02:11
tdoggetteThat developers are attending, that is02:12
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ignasjinty: PasteScript on feisty is too old14:22
ignasas in - should i work around it in schooltool's code?14:23
jintyI can also try to back-port it14:23
jintyi.e. just re-build the package for feisty14:24
jintyth1a can actually do that with his script14:24
ignasthat should work i'd guess14:24
jinty(i don't have a virtual feisty machine)14:24
jintydunno how difficult it'll be14:24
ignasi see14:25
jintyignas: I think for now assume it can be done14:26
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ignasbuildout.cfg has versions frozen in it now16:28
ignasand seems that all the dependencies that we haven't released16:28
ignasare Zope316:28
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th1ajinty: Need me to run the script?16:40
jintyyeah, can you try it with python-pastedeploy python-pastescript16:40
ignasand python-paste (dependency for both of these)16:42
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th1ajinty: Unable to find a source package for python-paste.17:04
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th1ajinty: Unable to find a source package for python-paste.17:13
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fsufitchLumiere, ayt?18:53
Lumieream now18:56
fsufitchso i'm done putting the new breadcrumbs into newskin19:00
fsufitchhowever, their red background doesn't match the header yet19:00
fsufitchshould i make the header red?19:00
fsufitch(( Lumiere, ping ))19:00
Lumierecan I see it?19:00
fsufitchyes, i committed to the newskin branch19:01
Lumieremaking run locally19:01
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Lumierehi jinty19:02
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Lumierehi eldar19:05
fsufitchLumiere, well?19:05
eldarhi Lumiere19:05
fsufitcheldar, just to bring you up to date, i finished the new breadcrumbs and putting them into newskin. I committed my changes to the newskin branch19:06
eldarfsufitch, alright cool, lemme take a look19:07
Lumiereyes, make the header the same red for now19:07
Lumiereand make the tabs blue19:08
Lumiere(that green is just uggggggly)19:08
fsufitchalthough eldar is working on new tabs19:08
Lumierejust do a quick change to em19:08
fsufitchaaaa! it looks ugly with the red!19:10
fsufitchwe could use a different color and fade it to the red for the crumbs19:10
fsufitchi <3 gimp fading :)19:10
fsufitchwhat color?19:10
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fsufitchthe blue looks interesting on the tabs...19:11
fsufitchso, Lumiere, what color should the header be?19:13
fsufitchi would suggest a light blue or something19:13
fsufitchschooltool uses a light blue and the red in their theme19:14
fsufitchi'll try those19:14
eldaris that cando logo there necessary?19:14
fsufitchi do not know19:15
fsufitchthere has to be a logo, right?19:15
eldari don't think so. Lumiere?19:16
fsufitchit's an internet app. the teachers/students need to know what they're using ;)19:16
Lumierethere needs to be something there19:17
Lumierelogo or text19:17
fsufitchthe logo looks horrible on dark backgrounds19:17
fsufitchbut it looks nice on lighter ones19:17
Lumieremake it look good!19:17
Lumiereand use a light blue19:17
fsufitchlet me see how it looks on a light blue19:17
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fsufitchLumiere, so after a bit of experimenting, it turns out that the only color to work with the red in the way it's set up is a pink-peach ish thing19:34
fsufitchhtml color #99838319:35
Lumierecommit it to the branch19:35
Lumierefood back in 15 min19:36
Lumiereeldar: do fsufitch's commits get on the mailing list?19:37
fsufitchno, i dont think so19:37
Lumierethat's not too bad19:37
Lumierebut I think we can do better still19:38
Lumierehave pcardune look at it19:38
fsufitchpcardune, now i'm going to bother you ;)19:38
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eldarthey're supposed to19:40
eldarhe's in the tabs file19:40
fsufitchso, pcardune, i'm redoing the colors for the breadcrumbs and the header, and Lumiere wants you to take a look at them19:40
fsufitchthey're in the newskin branch19:40
pcarduneok, i'll take a look in a couple of minutes19:41
fsufitchping me when u do19:41
fsufitchhmm, that was more than a couple minutes19:51
fsufitchpcardune, ayt?19:55
pcardunefsufitch: still haven't looked at it yet19:56
pcarduneI'm talking to stephan on the phone19:56
fsufitchoh ok19:56
fsufitchlol yelling at him?19:56
pcarduneyelling at him about the colors?20:01
fsufitchand the crumbs20:04
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fsufitcheldar, were u doing the new tabs?20:08
eldaryeah, what did you do to the header20:08
eldarit's purple now >.<20:08
fsufitchi didnt do it20:08
fsufitchwtf purple.20:09
eldardo you see it?20:09
fsufitchor maybe it's just my retarded laptop screen20:09
eldarthe background behind the cando log20:10
eldarand around the login buttons20:10
eldaris purplish20:10
fsufitchwell, purplish, not purple20:10
fsufitchi say it's more pink :)20:10
fsufitchi was trying to find something to match the red20:10
fsufitchthat's the best i came up with20:10
fsufitchany ideas?20:10
th1aAre you guys still dropping the SchoolTool red/gray/white color scheme?20:11
eldarth1a, we're using the red, and the blue used in your calendars20:12
fsufitchno, not entirely20:12
fsufitchi g2g now20:12
fsufitchi'll be back soon though20:12
th1aIs there a screenshot or something I can see of the current version?20:13
eldaroh we're not completely done recoloring so there is lots of the yucky old green left20:14
th1aOK, so you're getting rid of that.20:14
eldaryeah, the breadcrumb bar, looks like schooltool's except it's gradient20:15
pcarduneeldar: so have we been moving the various branches over to eggs based distribution?20:15
eldarpcardune, nope20:15
eldarthe newskin branch has been moved20:15
th1aOK.  Just keep in mind that if you stay close to our current color scheme it will prevent us from having a big branding debacle in a year.20:16
pcarduneth1a: I think the regular schooltool color scheme is still exactly the same - but that is only available to administrative users.20:16
th1aIf you guys come up with a good navigation scheme, we may end up using it, but if the colors don't match, we have a problem.20:18
pcarduneth1a: I'm all for your colors :)20:19
pcardunefsufitch: so... everything looks exactly the same?20:19
th1aGood.  It just seems like a stupid thing to fork over.20:19
pcarduneth1a: agreed... and there is no forking involved thanks to zope CA20:20
eldarwho said anything about forking?20:20
th1aOK, not "fork."20:21
pcardunewhy can't there be an svn visualise command?20:21
th1aBut it makes it harder for us to work together if we have different colors schemes.20:22
Lumierepcardune: lol20:22
pcardune(and for some reason visualise is spelled wrong in bzr... )20:22
pcarduneunless that is how the brits spell it?20:22
Lumiereth1a: all work is being done in cando/branches/newskin20:22
th1apcardune: They don't use the zed.20:22
Lumiereonce you get in to it http://localhost:whatever/++skin++NewCanDo/go.html20:23
eldaryeah, damn brits20:25
fsufitchth1a, if you want to see, it, it's in the newskin branch20:27
pcardunefsufitch: don't make him setup a full checkout...20:27
pcardunefsufitch: what am I looking for here?20:27
eldarjust the src/cando/newskin directory20:28
th1apcardune: Well, I can never remember where your svn is.20:28
pcarduneth1a: that makes two of us :)20:28
fsufitchwhat did i miss?!20:28
th1aWe need to add a link on svn.schooltool.org20:28
pcarduneth1a: yes!20:29
Lumiereand a link to our coverage20:29
eldaris the module yo uwant20:29
pcardunefsufitch: I refuse to look further until all the resources are in their own directory! :)20:30
fsufitchi also have to clean up the old resources from the crumbs20:31
pcardunefsufitch: yes, please do that as well20:31
pcardunefsufitch: for some reason, I don't see any changes when I actually look at the running server... and I made sure to clear my cache20:31
pcarduneso there me be some other problem related to that20:31
fsufitchpcardune, that's strange20:32
LumiereI have not had update issues20:33
pcarduneIt might be on my end20:33
pcardunein fact, it probably *is* on my end20:33
fsufitchwhat i do to update is ctrl+shift+r20:33
fsufitchin firefox20:33
fsufitchit ignores the cache etc20:34
pcarduneeldar: as for you zlib problem from yesterday, try apt-get install zlib-dev and then rerun the whole process (that's right... including python recompile)20:34
pcardunefsufitch: yeah, me too :)20:34
eldarpcardune, meh, python compile only took a minute20:34
fsufitchthat's stupid then...20:34
fsufitchit means that it didn't get the css update20:34
pcarduneoh right, i forgot i'm the only one running virtualized :)20:35
fsufitchSending        newskin/cando.css20:35
fsufitchSending        newskin/configure.zcml20:35
fsufitchSending        newskin/global-go.pt20:35
fsufitchAdding  (bin)  newskin/topmenu.gif20:35
fsufitchit should work20:35
fsufitchr u at revision 966?20:36
fsufitchso what do i need to do for now?20:37
fsufitchjust move the resources?20:37
Lumiereat 967 here20:37
fsufitchwtf 967?20:37
fsufitchhmm, someone added somethign20:37
Lumierepcardune made a trunk commit20:37
Lumierefixing ftests for curriculum20:38
Lumiere**thanks paul!**20:38
fsufitcho yeah20:38
Lumierestill broken tests20:38
Lumierebut closer20:38
pcardunefsufitch: i'll look into it more when I fix these broken tests and once you have moved those files into a resources directory20:39
fsufitchall right20:39
fsufitchbut is it necessary to do it now?20:39
Lumierefsufitch: might as well20:39
fsufitchso after i put everything in the directory i only have to do 1 registration with resourceDirectory ?20:40
fsufitchalso, pcardune, could you explain to me why there's a viewlet for cando.css?20:42
pcardunesee, if you had done that first, it would have saved you time :)20:42
pcardunefsufitch: yes I can explain that20:42
fsufitchi didnt do the registrations for the new skin in the first place20:42
fsufitchso it's not my fault20:42
fsufitchi found it weird to not have a resources/ directory too20:42
fsufitchbut meh20:42
fsufitchi thought there might have been a reason for it20:42
pcardunein that case, you are thinking in the right way!20:43
pcarduneth1a: finally see the skin?20:43
fsufitchgreat... >_>20:43
fsufitchwhat parameters does resourceDirectory need?20:43
th1aYou guys are on a wild goose chase to Uglytown.20:43
pcardunefsufitch: the viewlet is to hook the css file into the viewlet manager.  This allows you to specify css files that should be used for specific views if you want20:44
pcarduneth1a: well put20:44
fsufitchi c20:44
Lumiereth1a: what part is the chase to uglytown20:44
Lumierewe're working on those colors20:44
Lumierecause yea20:44
Lumierewe know... they SUCK20:44
Lumierethey're srichter's20:45
th1aI think the SchoolTool color scheme has always been fine.20:46
Lumiereth1a: that's what we are moving toward20:47
th1aI'll shut up then.20:47
Lumierethe skin stuff20:47
Lumiereis to let you see the layout20:47
Lumierecolors are entirely in flux20:48
Lumiereand will be till we land newskin branch20:48
Lumierepcardune: are there branches that need merges done?20:48
pcarduneLumiere: yeah20:48
Lumierepop me an email or a pm with em20:48
pcardunemerge trunk into pcardune-evidence-linking20:48
Lumiereand I'll look at it20:48
fsufitchpcardune, how do i do a resourceDirectory registration again?20:50
pcardunefsufitch: there are a few steps:20:50
fsufitchjust do a rough outline plz :)20:51
fsufitchi can figure out most of it20:51
pcardune1) go to the root of the cando src tree20:51
pcardune2) type: rgrep -Hn resourceDirectory .20:51
pcardune3) profit !20:51
pcardune(at least that is what I would do to answer your question)20:51
fsufitchnice solution tho :)20:51
eldarthere need to be tags for xml entries20:52
pcardunealternatively, startup apidoc, and checkout the zcml registration section20:52
fsufitcheww, no way ;)20:52
pcarduneeldar: that is just what I was thinking20:52
fsufitchno resourceDirectory was found...20:52
fsufitchthat's sort of disturbing20:53
pcardunetry the schooltool src20:53
fsufitchthere is none...20:53
fsufitchwhich is even more disturbing20:54
pcarduneLumiere: I'm planning on setting up a buildbot slave using the 25 machines in our linux lab20:54
Lumierefor what?20:54
fsufitchpcardune, this is what ls returns:20:54
pcardunefsufitch: then the last option is apidoc20:54     plugins_enabled  site.zcml       tools20:54  log                README.txt       src             var20:54
fsufitcheggs           Makefile           releases         start-cando.py20:54
fsufitchGPL.txt        plugins_available         test.py20:54
pcarduneLumiere: for schooltool/cando20:54
Lumierepcardune: we've got buildbotslaves up... what would yours be for?20:55
pcarduneignas has been working on a distributed test runner :)20:55
Lumierecando doesn't need it20:55
Lumiereschooltool could really use it20:55
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eldarfsufitch, search in the eggs directory20:56
eldarthat's where schooltool source is now20:56
eldaror rather, search in the schooltool egg20:57
eldarif you do it in eggs, you might get too much20:57
fsufitcheldar, i got nothing21:01
fsufitchi'll just check tha apidocs21:01
fsufitchpcardune, where is the apidoc?21:01
fsufitchor rather how do i access it?21:01
pcardunefsufitch: you have to enable devmode on cando.cfg21:03
pcarduneor rather, cando.conf21:03
Lumierepcardune's been playing with buildout too long21:03
fsufitchwhere is cando.conf?21:03
pcardunefsufitch: in the root directory of your checkout21:03
fsufitchthats cando.conf.in21:04
Lumierepcardune: so need to merge trunk 853 to current21:04
pcardunefsufitch: no, you should copy to cando.conf first21:05
Lumierefsufitch: is stored in the repository21:05
pcarduneLumiere: yeah something like that, or from whatever revision the last merge was from21:05
Lumierecando.conf is read first21:05
Lumierethere were no other merges21:05
Lumierelooks like21:05
fsufitchi c21:05
Lumierepcardune: is C conflicts?21:06
fsufitchhmm, it doesn't give me the warning that devmode is on21:06
fsufitchso devmode's off21:06
pcarduneLumiere: yes21:06
pcarduneI suppose I best do the merge myself then...21:06
eldarmy tabs are ready btw21:07
Lumierethe only problems are src/cando/configure.zcml21:07
fsufitcheldar, commit?21:07
eldarfsufitch, so as soon as you add the resourceDirectory thing, i'll add the tabs21:07
pcarduneLumiere: oh, in that case I think you can handle it21:07
Lumiereand src/cando.curriculum/tests.py21:07
fsufitchbut right now i can't get devmode to turn on21:07
pcarduneor paste those files if you need help21:07
eldarfsufitch, really? you just uncomment the devmode off line and make it on21:08
Lumierenot sure21:08
fsufitchthere is no devmode off line21:08
Lumierewhy this crap is conflicting21:08
fsufitchthe devmode on line is commented21:08
fsufitchso i uncommented that21:08
fsufitchbut it didn't do the trick21:08
eldaryou restarted, right?21:08
fsufitchReading configuration from /home/filip/newskin/cando.conf21:10
fsufitch2007-07-18 14:09:58,409 zope.server.http (HTTP) started.21:10
fsufitch        Hostname: Jupiter21:10
fsufitch        Port: 708021:10
fsufitchStartup time: 10.646 sec real, 9.710 sec CPU21:10
fsufitchit doesn't warn about devmode on21:10
eldarfsufitch, to add a resource directory, just do21:10
eldardirectory="resources" />21:10
eldari missed the r in name21:10
fsufitchyes, i saw21:11
fsufitchdoes the directory need special stuff inside it?21:11
fsufitche.g., configure.zcml, etc.?21:11
eldarthen to access the resources, you just use: localhost:8080/@@/resources/cando.css21:11
eldarnope, you don't need an init21:11
Lumierepcardune: ok resolved the 2 conflicts21:12
Lumieregonna commit21:12
pcarduneLumiere: thanks21:12
*** x-spec-t is now known as Spec21:14
fsufitcheldar, so i'm going to have to go through all files and change ++resource++something to @@/resources/something?21:16
eldarwell, first of all, did it work?21:16
fsufitchlet me check <_<21:17
fsufitchit didn't crash... :D21:17
eldarlol, does the resource get found?21:17
eldaralright then, go ahead and change all other resource entries and their references21:18
Lumierepcardune: thanks21:18
fsufitch@@/resources/logo.png finds it21:18
Lumiereyou just committed to trunk21:18
Lumierein the middle of my merge21:18
fsufitchgr, this will take a while21:18
Lumiere*starts over*21:18
eldari gotta teach you how to use emacs later21:18
pcarduneLumiere: well I'm going to make a few more commits21:18
Lumierepcardune: k21:18
pcardunebut now it should be easy21:19
Lumierelemme know when you're ready21:19
pcarduneto do it again21:19
fsufitchhahaha this looks funny21:24
fsufitchit didn't import the css correctly21:24
fsufitchso it's a text-only cando!21:24
eldarfsufitch, are you done?21:28
fsufitchno, not quite21:28
fsufitchi have a question21:28
fsufitchif i'm _in_ the resources directoty21:28
fsufitchand i want to access a resource21:28
fsufitchdo i need to do ++resource++, @@/ or what?21:28
fsufitchlike, i'm in cando.css21:29
fsufitchand i need to access topmenu.gif21:30
eldaryes, this is the thing that stephan was talking about21:30
fsufitchwere *you* paying attention?21:30
eldaryes, hold on21:30
fsufitchi have his Resources presentation up21:31
fsufitchbut it makes no sense to me21:31
pcarduneth1a: do you have that picture from when *everybody* ordered zeppelins?21:33
eldarfsufitch, it looks like cando.css can't be inside the resources directory21:34
eldaror, if it is21:34
eldarwe're gonna have to register it separately anyways21:34
eldaras a zrt-resource21:34
eldarwe're also gonna have to grab the zrt resource egg21:34
eldarby adding a requirement to it in the file21:34
fsufitchso i'll register it separately then...21:35
eldaryeah, well first, you need to add z3c.zrtresource21:35
eldarto the file21:35
fsufitchwait, you're telling me how to make it a zrt-resource?21:36
eldarcando.css, yeah21:36
eldarwe're gonna have to21:36
fsufitchh/o i'll follow your steps21:36
fsufitchkk i'm ready21:36
fsufitcheldar, ping21:38
eldarhold on, i'm adding zrt-resource to the required eggs21:38
fsufitchshouldnt i add it to reduce the hassle?21:38
eldaralright then21:38
eldargo edit setup.py21:38
eldarfind the list called install_requires21:39
eldarand add an entry21:39
fsufitchso, i put z3c.zrtresource in the install_requires?21:39
fsufitchoh wow21:39
eldarthen run make21:39
eldarafter saving, of course21:39
fsufitchis there any specific point i should put the thing in?21:39
eldarjust put it first in the list21:40
*** nitromaster has joined #schooltool21:40
fsufitcheh, i put it next to the other z3c stuff21:40
pcardunehi nitromaster (andrew)21:40
pcarduneLumiere: ok, all the tests are passing now21:40
fsufitchok that worked21:41
fsufitcheldar, what now?21:42
nitromastersorry, i have to eat...six hours ahead...21:42
eldarif it downloaded the egg, then proceeded registering cando.css as a zrtresource21:42
*** nitromaster has quit IRC21:42
fsufitchit did download it21:42
fsufitchhow can i register it like that?21:42
eldar    name="cando.css"21:42
eldar    file="resources/cando.css"21:42
eldar    />21:42
eldarand then in the page templates reference it like before21:43
eldarwith the ++resource++21:43
eldarnow inside the css file21:43
fsufitchuh it's not referenced in the page templates21:44
eldarpretend the images are right there, so just keep the url('imagefile.extension')21:44
eldarhuh? where is the cando.css included then?21:44
fsufitch <style tal:replace="structure provider:CSS">21:44
eldarok find where it registers CSS21:44
fsufitch  <viewletManager21:45
fsufitch      name="CSS"21:45
fsufitch      provides=".skin.ICSS"21:45
fsufitch      class="z3c.viewlet.manager.WeightOrderedViewletManager"21:45
fsufitch      layer="cando.newskin.INewCanDoLayer"21:45
fsufitch      permission="zope.Public"21:45
fsufitch      />21:45
eldarah fuck21:45
eldarit's done in skin,py21:46
eldarin a really weird way21:46
fsufitchwatch your language in a logged IRC convo21:46
fsufitchwho initially coded this?21:46
Lumierefsufitch: don't worry about it21:46
Lumierewe're not a school21:46
fsufitch<.< u teach people...21:47
eldarthis is an irc channel21:47
fsufitchw/e fine21:47
fsufitchlet's not get off topic21:47
Lumierepcardune: am I cleared to merge21:48
eldarthis is why zcml sucks21:48
pcarduneLumiere: yes21:48
Lumiere*pulls in merge*21:48
eldarah ok nvmd21:49
eldari think it's alright21:49
eldari am hoping, the viewletmanager constructor assumes the name of the resource file passed is the one in zcml21:49
eldarso yeah:21:49
eldar    name="cando.css"21:50
eldar    file="resources/cando.css"21:50
eldar    />21:50
eldarshould work anyways21:50
fsufitchi'll see21:50
eldari'll brb21:51
Lumierepcardune: committing21:52
fsufitch ConfigurationError: ('Unknown directive', u'', u'zrt-resource')21:53
fsufitchsomething bad is happening21:53
fsufitchit doesnt know what a zrt-resource is21:53
*** mgedmin has quit IRC21:53
pcardunefsufitch: did you rerun the setup process?  it probably didn't install the egg you added to setup.py21:53
fsufitchit installed it21:54
fsufitchi saw that it did when i ran make21:54
fsufitchshould i make clean first?21:54
Lumierepcardune: one more commit21:55
Lumieremissed journal ftests in first ;)21:55
Lumieremy last checkin was held21:55
Lumierethe diff was > 40kb21:55
pcarduneyeah, we might want to adjust that, or make someone other than jelkner the list manager21:56
Lumiereme maybe?21:56
Lumiereor me and you21:57
pcarduneor me21:58
pcarduneif you can have multiple people?21:58
Lumiereif we can have multiples21:58
Lumierethe 2 of us21:58
Lumierewould be plenty21:58
pcarduneLumiere: is the journal branch merged completely into trunk?21:59
Lumierenot sure21:59
LumiereI didn't merge it21:59
pcarduneLumiere: can you check dearest merge manager?22:00
LumiereI can try22:01
fsufitchpcardune, i still can't use <zrt-resource>22:03
fsufitchi tried remaking the whole thing22:03
*** nitromaster has joined #schooltool22:03
fsufitchare you sure it's not zrtresource?22:03
Lumierepcardune: last merge was r85122:04
pcarduneno i'm not sure22:04
Lumierefrom aelkner-journal-threading22:04
Lumierebut that was trunk -> threading22:04
Lumiereis there another branch22:04
LumiereI should look at22:04
pcarduneLumiere: when was the last journal-threading -> trunk?22:05
Lumieredon't see one I think22:05
pcarduneI'm fairly certain there was on22:06
Lumierewas a "merge from trunk hope to merge with trunk soon"22:07
Lumierelooking at
fsufitchpcardune, am i supposed to be able to access via a browser?22:08
pcardunefsufitch: no22:09
pcarduneLumiere: you've got to look at the revision log for trunk22:09
pcarduneLumiere: hmmm, strange22:10
pcardunewell, yeah, just try a merge and hopefully it works22:10
pcarduneoh wait...22:10
pcarduneLumiere: bingo:
pcarduneI remember now, merge was having issues so I did a straight up copy22:12
Lumiereso 850-current22:12
Lumieremerge trunk to aeklner first22:12
Lumierethen merge back22:12
Lumiere(or am I wrong)22:12
fsufitchah, holy crap22:13
Lumierelets see how bad the merge from trunk is22:13
fsufitchin his tutorial for zrt resources, stephan says how to install them for any project22:13
pcarduneyou should just be able to merge form aelkner to trunk, and you will only need to merge the src/cando/journal directory22:13
fsufitchbut he mentions a src/ directory that i do not know where to put22:14
fsufitchbut i'll shut up now, i'm interrupting ur convo22:14
LumiereI'm going to merge into the journal-threading so that aelkner can continue to work in it22:14
Lumierewith a clean trunk22:14
pcardunebut I think he is done22:14
pcardunebut sure, that works too22:14
Lumierewe'll see22:14
eldarfsufitch, do yo usee the zrtresource egg22:14
eldarin the eggs directory?22:15
fsufitchwhat do u mean "use"?22:15
eldaryou see*22:15
eldaranyways, in the zcml22:15
eldaruse z3c:zrtresource22:15
eldarinstead of just zrtresource22:16
fsufitchi tried22:16
Lumierepcardune: this one22:16
fsufitchdoesn't work22:16
Lumiereis DEFINATELY going to trip the diff size limit22:16
eldaris there a zrtresource egg in the eggs directory?22:16
fsufitchi'll check22:16
Lumieremy trunk was a mess22:20
fsufitcheldar, any idea at all wtf can be wrong?22:21
eldari asked stephan, he has yet to get back to me22:21
fsufitchso i'm stuck doing nothing22:22
Lumierepcardune: how do I just to journal merge22:22
Lumiere(and revert the merge on aelkner cause I think I screwed it up)22:22
Lumiere(even though it looks right to me)22:23
pcardunewhen you specify the paths, go right up to src/cando/journal/22:25
Lumiereand go into src/cando/journal as I do it?22:25
Lumiere*runs testall*22:26
eldarpcardune, stephan asked if the meta.zcml for the package was loaded22:28
eldarwhere would i check that?22:28
*** nitromaster has quit IRC22:29
fsufitchi don't see any meta.zcml in there22:30
eldarpcardune, how do we load the meta in there?22:30
eldarinclude package thing doesn't work22:30
eldardo i need to do include file?22:30
eldarand specify package?22:30
pcardunesomething like, <package include="z3c.zrtresourse" file="meta.zcml" />22:31
Lumierepcardune: there's one problem in the ftest22:31
Lumiererelated to what you've been fixing22:31
fsufitchi am22:32
eldar  <include package="z3c.zrtresource" file="meta.zcml"/>22:32
eldaradd that in configure.zcml22:32
eldarof src/cando22:32
fsufitchoh, ok22:32
pcarduneLumiere: what is it?22:32
Lumierelabel 'Welcome!' lookuperror22:33
Lumierein eldar_browser22:33
fsufitchConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'package', 'ImportError: Module z3c has no global zrtresourse')22:33
Lumiereline 82 of the readme22:33
LumiereI'll commit22:33
Lumiereand you can look at it22:33
fsufitchoh, u misspelled resource22:33
Lumiereunit tests passed22:33
Lumierestop copying! and read!22:33
fsufitchw00t, it starts the server!22:34
LumiereI checked it in pcardune22:34
LumiereI'll let you fix22:35
LumiereI am going home22:35
fsufitcheldar, but the css is still not used22:35
LumiereI can do a little mor efrom there22:35
fsufitchwell, it just _defines_ cando.css in the configure.zcml22:36
fsufitchthat doesn't mean it uses it22:36
fsufitcheldar, did you understand how it uses cando.css?22:37
fsufitchu said something about crazy python22:37
eldarthe skin.py22:38
eldarlook at it22:38
fsufitchi am22:38
eldari gotta go22:38
eldari'll be back in a few hours22:38
fsufitchcya then22:38
*** aelkner has joined #schooltool22:55
fsufitchpcardune, what is a CSSViewlet _supposed_ to do?23:02
fsufitchthe python class, i mean23:02
*** nitromaster has joined #schooltool23:06
*** pcardune has quit IRC23:10
*** aelkner has quit IRC23:22
th1anitromaster: Hi.  Did you see my blog post?23:35
nitromasternot yet, i'll check now23:35
*** pcardune has joined #schooltool23:35
*** pcardune has quit IRC23:36
*** pcardune has joined #schooltool23:40
*** pcardune_ has joined #schooltool23:43
nitromasterth1a: nice post, very nice23:44
*** pcardune has quit IRC23:45
*** mlinnell has joined #schooltool23:45
*** lameiro has joined #schooltool23:47
*** pcardune__ has joined #schooltool23:47
fsufitchwow, pcardune_, pcardune__ what are u doing?23:48
*** pcardune has joined #schooltool23:49
*** pcardune_ has quit IRC23:49
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